Shinsekai Yori (From The New World) MBTI Types

Welcome! I’m happy you dropped by Anime Rants. Today’s post notes the MBTI types of the characters from the Shinsekai Yori anime. It has become a trend among anime fans to analyze characters and give them the 16 personalities in the MBTI. So I’m definitely not the first or only person to present this information. However, for this blog series, I pride myself on providing interesting character notes and insights along with the personality type.

As a disclaimer, these are fictional characters, and typing them is bound to be imprecise. You may have a different opinion about a character’s type that differs from mine. I would be happy to discuss this in the comments, but please, be polite. There’s no point getting upset over something like this. Anyways, please enjoy the following entries!

Hiromi Torigai: Unknown

We don’t know much about Hiromi’s personality other than she is fearful, cautious, and rather quiet. She serves as the chairman for the Board of Education. If I had to make a guess without much to back it, I would probably call Hiromi an ISTJ with anxiety issues. Here’s an uncomfortable insight about Hiromi. Despite looking relatively innocent and quite timid, she is the head of the committee that orders Impure Cats to kill problematic children. I’m sure that eliminating potential threats aligns with her sense of duty as well as easing her anxiety. But. She’s not so innocent, now, huh?

Inui-san: ISFJ

We have only a limited amount of time with Inui, so this is more of a guess entry. Inui is a member of the Department of Mutant Control and has an active role in killing Monster Rats deemed dangerous or disobedient. He is friends with Saki, and ends up sacrificing his life to protect her. From what we can gather about this man, he is dutiful to his job and has a natural loving nature. Inui also has handy practical skills and Cantus abilities that make him always useful. My guess for his type is ISFJ, given that they are some of the most caring types, with great practical skills and a strong sense of duty and loyalty.

Kiroumaru: ESTJ

Kiroumaru is the military leader of a tribe of Monster Rats called the Giant Hornets. This tribe is extremely loyal and helpful to humans, with their efforts spearheaded by Kiroumaru himself. In terms of personality, this rat-man is a great leader who can make tough decisions and handle his share of the dirty work. He loves to lead people, he loves to fight, and he is wise. Kiroumaru values tradition and good order in all things. Based on this profile, it’s clear that the ESTJ personality is most fitting for Kiroumaru.

A good example of Kiroumaru being ESTJ is that, on two occasions in the Tokyo tunnels, he reprimanded Saki for getting discouraged too easily, letting her feelings get in the way of thinking of a plan. Te-doms make rational, detached decisions. They are blunt, brusque, and down-t-business, just like Kiroumaru.

Koufuu Hino: ESFP

This is another rough-guess entry. Koufu Hino is an important figure from the village’s Occupations Committee. He is without a doubt a horrible person and one of the most disgustingly corrupt characters in the anime. So this may be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: Hino’s hideous nature is not a reflection on the ESFP type in general. Immoral, psychopathic people can come from any type.

Anyway, there are several reasons why my guess for him is ESFP. This man is very lively, action-oriented, and outspoken, loving the spotlight. He also seems to have an artistic way of thinking, viewing his death as “the fading of the image of beauty within me.” ESFPs share those traits.

Mamoru Itou: ISFP

One of the five main kids from Shinsekai Yori, Mamoru is in love with Maria. He’s not a very popular character, but I have always liked him and found him adorable and relatable. Mamoru is the most anxious of the group, and the one least suited to handling mental stress and the dark secrets of the village. He is shy, soft-spoken, a loyal friend, and a great artist. Having trouble with logical decisions, he acts on impulse and is easily swayed by emotion. I think the best fit for Mamoru is ISFP. The main functions for this type are Fi and Se. Mamoru likewise is driven by his inner world of feelings, along with the desire to interact with the world in sensory experiences.

I find Mamoru’s psychology and story highly interesting. He was quiet and not especially talented, and was left as the only one without a romantic partner. I think Mamoru probably felt bad about these things without ever voicing his concerns. This boy was traumatized by the dangerous experiences and secret knowledge he learned during episodes 3-5. Mamoru has a strong resistance to hypnotic memory altering, and on several occasions remembers specific frightening events before the others recover their memories. An Impure Cat was sent to kill Mamoru when he was 14, scaring him even more and leading him to his decision to leave the village.

Masayo Komatsuzaki: ESTJ

There is limited information and few scenes about Masayo, but just like with Inui-san, I have a guess for her type. This strong-willed woman is the vice chairman of the Board of Education under Hiromi Torigai. It’s clear from episode 13 that she is quick to take charge and quite aggressive in the way she handles her work. She cares about order and security. This suggests that ESTJ is a good fit for Masayo. While Kiroumaru would be an assertive, healthy variant, a brusque and confrontational character like Masayo would be the turbulent/negative variant.

