Deca-Dence Episode 6 Review

Hi there! I’m in a rush, but here are a few brief thoughts about Deca-Dence episode 6.

For some reason, Kaburagi was not scrapped right away, but instead sent to a correctional facility. Hopefully the show will explain that later. Anyway, while I occasionally find myself annoyed at the cheap cartoonish animation for the robots, I think it was used effectively in this episode. The correctional facility is a brutal prison if you think about it. But the kidsy animation and comical reactions keep things light and easy to watch. I personally wouldn’t want to see realistic anime cyborgs getting treating the way these bots were.

There’s a brief scene of the outside world where Kurenai and Natsume are both wondering what happened to Kaburagi. Apparently the body of his avatar was not found in the mountains, so he’s considered missing. Things were peaceful for the month following the raid on the Gadoll nest, so Natsume has had time to rest and think. Although she tells Kurenai in a lively voice that she’s going to defeat all the monsters, this seems to be something of an act. Natsume finally realizes that just fighting the Gadoll isn’t going to change anything in the long run.

Long story short, even in the hopeless labor prison, a few inmates have found a way to log into “the game.” In other words, they can get to the outside world with a new Gear avatar. The one in charge of this convenient machine is Donatello, who was once a fellow high-ranking player like Kaburagi. But Donatello isn’t going to pull his punches just because they know each other. He makes Kaburagi fight him in a dangerous match with their lives on the line. Kaburagi manages to “win” thanks to his built-in jets that saved himself and Donatello from drowning in sewage.

Thus, Kaburagi is allowed to use the machine to connect his consciousness to a new avatar in the outside world. But the episode ends before we see his new avatar. This was a strange episode, but I didn’t mind it. Alright then, thanks a ton for reading! Have a good one.


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