Okaeri! Musings and Announcements

Hello, friends. There are several points to address today, starting with an apology. At the beginning of April, I outlined my intended plans for Spring 2021, which was supposed to include episode reviews and the like. However, I haven’t posted a single blog since then. I’m sorry for not doing what I said I would do. From now on, I’ll be more careful with what I state and/or suggest on this blog.


Now it’s time for good stuff. I have a wonderful announcement. Anime Rants has hit the 400 follower mark! Currently, the number of email plus WordPress followers is 413. I want to thank my followers and everyone else who helped this blog get this far. I hope to keep building up an audience and learning to improve and grow Anime Rants. Having followers really encourages me to get out more content, as well as making me feel more emotionally supported. So again, thank you all so much! I am so touched and excited.

(Arigatou gozaimasu!)

Let me also give a big, enthusiastic “Happy Pride Month!” to all my fellow LGBTQI+ individuals. This has been one of the best Pride Months for me since I have a great community of online friends who are either LGBT+ or good allies. In case anyone didn’t know, I am a pansexual person who tries my utmost to be an ally for all LGBT+.

(I really like this Pride pfp.)

Next let’s talk about the blog. The things I mentioned in my April post are still what I’m interested in for the most part. I want to cover some of the winter and spring anime with reviews (such as Fruits Basket), as well as discuss other anime (such as Penguindrum) in longer, more detailed posts. However, at present, I cannot commit to saying I will definitely write those posts soon. It’s more of a hope than a plan.

And last we have a few random thoughts on my mind. I’m playing with the idea of starting a YouTube channel, although if I do, it won’t happen soon. I would need help with tech stuff and I’m sure I’d need better equipment than a laptop. Were it to ever exist, this YouTube channel would never show my face, but just voiceovers with graphics and anime clips.

I’ve also been thinking of beginning a second blog focusing on things I’m interested in outside of anime. The main things would probably be skepticism, secular humanism, mental health, and LGBTQI+ issues. Again, this is just an idea without any sort of solid plan at present.


That’s about it. I can’t make promises, but I want to be active on Anime Rants again, so I’ll try. Thanks again to all my followers who give me an audience. You guys are awesome. See you next time and thanks for reading! 🙂


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