Parasyte: The Maxim MBTI Anime Characters

Welcome to Anime Rants, where the MBTI types of Parasyte characters will be discussed. Some of these choices I feel strongly about, while for others, I’m open to persuasion. Feel free to comment and debate, but please be polite. Doubtlessly, many people have already typed these characters on other platforms. However, my post is a bit different, since I include my notes under each entry. They explain a little bit about the character as well as how I arrived at my choices. Without further ado, let’s RANT!

A-san: Unknown

We only get a few scenes of A-san, the parasyte who eventually attacks Shinichi’s school. The point of his character besides the attack is to serve as contrast to Reiko. While Reiko is thoughtful, analytical, and curious, A-san is only focused on the need to feed himself. He does not have any interest in discovering what kind of creature he is or how he might interact in different ways with humans and other parasytes. Unfortunately, this information alone isn’t enough to assign one of the 16 personality types.

Gotou: ESTJ

It’s difficult to say, but ESTJ is probably the best guess for Gotou. He is part of the organism made of various combined Parasytes who take turns sharing consciousness. Gotou is generally seen as the one in charge, the main “head.” I don’t know if I could call it fondness, but Gotou seems to get along well with Miki and is willing to give him free rein sometimes. He is also on board with the plan to make Hirokawa the mayor. By taking control of all the Parasytes he is part of, Gotou shows that he does best when in charge. Like the other Parasytes, he is probably a Thinking type who takes logic to the extreme, unable to make ethical or human considerations.

Gotou has an air of command and decisiveness that suggests he is more of a judging type than a perceiver. His relative skill with coordinating people and Parasytes suggests Extroversion. So then, his type would either be ESTJ or ENTJ. I believe Gotou is a Senser, in touch with physical reality and experiences, and more practical than theoretical. He seems to love his body of shared Parasytes and the power it brings him. Especially when he’s wild in the mountains, Gotou is someone who loves sensory experiences rather than thoughtfulness. Therefore, he’s ESTJ.

Hideo Shimada: INTP

Hideo is the Parasyte who is relatively friendly toward the school and the people in his acquaintance. He only hunts strangers for food. (That is, until Yuuko throws toxic chemicals at him and makes him lose his mind.) Hideo gets along well with Reiko and they are seen eating a human together at one point. In terms of personality, this Parasyte is a bit similar to Migi, being clever, curious and interested in learning things. He also shows interest in Shinichi. Hideo uses introverted intuition and has no need to be a leader. This sounds quite like the INTP.

Hirama: ESTJ

Hirama is one of the detectives trying to investigate the Parasytes and put an end to their violent hunting. He is good in a position of command, and able to take practical and efficient action to get the job done. It’s Hirama who gives the order to fire at Reiko, even while she convincingly pretends to be human. This shows he can make tough decisions and do the dirty work that less driven and decisive people cannot. Hirama most likely uses extroverted thinking and introverted sensing, making him an ESTJ.

Joe/Jaw: ENTP

To be honest, this isn’t a choice I’m very confident in due to the limited scenes featuring this Parasyte. He seems to share the same curious, logical, and adaptable orientation as the other parasytes, which to me suggests an NT type. But rather than using introverted intuition, Joe takes in cues from his surroundings and loves to imitate what he sees. He’s high-energy, and has an apparent enjoyment of talking and interacting with Shinichi and Migi. Thus, ENTP seems likely.

Kana Kimishima: INFP

As you will see, there are quite a few INFPs among the characters in Parasyte. They share qualities like idealism, concern with ethics, thoughtfulness, insight, depth of caring, dramatic emotions, and tendencies toward shyness and indecision. What sets Kana apart from the other INFPs on this list is her intense romanticism. She has an idealized view of Shinichi and she loves that idea of him immensely. She believes she has a special ability to sense Shinichi, despite evidence that this “sense” leads to others as well. (In reality, she’s sensing Parasytes.) Kana is so lost in her dreams of romance that she becomes rather obsessive.

