Re: Zero episode 35 (Season 2 Episode 10) Review

Welcome to all he’s, she’s, and them’s! This episode was a bit longer than usual and full of a ton of information and new events. It was a bit overwhelming for me and there were some things that left me confused. Most of it is just me and my ADHD, but I also feel that this season of Re:Zero isn’t such a good job of explaining plot events or what Subaru is thinking. Anyway, I’ll try to go over most of what happened.

The shadow, which is a manifestation of Satella, swallowed up everyone in the Sanctuary except Subaru and Garfiel. The latter launches a plan to fight the shadow. He summons an army of Ryuzu clones, which will be explained later. However, even with Garfiel’s frightening beast strength and the help of so many clones, they are all defeated by Satella. Subaru is trapped inside the engulfing darkness and based on his reactions, it feels like dying continuously, the whole time hearing the Witch say, “I love you.”

Due to some enchantment on Echidna’s part, Subaru’s handkerchief charm forms a knife which he uses to kill himself. But before the world restarts, Satella’s dark mantle is lifted, and the Witch underneath looks exactly like Emilia. She’s crying. When Subaru wakes up in the Sanctuary, he’s terrified. Trying to touch Emilia makes him tremble, at first, because of her similarity to Satella. Emilia didn’t pass the trial, but she’s much more emotionally stable in this world. Instead of breaking down, she comforts Subaru while he’s sobbing. I wonder if Subaru thinks what I do — that Emilia is the unknowing, unwitting physical incarnation of Satella.

In this world, I think Subaru is trying to find a way to save everyone in the Sanctuary, since the Great Rabbit is bound to appear before the trials can be passed. I guess this requires going back to the mansion and getting Beatrice’s help, but the details aren’t clear. Before he leaves for the mansion, there are a few things to do. Also, while he was trapped in the shadow, Subaru received a great many flashes of memories from the shadow’s victims. One of the memories was the location of a certain stone building that has something to do with the crystal Frederica gave to Subaru way back when.

Within the old building, Subaru uses the crystal as the key to unlock a mysterious room. Inside there’s a giant crystal with someone who looks like Ryuze frozen, sleeping, within it. The Ryuzu we know appears then and explains. The girl in the crystal is the original Ryuzu Meyer. Four hundred years ago, Echidna used the Sanctuary as a facility for making clones of Ryuzu with the goal of transferring her conscious to them and being able to live forever by switching bodies. The experiment failed because Ryuzu Meyer was not able to house Echidna’s spirit. However, soulless clones continue to be created, and few are able to develop personality or individual minds.

As for the Ryuzu we know, she calls herself Ryuzu Bilma. She’s four hundred years old and was one of the first four clones created. Due to Echidna’s magic as well as centuries of time, Bilma developed her own “soul.” But what’s the point of all this? It’s not stated, but I was able to guess what Subaru might be planning. The Ryuzu clones might be the key to fighting and destroying the Great Rabbit. After all, they are relatively dispensable, and each has a core made of mana that can attract the Rabbit.

Before all that, Subaru must go to the mansion to see Beatrice. But first he does have a good scene of bonding with Emilia. As he’s leaving the Sanctuary, Subaru is confronted by Garfiel. I don’t really “get” this scene. Perhaps one of my readers can explain. Despite being friendly the previous night, Garfiel is now aggressive and suspicious. Again, I don’t get it, but Subaru was able to convince him to let him go this time. Subaru finally departs for Roswaal’s mansion after that. Once there, he has some brief but heartfelt words with Petra and Frederica.

Subaru proceeds into the Forbidden Library. Beatrice is there waiting, but her words are cryptic to me. Here, the episode ends suddenly. All these events and reveals gave me a lot to think about. So although it was a bit rushed and overwhelming, the episode was still quite good. I will hopefully be able to comprehend things better over the next week. Thanks for reading my work today. I really appreciate you, my readers. Sayonara until next time!


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