Sunday Select: 7 Favorite FMA:B Characters

Glad you could make it! This week’s Sunday Select will list my top seven characters from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While this is not my very favorite shounen anime, it’s far better than most. One of the show’s main strengths is the variety of well-written and interesting characters. These seven favorites of mine are listed in alphabetical order and marked with a few notes. Here goes!

1. Edward Elric

One thing that makes FMAB a classic is its main protagonist. He’s determined, stubborn, and brave, with a bit of an impatient temper. What sets him apart from the average shounen hero is his original and bold way of thinking. He’s still a kid, but he’s quite bright, knowledgeable, and logical.

2. Envy

My favorite antagonist in this anime is probably Envy. For one thing, he’s an evil, well-written villain who makes audiences dislike him. I like his impudent attitude and sly nature. For another thing, I love shapeshifter characters. Envy’s monster form is also awesome. Toward the end of the series, this nasty being’s secret vulnerabilities and pitiable sides are shown. I enjoyed finding this hidden layer of the character.

3. Greed

Another antagonist, Greed is a bit more popular and well understood than Envy. Naturally, I’m talking about the Greed who awakens within Ling, and not the one who appears briefly much earlier in the series. This being is ambitious, selfish, and remarkably intelligent. What I like best about him is the way he gradually uncovers a better side to his character through his cooperation with Ling.

4. Izumi Curtis

The teacher of Edward and Alphonse, Izumi Curtis is beloved by fans. She’s a self-proclaimed “kind, simple housewife,” who also happens to be stronger than any other character in terms of raw physical strength. Izumi is an aggressive, no-nonsense woman who is also compassionate in her own way.

5. Lan Fan

Next up is Lan Fan, the ninja warrior and faithful servant of Prince Ling Yao. She’s far from being the strongest character, but she holds her own, and makes up for any lack with her fierce determination. One of Lan Fan’s greatest traits is her dedication to Ling. She would gladly die protecting him.

6. Ling Yao

One of several children to the Emperor of Xing, Prince Ling seeks to become the most powerful candidate for the throne by acquiring the power of a Philosopher’s Stone. He’s generally cheerful, optimistic, and easygoing, but he’s courageous and serious when it comes to fighting for his dream. Ling shares his body with Greed for some time, learning to cooperate with him.

7. Olivier Mira Armstrong

Last is my #1 favorite character in FMAB, Olivier Mira Armstrong. She’s a bit similar to Izumi in that she’s one of the strongest female characters, as well as being stern and bold. But unlike Izumi, Olivier is colder, prouder, and more ambitious and commanding. This swordswoman intends to beat out her brother for the position of heir to the noble Armstrong family. She is also an army commander in charge of Fort Briggs.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I truly appreciate it. If you want to, you can leave a comment with one or more of your favorite FMA characters. Have a great Sunday!


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