Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 5)

Welcome! Here are my thoughts on the latest episodes of Attack on Titan, Beastars, Dr. Stone, Higurashi Gou, Re:Zero, TenSura, and The Promised Neverland. Enjoy! 🙂

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode 8 (67)

Even if you knew what was going to happen from reading the manga, this episode of AoT surely hit hard. It did for me. It’s truly tragic. I don’t have a lot more to say this week, except I’m impressed with Falco’s maturity in comparison to the insane Gabi. He is able to understand that this is a result of Marley’s attack on Paradi Island. In his words, “We stomped on them first.”

Oh, and one other thing. Eren is being a foul piece of shit, but I can’t bring myself to hate him. Not at this point anyway. After all, this might have been the only way to buy time for Paradi. It’s not heroic, but it’s understandable to attack first to protect your home. I think that Eren already understands he’s adding to the cycle of violence and hate. But he truly believes there is no choice. I can’t blame him.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode 4

(Rayheim the Archbishop of Falmuth’s Holy Church)

TenSura continues being a mildly entertaining and fun show. We might be in for some good action soon, as well. The kingdom of Falmuth is taking a turn for the worse financially, and decides to use that as an excuse to subjugate the country of Jura Tempest. They will start by sending 3 otherworlders and 100 holy knights. The otherworlders seems to be people pulled to this dimension from Japan. It will be interesting to see if we can learn anything from them about how inter-worldly travel works.

Meanwhile, the kids from Rimuru’s class have passed their grade and are celebrating by reading lots of manga. Grucius the lycanthrope joins Youm’s party after he witnessed the strength of their newest member, Myulan. As for her, she seems to be on a secret mission to investigate Tempest. But I’m not sure what country sent her.

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episode 4

We got a pretty eventful episode this week on Dr. Stone! Nikki has gone over to Senku’s side, but Magma and Chrome are still being hunted by Ukyo, the archer with amazing hearing ability. Chrome gives himself up so Magma and Gen could get away safely. Tsukasa tries to force Chrome to join them and give them information, but Chrome is literally willing to die rather than backstab his friends. Soon it becomes clear that Chrome won’t talk, so Tsukasa asks Ukyo for information. Surprisingly, Ukyo lied, protecting Chrome and the phone plan.

Meanwhile, Senku and company built a makeshift steam-engine cart for carrying their supplies. With that done, they start on the journey to Tsukasa’s hideout to rescue Chrome. I was impressed with this episode it revealed an interesting new character (Ukyo) as well as showing us what a good-hearted person Chrome truly is.

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episode 18

Re: Zero was intense this week but also a little more slowly paced than I expected. It wasn’t until the very end that Emilia approached the seal. Most of the episode focused on Guese and Fortuna as they defended the Elves and forest dwellers from Regulus Corneas and Pandora. Apparently, something called the Witch Factor is what gave Guese his dark powers. As for who Pandora is, I am not sure, but she’s clearly someone with a lot of power in the Witch’s Cult. She’s not one of the seven Witches, though.

After sending Regulus away, Pandora faces Guese and Fortuna alone. Meanwhile, Emilia decides to go to the seal because in her mind, if she surrenders the seal to Pandora, the forest will be saved. At the seal door, Emilia meets Pandora. This is where the episode leaves off. Note there was also some new information at the start of the episode, where Ryuzu is telling her memories of the Sanctuary from long ago. I hope we get more details and explanation next week.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 18

This episode of Higurashi showed us the world where Rika and company defeated Takano and survived thanks to Hanyu’s help. A year passed and a lot changed in Hinamizawa. For one thing, the Syndrome is disappearing. Satoko is completely cured. In addition, Rika collaborated with Mayor Kimiyoshi and Oryo Sonozaki to announce the truth about the curse. The curse doesn’t exist, and Oyashiro is a benevolent god. Anyone who was in favor of the dam during the dam war will no longer be considered outcasts or cursed families. The Hojo family and anyone else involved are forgiven.

At the end of the episode, Rika takes Satoko to a bookstore in Okinomiya. There, she reveals that she is studying exam guides for St. Lucia Academy. Rika’s dream is to go to that school and ideally have Satoko go with her. But I don’t think Satoko will be happy about it. We’ll have to wait and see. My only other thought is that we only have 5 episodes left and I don’t want the conclusion to be rushed. So I hope that by next week, we’ll get back to the world where Satoko is holding Rika at gunpoint. I can hardly wait to see what happens next in that world.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episode 5

We got a great episode of TPN this week. A year has passed since the escape from Grace Field. Emma and company have been living as best as they could, hiding in abandoned places near demon towns. The place they’re in currently is a demon temple, and the kids are surprised when an old, blind demon comes there to pray one night. He mistakes them for demon children and doesn’t hurt them.

The next day, Emma and a few others go into the demon town to buy food, disguised as demon children. Unfortunately, their disguises are seen through by two demons. Though they try to run away, Emma and Ray are soon backed into a corner. The two demons who were chasing them are killed by another group of demons who arrived on the scene. They look like nobles with fancy, colorful robes. The smallest of those demons takes off his mask to reveal he’s not a demon at all. It’s Norman. TBC

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 5

In this installment of Beastars, Legoshi begins training with Gouhin to conquer his carnivorous urges and become better in combat. He decides he will keep attending school during the day time. But it’s not easy, what with the breakup with Haru and the extremely annoying new drama member, Pina. Meanwhile, Juno met with Louis and told him off for being part of the Shishigumi. Louis seemed happy to be with Juno but would not change his mind. The last scene shows him demanding a signature from his adoptive father on a school withdrawal form. He’s even willing to hold him at gunpoint.

Thank you for reading! Have a great of the weekend!


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