Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 7)

Welcome to Anime Rants! Here are my reviews and/or reactions to the newest episodes of Winter 2021 anime series!

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode 10

Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept well and had a headache when I watched it, but this episode of AoT was one of the most high-tension, stressful, and confusing episodes in all the anime I’ve seen. To start with, a lot of content was covered in only 23 minutes. And if you’re not thinking fast and focused while watching, you’re going to miss some very important details. I’m not even sure if I understand all of it.

Unpacking everything here would hardly fit into a post containing short summaries. So rather than go over all the content, events, drama, and twists, I just wanted to put my honest reaction to the episode here. It was stressful! The thing I’m most interested in is what’s truly on Eren’s mind. I think he plans to make many sacrifices and become a villain in order to destroy all Titans. In other words, Eren might be another Lelouch (Code Geass reference). But that’s just speculation. He could also just be evil. Anyway that’s all I can fit in here for now. I can’t wait to write about more details in reviews and discussion posts in the future!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode 6

Things are not going well for Rimuru or the nation of Tempest. The otherworlders continue fighting with the goblin boys and Shion. Then the Holy Knights arrived and started ravaging the city, cutting citizens down and starting fires. Meanwhile, Rimuru was trapped inside an anti-monster barrier and is fighting Hinata, the chief of the Holy Knights and Imperial Brigade. Rimuru is losing badly. The conclusion of his fight with Hinata was unclear, so we’ll have to see what happens next week. I’m a little surprised at the dark events.

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episode 20

In this episode of Re:Zero, we learned that the Sanctuary was created to be a safe place for Echidna and the half-blood creatures she helped save. Some creep called Hector, Demon of Melancholy, was after Echidna for reasons yet unknown. Beatrice, Roswaal, and the original Ryuzu were the students of Echidna in that time (almost like family), and they would do anything to protect her. Ryuzu volunteered her life and became the core of the Sanctuary, successfully protecting everyone from Hector.

Back in the present, Subaru asks Roswaal to surrender peacefully, but the Margrave refuses. He still doesn’t believe Subaru and company stand a chance. There was some interesting dialogue between Roswaal and Subaru about their respective beliefs and worldviews. That’s about it. As for my thoughts, I’ve noticed that Re:Zero’s 2nd season (both parts) are extremely dialogue-heavy and slowly paced. To be honest, it can get tiring. However, there’s more positives than negatives to this season. For one thing, the voice-acting is really great. For another, the lore of the Re:Zero world is a lot more vast and complex than I previously thought.

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episode 5

Over the course of this episode, Chrome tries to escape from the bamboo jail where he’s being held. Finally, he succeeds, using sodium hydroxide to melt the ropes holding together the bamboo beams. He made the chemical from his sweat and the electricity from a battery that Taiju and Yuzuriha passed to him. In this episode, we were also introduced to Yo, another one of Tsukasa’s awakened henchmen. Yo was a police officer until he shot an escaping criminal in the back and was fired. He’s pretty insane, but doesn’t seem too formidable compared to Hyouga. Chrome made it safely back to Senku’s camp.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 20

Satoko is really suffering at St. Lucia Academy. She tried to spring a trap on Rika to help bring her back to being her old self. However, the trap hit another girl and caused injury. Rika didn’t tell on Satoko, but another kid did. Satoko was then treated like a prisoner and locked in solitary confinement for three entire days. Upon being let out, she hears that she must join the Special Class. But there’s also some good news. Mion has planned a reunion of the old club and invited everyone.

Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika all have fun playing games and goofing off all day. But Satoko seems gloomy and takes a walk around Hinamizawa by herself. She enters Oyashiro’s shrine, where a mysterious horn-like object falls out of the statue of Oyashiro. When Satoko touches it, she finds herself in the space between fragments of worlds. And guess who’s with her? Oyashiro. It’s about time that the village god finally showed up to explain what the hell is happening. But what’s certain is that this deity will end up granting Satoko the ability to go back in time and try to restart, living through multiple failed worlds.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episode 6

Norman is miraculously alive. It turned out he had been shipped to another farm– or really, a testing facility– called Lambda. He escaped with several others from that place. Over the last year, Norman and company devised a plan to beat the demons. They have developed a drug that causes demons to regress to wild creatures. Demons only have high intellect because they can take abilities from what they ate, and they have been eating humans for centuries. But with Norman’s drug, all the demons can be reverted to animals and summarily killed.

Emma is not ok with this. She doesn’t want to wipe out the demons, even though she knows her view isn’t very logical. Ray agrees to back Emma even if he personally is alright with massacring demons. The two of them go talk to Norman about it, but get held up since he is busy. In the meantime, Norman’s followers from Lambda talk with Emma and Ray. Emma is surprised and uncomfortable when one of them, Barbara, says she enjoys killing demons and eating their flesh, too. When Norman finally comes to talk, he’s shocked to hear about Mujika, calling her the Heretic Girl. The episode leaves off there

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 7

This was the saddest episode of Beastars so far. It had a significant emotional effect on me. This even sadder than the recent character death in AoT, in my opinion. The thing that was so upsetting for me was the tragic ending of the beautiful relationship between Tem and Riz. I felt for Riz, who was trying to control himself for so long. I felt for Tem, who was far too kind and caring for his own good. It really was just so heartbreaking. I don’t even have the heart to say much else. But at least Legoshi and Pina now know the identity of Tem’s killer.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you for the next post.


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