Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 23 Review

Welcome! We had a funny and fascinating episode of Fruits Basket this week! It’s time for the Cinderella play, or rather, the Cinderella-ish play. Kisa and Hiro come to watch too. The play is hilarious, first off. Cinderella (Hanajima) was as sassy as could be and hated the prince. She only went to the ball to eat yakiniku. Tohru played a kind stepsister instead of a mean one. The prince (Kyo) was short-tempered and antisocial. He didn’t like Cinderella either. Yuki played the fair godmother. I think it was mature of him to accept the role.

The conclusion of the story was that nobody marries the prince and Cinderella and her dear stepsister open a yakiniku shop. The prince gives backing to the shop. Despite all the humor, there were a few serious moments too. Arisa, playing another prince, aired out her feelings about wanting to be reunited with someone (Kureno). Incidentally, a bit later, Momiji promised to put his recording of the play on DVD and pass it to Kureno.

Another tense scene in the play was when Hanajima confronted Kyo, asking if he’s really going to stay locked away in a castle for his whole life. She detects the fact that Kyo is preparing to live in confinement. Kyo says it’s fine since it doesn’t hurt anyone else. At that moment, Tohru unthinkingly came forward and said, “I don’t want–” but then stopped herself. Clearly, she was saying she didn’t want Kyo to be confined, and that it would hurt her.

Kyo is shocked at the possibility that Tohru wants him to be free for her. He realizes there’s a chance that Tohru cares about him as much he does for her. Tohru is surprised and alarmed about her thoughts of wanting Kyo to be free. She realized that a big motivation for breaking the curse was the desire for Kyo’s happiness. They both reject their thoughts on the matter, afraid of what would happen if they explored further.

The episode leaves off there, with the imagery of a huge crack forming between Kyo and Tohru. There’s one other thing to note, since I like Hiro a lot. For the whole festival, he was trying to keep his temper and stop his natural habits of lashing out at everyone. But at one point, he fussed at Haru, telling him that his excessive kindness is what drives Rin away from him. Haru wasn’t offended, and (I assume jokingly) suggested that Hiro had a crush on Rin. Kisa was sad when she heard that. She wants to be the one Hiro likes. Anyway, Hiro slipped up here, but he’s slowly improving. Think of how much he’s changed since the first time he encountered Tohru.

Ok, that’s all I got for now. Thanks a ton for reading my work! Take care till next time!


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