Made In Abyss Characters MBTI

Welcome! Continuing my series of posts about the MBTI types as anime characters, I chose Made in Abyss. The usual disclaimers apply. Some entries will be unknowns. Discussion and friendly debate is welcome; just be polite. Remember that these are fictional characters and there’s no way to be certain we have the right type for them. Letter typing and generalities of the 16 personalities will be used mostly, but where I have doubts I will look at the cognitive function model. Here goes!

Bondrewd: INTJ

INTJs are long-term thinkers who can pull off complicated plans with excellence. Though they are introverted, they often do well with public speaking and have their own kind of charisma. Many are interested in different forms of experimentation in the pursuit of larger goals. We can see these traits with Bondrewd’s experiments with the orphans and the curse of the Abyss. The INTJ is very logical and may not consider emotional or situational factors in their thinking. Bondrewd takes this trait into pure villainy, disregarding the deaths and suffering he causes to others.

Habolg: ESFP

ESFPs are energetic, bold, people-oriented, and strongly in touch with their senses. In the anime, it’s evident that Habo is all of these things. Personal values and feelings matter more to them than logic alone. Types who have S and P together are sometimes called explorers, and the ESFP needs an exciting, adventurous life. With his passion for exploring the dangerous Abyss, this is true of Habolg. At first, I thought this cheerful man might be ESTP, but I now I believe he’s more of a feeler than a thinker.

Jirou: ISTJ

I’m close to some ISTJs in real life. I grew up with them, so it’s not remotely difficult to identify them even in fiction. Without any analyzing, I immediately typed Jirou as an ISTJ. This type is dutiful, by-the-book, organized, and logical. They are not as belligerent as ESTJs since they value order, security, tradition, and due respect for others. This all seems to fit very well with the stern, smart, and good-hearted Jirou as he works at the orphanage and trains new explorers about the Abyss. ISTJs often have a surprisingly considerate side; stern as they are, they will let go a bit when it’s someone they really care about. Jirou shares this hidden side, since he ultimately let Riko and Reg sneak out to start their adventure.

Lyza: ENTP?

We don’t see that much of Lyza in the anime (first season), so guessing her type is naturally going to be difficult. I believe she would need to be a Perceiver to be so effective on adventures, and her extroversion shows in her confidence and charisma. She’s more logical and even-tempered than both the ENFP and ESFP. That leaves us with only ESTP and ENTP as options. They share many traits such as confidence, liveliness, and thirst for new thrills, ideas, possibilities, and adventures. Neither of them can stand being boxed in or conforming to normalcy. Looking at the cognitive functions, it comes down to whether Lyza would be Ne or Se. I’m not sure which is more right, so feel free to discuss.

Maruruk: ISFJ

Note: I’m not completely sure, but I think this Maruruk is transgender. I’ll refer to her as she.

Maruruk or Marulk is sweet as can be and takes very seriously her apprenticeship to Ouzen. She is courteous, practical, and kind. The ISFJ is likewise dutiful, sweet-natured, and reliable. Maruruk is a bit more timid than what I normally see in ISFJ characters, but this shows some good individuality. While the most important thing to her is serving Ouzen, Maruruk will draw the line if her master attacks guests. Knowing the proper and practical thing to do, she went to inform the adult explorers of the situation when Ouzen was beating Reg. ISFJs in general are balanced in their sense of duty and their natural loving nature.

Mitty: ENFP

Based only on the brief time we see Mitty as a human, I would say her type is ENFP.

Nanachi: INTP

I like INTPs and had a best friend who was one. For some time, I thought I was INTP, but analysis of the cognitive functions now suggests INFJ. Anyway, I concluded Nanachi was an INTP almost right away due to her unique personality. She’s introverted and quite shy. She interacts with the world through intuition and is more intellectual and imaginative compared to the sensing equivalent. Nanachi values logic and puts it before her emotions even in the most terrible situations. She minimizes effort expenditure, works well on the fly, and typically isn’t ordered with her affairs, showing the Perceiving trait. I wish I could type for hours about what an interesting person Nanachi is, but I’ve got to keep it brief for today.

Ouzen: INTP?

Though they are probably the same type, Ouzen and Nanachi are different in some ways. Ouzen is more confident and stubborn and will basically say whatever she wants. She also has trouble with empathy and doesn’t see a problem with being cold-hearted. All the same, she’s withdrawn, clever and experimental, terribly logical, and likes flexibility more than strict order. This all suggests INTP for Ouzen’s type. (The cognitive functions make sense too.)


Please note that due to minimal character development, it’s hard to type Nat, so I could be very off-base. That being said, he definitely strikes me as an ESTJ. He’s somewhat aggressive with his communication in general. He seems to like being around other people but can be bossy with them. The ESTJ is known for practicality and good sense, as well as being outspoken. This means they like to say whatever really needs to be said, regardless of how it might hurt others. They are hard-working and prefer to do things by-the-book. This all fits well with Nat.


Reg is a bit difficult to type since I’ve seen various opinions on it, including ISFJ and INFP. I think of him as ISFP, because he uses senses more than intuition. The cognitive functions for ISFP are Fi, Se, Ni, and Te. That seems to fit well. In addition, the generalities and descriptions about this type sound similar to Reg. He’s quiet, loyal, caring, wants adventure, and has excellent physical skills. Compared to Riko, at the very least, he is more practical and relies more on sensing. Since on some occasions Reg does utilize intuition, one can make a decent argument for him being INFP. I think ISFP is the slightly better fit.

Riko: ENFP

Riko is relatively easy to type. Maybe it’s because I have a pretty good understanding of this personality, the ENFP. Riko is lively, outgoing, and cheerful. She’s relatively out of touch with her senses, and is much more imaginative than practical. Riko cares most about adventure, finding her mother, and being with her loved ones. Logic is secondary to Riko’s values, emotions, and desires. Lastly, Riko is spontaneous, flexible, and laid-back. This all suggests ENFP. This type can get very excited about new things and new ideas, and this trait is strong with Riko.

Siggy: INTJ?

It’s all too common for the villainous characters in anime to be INTJ, but there are also characters of this type with good hearts. Siggy is the kid in the orphanage who spent a lot of time gathering information and source material concerning the Abyss. He helps Reg and Riko immensely by teaching them about the different layers and helping them come up with a plan to escape the orphanage. If I had to guess his type, I’d definitely saw INTJ.

Thank you for reading! It’s much appreciated. If you want to, you can check out some of my other posts in this series.

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