Re: Zero Episode 33 (Season 2 Episode 8)

Welcome. I thought the second season couldn’t come close to outdoing the horror and violence in the first one, but this episode certainly did. It started off well, with the newly rescued Subaru confronting Roswaal to ask questions. During that talk, Roswaal clarifies the fact that Beatrice is not a Witch’s Cultist, and the Gospel she holds dear is not like the one that Betelguese had. It’s a book that tells the future, apparently. It’s one of only two in existence.

After this, Ram, Otto, and Subaru begin their escape, or try to. Garfiel finds them and he’s too angry to listen to reason. He wants to capture or kill Subaru. Ram stays to fight the insane beastman, while Otto and Subaru ride through the forest with the people of Arlam guiding the way. However, Garfiel catches up and begins slaughtering everyone who tries to protect Subaru. This includes Otto and several innocent villagers. This does not seem in fitting with Gar’s character up till now.

I don’t understand the next part of what happened, but the blue gem that Subaru wore around his neck began to glow. He reappeared in the stone room where Garfiel had confined him. But nobody was around. Outside, everything lay covered in heavy snow. The villagers and others from the Sanctuary are gone. While he is so confused and shocked, Subaru mistakes a small mabeast for an innocent rabbit. It bites off his hand. In seconds, the young man is surrounded by these fierce, carnivorous “rabbits.” They chew and tear him apart until he finally dies.

When Subaru respawns at the point of having passed the first trial, he is far from alright. He’s getting close to the point of losing his mind. That’s when Echidna summoned him to her tea party world once again. Echidna assures Subaru that her magic will stabilize his mind as long as he remembers her. She even agrees to make sure Subaru can remember her after he leaves her dimension.

Even with the stabilizing effect, Subaru breaks down as he tries to tell Echidna about his ability to die and restart. The knowledge does not harm Echidna as it did with Emilia in a previous world. Much to my surprise, the episode reveals that Echidna already knew Subaru’s ability, and had watched him from her world all along. Now instead of watching, she’s actually helping.

Comforting the sobbing Subaru, Echidna gently urges him to tell her about everything he’s been through. This must have been immensely comforting for poor Subaru. Echidna does say, though, she is only after knowledge, being the Witch of Greed who wants to know all things. The episode leaves off here at this healing moment between the boy and the witch. I await the next episode with much anticipation. Thank you for reading! Sayonara until next time!


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