Sunday Select: 7 Non-Binary Anime Characters

Welcome, one and all! This Sunday, we have a list of seven anime characters who would mostly fit under the non-binary umbrella for gender identity. Even if they aren’t enby, one thing is for sure: they defy the typical gender norms. I’ll write some notes on each character. Entries are listed in alphabetic order. Let the rant begin!

1: Astolfo (Fate Apocrypha)

Astolfo is most likely intersex, since they have physical traits of both male and female. They refer to themselves with the traditionally masculine pronoun “Boku,” but otherwise their mannerisms are a bit more feminine. Importantly, Astolfo goes beyond definitions of feminine and masculine. They are simply themselves, and they don’t owe anyone an explanation or a specific label. Chill and laid-back, Astolfo is a delightful and admirable character.

2: Boogiepop (Boogiepop wa Waranai)

Boogiepop is a mysterious existence that sometimes manifests using the body of a girl named Touka Miyashita. Though the body they use is female, Boogiepop is agender. This character is charming, intriguing, wise, and compassionate. Even so, their duty is to rid the world of supernatural threats that interfere with the diversity and peace of human life. So they show no mercy when reaping the souls of those who have become too dangerous. Boogiepop is one of my favorite characters in all fiction.

3: Crona (Soul Eater)

Crona is usually regarded as agender or non-binary. Neither their sex nor their gender identity are clearly stated. Other characters refer to them as “aitsu/koitsu” which is similar to “they/them” in English. They do not use “kare,” meaning “him,” nor “kanajo,” meaning “her.” People still debate over Crona’s sex and identity, and the infamously bad Funimation translation arbitrarily denotes them as “he.” Clearly, there are mixed opinions, but I view Crona as non-binary. Crona is a character dear to my heart, and they struggle with many emotional and psychological issues. This makes them not only adorable and sympathetic, but also a character with depth.

4: Desmond (Carole and Tuesday)

Desmond is a non-binary character who was assigned male at birth. In this anime, the characters live on Mars, where a peculiar phenomenon exists. The citizens effected by it become less and less typical of their biological sex. For Desmond, it was a blessing to adopt some womanly traits. In their own words, “Now, I am neither a man nor a woman.” Desmond is very happy to be who they are, a poetic, non-binary musician.

5: Kino (Kino’s Journey)

Kino is a young traveler who famously rejects being referred to as either male or female. Kino is Kino, and that is what they wish to be called. In the 2003 (superior) version of Kino’s Journey, it was revealed that they were being raised as a female in the country where they were born. As soon as they adopt the name Kino and begin their Journey, it seems that Kino found a non-binary gender much more comfortable. Specifically, one can say that Kino is agender. This is a fascinating character from a fascinating show, and I recommend it highly.

6: Luca (Kanata no Astra)

Luca is an intersex character rather than specifically non-binary, but they could still fall under the non-binary umbrella depending on how you interpret the character. Luca was assigned male at birth, and feels comfortable being more masculine for most of the anime. Several years later, Luca is seen dressed and behaving feminely. It’s possible they are gender-fluid in that case. Another option is that they are, at that point, intersex-to-female transgender. But for the events of the show, what Luca stresses is that they are who they are. Gender doesn’t matter compared to just being themselves. That’s why I’d still consider them non-binary.

7: Zoe Hange (Attack on Titan)

When I watched Attack on Titan seasons 1 through 3, I just assumed Hange was female and identified as such. However, the creator of the manga does not specify Hange’s gender. He left it ambiguous on purpose, and he insisted that if gendered pronouns were going to be used in the anime, then “he,” “she,” and “them” must be used at equal frequency. So it’s not entirely clear if this eccentric and strong soldier is non-binary, male, or female. Given the distinct possibility, I think it’s fair for our purposes today to consider Hange non-binary and/or agender.

That’s all for now. Thanks a ton for reading and please enjoy your Sunday! šŸ™‚


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Select: 7 Non-Binary Anime Characters

  1. This was really enlightening for me and I think it may help me to accept my own gender identity (or lack of). I am keen to watch these animes!

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