Deca-Dence Episode 8 Review

Hi there. Ready for the next episode of Deca-Dence? Let’s get started!

In order to destroy the Gadoll factory, at least two people/avatars without chips inside them must infiltrate. Kaburagi is sure that Minato has preserved his previous avatar, which should now be without a chip after Hugin “killed” it. We never heard what happened to that body, so this makes sense, but it seems awfully convenient. There were several similar instances in this episode of events and facts that do fit into the story, but arise too quickly and conveniently. But let’s go over the events before I ramble too much.

Donatello, Kaburagi, and several other cyborgs from the prison log into avatars and begin a mission to steal Kaburagi’s previous avatar. This is all made possible by Jill, the one-eyed feminine cyborg, who specializes in hacking and discreet information gathering. She might also be someone once respected and important, since she has so much influence. But when Kaburagi asks, Jill simply says she’s just a bug. It wasn’t convincing.

The team runs into some trouble and is almost caught by Hugin, the square-shouldered, shade-wearing individual with the pet bird. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, though, they manage to retrieve the avatar. Back in their little cyborg bodies, Kaburagi explains that he wants to take Natsume with him to destroy the Gadoll factory.

Kaburagi reunites with Natsume in Tank Town, and the girl is more than willing to help his dangerous mission. I found it odd that she didn’t ask more questions, and Kaburagi didn’t divulge the unavoidable truth that Deca-Dence is a manufactured world and its system is responsible for the Gadoll. On another note of things that didn’t feel right in this episode, the events all were far too rushed.

Back in the cyborg prison, Donatello is very on-board with the idea of rebelling against the system. He decides he’s also going to destroy the shit factory where they all slave away for no greater cause. Soon the other inmates are on board with his plan– well, most of them. That sharp-toothed, sly cyborg is planning to betray Donatello, and he’s making Sark join him.

So here’s my main thought about Deca-Dence so far. It has the makings of a really good story with an interesting dystopia and its own world lore. But all this potential was not used correctly. I won’t say it was wasted, because I still enjoy Deca-Dence, but the show is like a building hastily put together the wrong way. This should be at least a 25-episode series in order to develop the world and the characters in the right way. I find this is the case with a lot of newer, short anime series. Great ideas and combinations of story elements are being produced, but so few of them turn out as truly great, because they are not developed and flushed-out enough.

This series still has the potential to surprise me and pull together an entertaining last third of the story. However, on the scale it’s on it, Deca-Dence probably won’t prove to be a good story in quality. It’s a bit of a shame. But as I said, it’s still more than tolerable to keep watching. That’s it today at Anime Rants. Thank you immensely for sopping by to read. Ja, ne!


2 thoughts on “Deca-Dence Episode 8 Review

  1. That’s pretty much how I feel. It has lots of great and interesting elements but they’ve not been put together correctly or given the chance to settle.

    There’s no way we should have had the twist in episode two before we’d even had a chance to bond with Natsume and get a feel for the world she sees.

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