The God Of Highschool Episode 9 Review

I don’t have much to say but I’m trying not to break my streak of posting each day. About this episode, well, it was full of shounen tropes which are not disliked but not very appealing to me. Still, it was an enjoyable episode for the well-animated fight scenes and the character of Mira.

Mira must win a round of the tournament against someone who has the sword that was stolen from her in episode 4. The sword turns out to be a Charyeok (or however you spell that). Though she almost loses the match and gets badly hurt, Mira pulls through at the end, becomes worthy of the sword, and wins.

Meanwhile, Mori went to where he thought they were holding his grandpa captive, but it was a trap. No shounen anime is complete without an explosion that does no realistic damage to the characters! What would have blasted him to cooked splotches of meat in reality only caused burning pain and a little blood on Mori. He then defeated the man who lured him into a trap, someone with the ability to clone himself.

After thrashing that dude, Mori arrives in time for his match, and also thrashes the dude he’s up against. In the process, he creates a new power up magic shounen special move thingy called Blue Dragon. (*Rolls eyes.*) Anyway, Daewi ran into trouble as well in this episode. He was attacked by a member of the team from the South which is led by that blue-haired shark guy. It was a close call but Daewi was unharmed.

With that, everything worked out for the trio of protagonists. They will be able to move to the next round. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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