I don’t have any especially interesting thoughts concerning Masayo, but since she is much more forward and impatient than Hiromi, it’s easy to see her as the face of the Board of Education. Like Hiromi, Masayo helps decide if a student needs to be eliminated, having a direct hand in the child killings.Message #spam

Maria Akizuki: ENFJ

I’ve always loved the fascinating character of Maria. She’s Saki’s best friend and was her lover for some time. I will explain her typing based on letter. For starters, Maria needs and loves people on a profound level, and is typically outgoing and confident. This suggests extroversion. Maria is more thoughtful/concept-oriented than practical, which is pretty clear from her choice to run away with Mamoru and the insights she wrote in her last letter to Saki. This suggests intuition.

Maria is compassionate to a fault and thinks about the feelings of others. She has strong personal ethics, too. This suggests feeling. Lastly, Maria prefers planning to spontaneuity. When she does do something impulsive, like leaving the village to search for Mamoru without telling anyone, it’s a rare exception. This suggests judging. So I think it’s pretty clear that the ENFJ type is the best fit for Maria. Another trait typical of ENFJs is the way they give so much of themselves to others. They also tend to stick up for the downtrodden or those percieved as weak. Maria risked her life to run away with Mamoru, the most lonely and needy of the group.

Mizuho Watanabe: ISFJ/ISTJ

Mizuho is Saki’s mother and the head of the village’s libraries. Though her role in the anime is small, she leaves an impact. Personality-wise, Mizuho is a loving parent to the best of her abilities in a village where children may be killed and defiance is basically impossible. She seems to be very serious about her work, as evidenced by the way she keeps the secrets of the library so well until it’s time to give Saki pertinent information. Mentally strong, Mizuho deals with disturbing information known otherwise only to committee members and other VIPs. It’s honestly very difficult to type her, but I would guess ISTJ or ISFJ.

Rei (Last name Not Stated): Unknown

Rei is school-boy from a different group than Saki and company. Satoru hooks up with him after being suddenly rejected by Shun. From watching the show, one gets the impression that the relationship between the boys is almost entirely sensual, lacking any kind of lasting emotional connection. We can tell that Rei is playful and loves attention, but there isn’t enough known about him to guess his type.

Reiko Amano: INFP

Reiko was originally a part of Saki’s group, for a total of six kids. Reiko only appears in the anime’s first episode, so her type is uncertain. But going by MBTI stereotypes, INFP would be the best choice. In media, INFP characters tend to be quiet, unsure, and emotionally fragile. INFPs when happy and healthy are incredibly optimistic and creative. Reiko, however, only ever appears depressed or very nervous. So she would be a turbulent INFP. We never got to see much evidence of Reiko’s creativity or what she was good at. It’s a shame what happened.

Ryou Inaba: Unknown

Ryou is a boy who was transferred into Saki’s group following the tragic death of Shun. His role is to replace Shun, but he isn’t malicious. He’s a victim as well, hypnotized by the Education and Ethics committees to believe he has always been part of the group. There is insufficient character information for me to assign him a type.

Saki Watanabe: INFJ

The INFJ is one of the rarest and most mysterious of the 16 MBTI types. Their primary function is Ni (Introverted intuition), meaning they are analytical, insightful, and focused on ideas and inner thoughts. The second function is Fe (extroverted feeling) which means they are caring and focused on feelings, ethics, and thoughts of others. To oversimplify it, INFJs are primarily driven by imaginative thought as well as deep love for others. Their unique perspectives and ideas make them important parts in group projects, though they are naturally a bit quiet and private. This all sounds a lot like Saki, the main character in Shinsekai Yori.

There are many examples of instances that stuck out at me as evidence for Saki’s type. For one thing, she frequently acts on intuition and has excellent ideas, often without knowing how or why she thought of them. Let me name just one for brevity’s sake. Saki was able to release Satoru’s Cantus power after it had been hypnotically sealed by a monk. Acting mostly on a hunch, this ingenious girl used a combination of old memories, new information, and an air of solemn confidence in order to restore Satoru’s power.

Satoru Asahina: ESTP

Satoru is one of the central characters in Shinsekai Yori, a close friend of Saki, and Shun’s former lover. I think you can argue that he is ENTP, but ESTP seems like a slightly better fit to me at this time. The two main functions of ESTP are Se (extroverted sensing) and Ti (introverted thinking). They are action-oriented adventurers with keen logical abilities and practical skills to boot. ESTPs tend to be reckless, as well as defiant and sometimes inflexible. They need some risk in their lives to be happy. Satoru exhibits all those traits and patterns. In addition, he’s much more in touch with the sensory world than the other four kids, sometimes having difficulty with abstract concepts.

What’s a good example of Satoru being ESTP-ish? When the group searches for Mamoru, Satoru takes the lead and uses practical and logical thinking to keep everyone on the right track. Also, throughout the series, Satoru is always willing to put himself in danger and be the fighter for the group. As a child, he enjoyed violence and was extremely impulsive. As a teen and adult, he uses his fighting spirit in helpful ways, such as killing the rebelling Monster Rats and protecting Saki.