Kazuyuki Izumi: ISTJ

Here’s another case where I’m basically guessing. ISTJ seems like the best choice for someone like Izumi, who is a hard worker, an invested father, and a practical thinker. He does not show the perfectionism or strictness seen in some ISTJs, but then again, he’s not exactly himself for most of the show. Having lost his wife, Mr. Izumi sinks into depression. But he is able to maintain control of his life and stay relatively calm and logical throughout the grief.

Mamoru Uda: INFP

Mamoru Uda makes friends with Shinichi since they are both hybrids of Parasyte and human. His Parasyte is Joe, who dwells in his neck, jaw, and lower face. Uda is sensitive, kind, and emotional. He also struggles with depression, and considered killing himself after his girlfriend left him. When he hears Shinichi’s story, Uda feels so sympathetic that he cries. The

Migi: INTP

There is much that can be said about Migi, one of the anime’s two main protagonists. I need to keep it brief though. Migi uses introverted intuition as a primary function. He is also definitely a Thinking type, using pure logic without ethical human considerations.

Though he’s not people-oriented or particularly energetic, this Parasyte enjoys one-on-one conversation as a chance to learn. Migi exemplifies well the INTP’s never-ending quest for knowledge and exploring new ideas. Rather than an INTJ, who are driven by long term plans, an INTP like Migi works best with ideas on the fly. He needs flexibility and doesn’t think much beyond his immediate interests. I would love to write more about Migi’s character and his surprising evolution near the end of the series, but that’s a bit off topic. Let’s move on.

Miki: ENTP

Considering what little we see of Miki, one of the Parasytes that shares bodies with Gotou, he leaves a strong impression. Of all the Parasytes, he is the best at imitating human expressions, coming off as someone casual, cheerful, and easygoing. He is so interested in this that he neglects physical coordination and handles the shared body very poorly. Miki definitely uses extraverted intuition. His flexibility and curiosity suggest an NP type. So ENTP or ENFP are the most likely choices. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a Parasyte to be a Feeling type, since that implies having strong personal values, caring more about ethics and considering the feelings of others. Which means Miki is almost definitely ENTP.

Mitsuo: ESFP

Mitsuo is part of the “gang” that harasses Shinichi a few times. He’s also good friends with Kana and has a crush on her. This young man is extroverted, frequently seen with others, and finding his energy through interactions. Not the logical sort, he’s highly emotional and can take things too personally. And since Mitsuo lacks the drive and orderliness of a J type, the options remaining are ENFP and ESFP. I believe he uses Sensing over Intuition. He’s a good fighter, has his own sense of fashion, and is focused on reality more than possibilities. Mitsuo is then an ESFP. Like many of this type, he likes to be in the spotlight.

Mitsuyo: ESTJ

After he and Migi are torn apart, Shinichi is cared for by Mitsuyo for a few weeks. This older woman is stubborn, harsh, and skeptical. But she’s helpful and caring in her own ways as well. Mitsuyo does not mince words, and expects others to be as logical and practical as herself. She is also concerned with propriety and what’s right. Although she lives alone, Mitsuyo is a talker, and an active social member of her small town community. I surmise that she is an ESTJ.

Nobuko Izumi: ISFJ

Nobuko is Shinichi’s mother. Based on the first few episodes where she is seen most, she’s an incredibly loving person. Though she can sometimes lose her patience with Shinichi or fail to understand his boundaries, she loves her son and husband more than anything. Gifted with practical skill, Nobuko takes care of all the cooking and housework for the family unit. She is fairly quiet and gentle, but expects proper behavior and good principles. Sounds like an ISFJ to me.

Reiko Tamura/ Ryouko Tamiya: INTJ

Reiko Tamura, previously known as Ryouko Tamiya, is my favorite character in Parasyte. I could rant about her for pages, but here, I’ll be brief. Reiko is very similar to parasytes like Hideo and especially Migi. She is a seeker of knowledge, with a thirst for a deeper understanding of herself, her species, and humanity. She’s brilliant and loves research and experimentation. But unlike Migi, who has a laid-back and spontaneous orientation, Reiko is a planner and a highly driven person. She has an astonishing ability to put long, difficult plans into action with near-perfect execution. It was Reiko who created Gotou’s shared body, and it was she who put the plan into place for Hirokawa to be mayor. Even without using the cognitive functions, typing by letter makes it obvious that Reiko is an INTJ.

