Winter 2021 Episode Reviews Week 11 and 12

Welcome to Anime Rants! Hopefully you saw my previous post where I gave some updates, but if not, just know that I’m trying to catch up with current anime. This post covers two weeks from the Winter 2021 season. This is where most of the series end. There will be one other post in a day or two to review the ending episodes of Tensura/Slime and Attack on Titan. Let’s Rant!

Atta ck on Titan Final Season

Episodes 14 and 15 (One Episode Left)

Episode 14 was intense and showed the attempt of Zeke to escape, only to be captured by Levi again. Eren’s “talk” with Armin and Mikasa turned out to be his betrayal of them. He cares nothing for them and even says he hates them. He says he is acting of his own free will, but that’s unlikely since he inherited the Attack Titan and is now slave to its instincts for fighting. I don’t think that’s the whole picture, however. There is more we don’t know.

Episode 15 was equally as emotional, heavy, and thrilling as the last. We saw most of Zeke’s past, including his meeting with Eren in Marley. At the end of the episode, Zeke ignites the thunder spear in his body, and it remains to be seen if either he or Levi survive.

More than all this history and action, the most important thing was learning the true intentions of Zeke and Eren. To exterminate all Titans forever, they want to end the Eldian race. This means using their powers to alter the genetics of Eldians so that they never give birth. They also mention several times an “Eldian Euthanasia Plan,” and I’m not really sure what why they would even consider that plan. There is no need to kill all current generations. Only prevent more in the future. Anyway, there is a lot to unpack here. So much has finally been revealed, including about Eren. I’ll be thinking this over a lot.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episodes 10 and 11 (One Episode Left)

Episode 10 showed the complete annihilation of the forces from Falmuth. I’ve never seen a comeback/revenge battle as good as this. Rimuru is killing thousands. All but one of the otherworlders were killed, with the last one surviving only as a soulless body. He was possessed by a powerful magus from Falmuth, who is now incredibly strong. He might pose a problem in the future. But this was still overwhelmingly an episode of victory for Tempest.

Episode 11 was far more intense than the previous as the remaining enemy forces were destroyed, the king was captured, and Rimuru became the Demon Lord. He was merciless but I honestly can’t blame him in the rules of that world and after his nation was treated so badly. Razel the magic user survived but was captured by Rimuru’s demon servant. Rimuru and Great Sage both underwent a great evolution which I’m not sure if I understand completely. At the end of the episode, Rimuru performs the spirit art of resurrection, and Shion wakes up.

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episodes 10 and 11 (End)

Episode 10 was the most intense installment of Dr. Stone to date. It functioned well as a climax/finale, so I expect that episode 11 will just give us time to wrap things up. Hyouga attempted to kill Tsukasa and force Senku into helping him with the selection of the new elite humanity. He also blew up “the miracle cave.” Together, Tsukasa and Senku defeated Hyouga, but Tsukasa is gravely wounded.

As for episode 11, it was alright, but the whole time, I felt salty that it was ending. This deserved to go on for much longer. It felt rushed. I’m still happy for it overall, though. Tsukasa passed away from his wound but was frozen in cold sleep thanks to Senku and company making a special freezer. Yo joined the group and Homura and Hyouga are captives. The next step is to go to the other side of the world where the petrifying light originated. They must unravel the mystery of why this happened to humanity. But unfortunately, this is where the anime ends, unless there is a third season in the coming years.

I also liked when Hyouga said that it was relying on miracles to save Tsukasa, and Kohaku countered him saying, “Miracles? Senku has no interest in such things. He is a man of science. He is the strongest and most patient man in the world.”

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episodes 24 and 25 (End)

In episode 24, after extensive efforts, Subaru manages to convince Beatrice to leave to leave the library and be free with him, even though he is not her “special person.” Emilia is fighting to defend the villagers from the Great Rabbit that manifested in the magical snowstorm. In other news, Ram might be alive. Roswaal is trying to heal her, I think.

Episode 25 felt more like a movie than an episode. Everything was wrapped up beautifully. It was a great example of how a season should end. In fact, if the anime ends there and doesn’t continue to a third season, I’ll only be slightly disappointed. I can always go read the light novels or manga or whatever to see the rest. Anyway, Beatrice defeated the Great Rabbit and the villagers were freed from the Sanctuary. Roswaal created a magically binding oath on himself to never harm Subaru and company again, or his life and spirit will be forfeit. There is a great ceremony and Subaru is officially ordained as Emilia’s number one Knight.

My favorite character, Ram, is alive and well thanks to Beatrice healing her. She is still in love with Roswaal and as snarky and direct as ever. I’m not sure if Roswaal can love Ram in return in that way, since his greatest love is Echidna. But I still ship them.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 24 (End)

The final episode of Higurashi Gou explained how Satoko has been controlling the tragedies by stealing the Hinamizawa virus injections and choosing who to infect. I’m at a loss to comprehend the evilness of Satoko. She’s far beyond understanding. I really hate her, which means she’s probably a damn good villain. Thankfully, it seems like there will be a continuation called Higurashi Sotsu in the future to finish the story and pick up where Rika finally discovers Satoko is living in loops, too.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episodes 10 and 11 (End)

Episode 10 was overall pretty good but I wish everything hadn’t been so rushed. There were a lot of great moments that deserved more time. There were some twists, like Isabella helping out for her own reasons. It was great to see Phil. No other particular thoughts come to mind.

Episode 11 was the short season finale. Peter Ratri was unable to part with his part and killed himself. The majority of the children as well as the sisters and Isabella crossed over into the human world, which seems much like our modern Earth. Emma, Ray, and Norman stayed behind to change the demon world. All we got were still-shot montages for what was happening, but Emma and company eventually overthrew the old order of the demon Queen and nobles. Mujika became the queen, it seems, and all the demons used her blood to become the kind that don’t need to eat humans.

While watching this, I felt disconnected from the events and characters. It’s strange because I like the story events of the second season as well as the themes and the surprises all throughout, but something about them also seems wrong. Part of it definitely the fact that such a story can’t be crammed into 11 episodes and be satisfying. Another significant part of why it feels wrong is that it’s just so different from The Promised Neverland that we know from season one. Season two is nothing like it and doesn’t fill the same slots in our minds of what we wanted to see from those characters. But I’ll restate that the events of the story of season 2 were not bad. They were just so far removed from the first season that they were less than fully satisfying.

Beastars 2nd Season

Episodes 11 and 12 (End)

We had another stunning installment of Beastars again this week. Episode 11 shows the beginning of the end, as Riz and Legoshi begin their duel, and Louis attempts to leave the Shishigumi group accompanied by Ibuki the lion. Riz seems to have either eaten Pina or gravely wounded him somehow, as he shows up covered with the blood of a longhorn sheep. A gun shot goes off as Ibuki and Louis drive through a dark tunnel, but it’s not clear yet what happened. In other notes, Legoshi got a little stronger from the protein of eating insects. He had an interesting, psychedelic experience from eating them which renewed his belief in respect for life.

There’s a lot more to say about the final episode than I have the energy to spell out today. Overall, I loved it. The action and fighting were amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat. The emotional parts got me, and I teared up a little at the emotional turn of events and Louis’ courage. I’m also really sad about Ibuki. The final scene was poor, since it wasted time without showing a conclusion for the relationship between Haru and Legoshi. It was a vague and awkward ending scene. That being said, all the rest was good. I really love Beastars, and the characters Legoshi and Louis. I hope there will be more in the future showing Legoshi’s life outside out of school and his romance with Haru.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy your day.


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