Shisei Kaburagi: ISTJ

Once again, in the case of Kaburagi, there is limited information to go on; the best I can do is form an educated guess. The ISTJ type is serious, dedicated, loyal, practical, and strong-willed. ISTJs are usually well-respected in society, and help out a lot, although they are not necessarily driven to lead. Security, tradition, order, and logic matter immensely to this type. Is this similar to Kaburagi? It’s apparent that he is solemn, elegant, and reserved, yet not shy when it comes to logical problem trouble-shooting. Kaburagi is said to be the most powerful Cantus user, and yet he doesn’t try to rule society. He’s an advisor on the Security Council. The ISTJ type lines up fairly well with Kaburagi.

Something I found interesting and a little odd about this character is his respect for and/or attachment to others in village leadership. It seems that Kaburagi is friends with Koufuu Hino, despite their personalities being so different. When Hino is killed, Kaburagi is clearly grieved and angered, but he stays calm and takes quick, smart action to fight the enemies.

Shun Aonuma: INTP

Along with being my personal favorite character besdies Saki, Shun is an important character in the story. He is one of the five main kids, lover of Satoru, and admirer of Saki. In terms of personality, Shun is quiet and private, making him a bit difficult to type. He’s highly intelligent, driven by a thirst for knowledge and an extraordinarily intuive mind. This boy’s introverted nature and amazing intellect suggests he’s an IN type. His laidback nature and difficulty handling pressure is more typical of a P-type than a J-type. So the question is whether Shun is an INFP or an INTP.

The INFP is an idealist whose first priority is living life in accordance to their beliefs and values. In comparison, the INTP places more value on understanding and learning knowledge and systems. The stereotype for the INTP says that they are insensitive and completely out of touch with their own emotions and those of others. That doesn’t sound much like Shun, who is respectful and observant, secretly caring about Satoru and Shun with all his heart. So it’s fair to say you can make a case for Shun being INFP. However, his general calmness and ability to make the most logical decision make me see him as INTP.

Squealer/Squeera: ENTJ

Squeera starts as a humble interpreter in the Robber Fly colony of Monster Rats. He rises to the top as a major reformer of Monster Rats, and eventually plans a great rebellion. From the perspective of humans in Shin Sekai Yori, Squeera is the chief antagonist of the series. Everything about this rat-man screams ENTJ. He is a charismatic, intelligent leader who will use any means–including mass violence and back-stabbing– to secure victory for his people. When the need for it arises, Squeera is excellent at being sly and manipulative. But he’s not petty. He is ambitious for himself and for the sake of his fellow rats. Powerfully inspired to make change, the Monster Rat reformer is truly admirable and bold.

One example of Squeera’s ENTJ nature can be seen when he overthrows the dictatorial Queen of the Robber Flies in order to establish democracy. It’s imperative for Monster Rats to have a colony Queen for reproduction purposes, but most Queens are corrupt and treat the members like slaves. Squeera came up with a novel solution that is logical but cruel. He lobotomized the Queen, and later, helped many other colonies do the same. Only an ENTJ could pull off something like this.

Squonk: Unknown

Squonk is a Monster Rat from the Stemborer colony. Saki rescued him when she encountered him drowning at age twelve. Much later, this little rat-man rescued Saki’s friend Mamoru in return. However, it’s almost certain that following Mamoru and Maria’s departure, Squonk helped to manipulate Saki and Satoru. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say what his type would be with information being so scant.

Tomiko Asahina: INFJ

Tomiko is a wise, holy hero and authority figure from the point of view of the humans– and a truly evil being from the perspective of Monster Rats and children about to be slaughtered. She is the head of the Ethics Committee, which basically oversees all the other major councils. Tomiko has a keen intellect and amazing intuition, coupled with a compassionate heart (toward non-problematic humans anyway). With the ability to make the right decision even in a deadly situation, and the wish to counsel younger people, Tomiko has some good leadership skills. She is naturally quiet, private, and mysterious, initially having no desire to lead. Even as one of the highest authorities, she is individualistic and “does her own thing” according to her intuition. INFJ is the clear choice.

There are a few other characters, but they are so minor there’s nothing to discuss. So that wraps it up for today. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my work.

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3 thoughts on “Shinsekai Yori (From The New World) MBTI Types

  1. Ah. No wonder my favorite characters in Shin Sekai Yori are Saki and Tomiko. I don’t think about anime in MBTI terms often, but I’m easily and deeply drawn to characters that are my type. Those characters do what I would do in their situations.

    I love your MBTI series, BTW. (Although I read only those series I’ve watched.)

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    1. Thanks so much for the comment! You made my day. 🙂 I thought until recently that I was an INTP, but when I studied the cognitive functions, I found INFJ to be my type. I also tend to love INFJ characters.

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