Satomi Murano: ISFJ

The adorable and modest Satomi is Shinichi’s main love interest and an important friend to him throughout the series. Like Nobuko, Satomi is likely an ISFJ. This type cares about loved ones and people more than anything else. They are loyal, quiet, and reliable. Like many ISFJ, Satomi can be fussy, and may become upset when others are not emotionally in tune with she and her values. Shinichi and Satomi have a rocky relationship and go through a lot of misunderstandings, but the main issue is that Shinichi won’t tell her what’s really going on. It’s extremely painful for the ISFJ to be shut out like this by the one they love. And yet, Satomi eventually accepts that she will not know the truth, and loves Shinichi anyway.

Shinichi Izumi: INFP

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there are several INFP characters in Parasyte. Shinichi, the main human protagonist, is another one. He exhibits many INFP traits, including a depth of caring, strong ethical principles, a romanticized view of the world, a deeply thoughtful mind, and a tendency to be shy and indecisive. In Shinichi’s case, he is an extra nervous and emotional INFP. It’s important to note that during a good portion of the series, Shinichi is in a turbulent state, and acts differently than a typical INFP. This is due to grief and trauma. When he overcomes the worst of it, he goes back to his compassionate and gentle self. And he’s more stable this time, having found more courage and confidence through his many battles.

Of all the 16 types, the INFP is the most idealistic and thoughtful about ethics. They are usually very empathetic. This is what I admire most about Shinichi. He is always trying to relate to and understand Migi, his loved ones, humanity as a whole, and even Parasytes. The way Shinichi agonizes over the hard decision in episode 23 always moves me on a profound level. Shinichi cares about life in all its forms. That’s enough tangent for now.

Shirou Kuramori: INFP

Kuramori is the private detective that Reiko hired to keep an eye on Shinichi. He is only present for about 3 episodes, but leaves a good impact in terms of personality. He operates using introverted intuition rather than sensing. Sensitive and loving with the desire for harmony, Kuramori is most likely a Feeler. Though he possesses a decent sense of justice like an INFJ, he isn’t as driven as that type, nor does he have the same intuitive understanding of people and what drives their actions. Compared to a J type, Kuramori is usually doesn’t plan ahead more than is necessary, and is more flexible than orderly. INFP seems the best choice.

Takeshi Hirokawa: ENTJ

Hirokawa is the individual who becomes mayor of Shinichi’s town and stands in support of Parasytes. Indeed, he may be one himself. This man is extremely interesting to me, and I wish he had gotten just a few more scenes and lines to strengthen his character. Long story short, he’s a radical environmentalist who wants to enforce population control of humans for the sake of greater biodiversity.

Anyway, the ENTJ is a natural leader, highly efficient and persuasive, with a need to take charge. This is also the case for Hirokawa. Unlike the ESTJs, who are more focused on practicality and security, an ENTJ like Hirokawa has an inventive mind and can put plans into action that seem risky, strange, or impractical. Hirokawa, like many ENTjs, is determined to be right, and has the need to share his “truth” even with the people who are going to kill him.

Uragami: ESTP

ESTPs love risk and thrills, and live in a world of exciting sensory possibilities. They are action-oriented and can be quite impatient and impulsive. No one is allowed to get in the way of their freedom. This is not a bad personality type, except if the ESTP happens to be a serial killer with a keen enjoyment of dissecting living bodies. This is Uragami. As we can see in his case also, the ESTP applies his own logic and reasoning to things, and may have strong views about the world and people. In the final episode of Parasyte, Uragami provides his own twisted definition of humanity, monsters, and which is which. He says highly insightful things, for a psychopath.

Yuuko Tachikawa: Unknown

Yuuko is the girl with glasses who discovers that Hideo is not human. Her attack on him using toxic chemicals causes him to lose his mind and slaughter many students for no reason. In general, Yuuko is quiet and observant with a gentle manner. She seems sweet. Her skill with art and a few other cues make it likely that she’s an Sensing type. If I had to guess, I would say she is another ISFJ like Satomi, but there isn’t quite enough to go on to be sure.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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