The God of High School Episode 6 Review

Welcome to Anime Rants! Thanks for joining me today. Let’s review some events and some of my thoughts of The God of High School’s sixth episode.

I’m starting to like the variety of instrumental music scores in this series. I find it all too typical that there is a special six with super fighting capabilities, but at least that’s slightly less troped than the number four. Whoever that guy is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, he summoned these six fighters for some reason. At the same time, he’s making sure that the combatants with the most fighting potential stay in the game, including Mori and Deawi. I wonder what his game is. His name is Mu-jin Park.

Apparently, Mori’s granpa is known as Taejin, and the old man who’s one of “The Six” is intrigued by the grandson, Mori. Meanwhile, Taejin is fighting members of that hooded Cult, who proclaim that the world is to end soon. It appears as though this old man might have been killed by the giant mystical sword summoned down by the members of the Cult. Whatever is happening there, IDK, but in the present, Mira runs into the GOH announcer. His name is Sim Bongsa and he is blind, with a wife and a baby. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki who I know from a number of roles.

In a moment I really enjoyed, Sim tells Mira that she should not only use strength, but also put the weight of her feelings into her sword. It sounds a bit woo-woo and empty, but I know what it means. Personal feelings can greatly influence the power that one demonstrates in a fight. Sometimes that power is stronger than strength itself. I know this even from limited experience in martial arts.

Immediately after parting with Mira, Sim faces an assassin from some organization called Nox. Perhaps that is the name of the Cult, but I’m not sure yet. Meanwhile, the surprisingly insightful Daewi talks to Mu-jin and says he knows there’s something at work in the tournament behind the scenes. Mu-jin Park says it’s called “Charyeok” and proceeds to explain. Those participating in the tournament, and many outside of it, are “borrowing otherworldy powers from beings that transcend human understanding.” My hunch that there is a strong supernatural element seems to be correct.

Two other characters are briefly introduced. We will doubtlessly see our main characters face off with them at some point. Jegal Taek is the more somber dude with long, blue hair. He’s voiced by Kinjirou Tsuda. The dude with the cute face, blue eyes, and dark hair, hasn’t had a name reveal yet, but it’s obvious he’s rivals with Taek. We also see a brief look at another 3-person team in the tournament. There’s orange-haired, younger dude, his “aniki” the big dude, and the hot female Jangmi. I’m sure they will also be important contenders in the tournament to come. Speaking of hot, there’s also a green-haired young man who promises his martial arts master that he will win the upcoming fights.

After this, members of the elite Six are mentioned in rapid succession. Honestly, they are too much for me to care about or keep up with in my current state. This anime is already lacking in character development, and now it’s trying to introduce almost a dozen new characters. I have a feeling I’m not going to appreciate the way this series is handled. Anyway, the three friends Mori, Daewi and Mira are still getting along. Mori uses pressure point stimulation to relieve the pain in Mira’s sore shoulder. I appreciated that since my teacher in Kung Fu was big on pressure points, and often used them to help me with my anxiety.

At the next tournament event, the announcer is a different person rather than Sim. Mira notices but doesn’t know what to think. He’s probably dead. Anyway, the announcer revealed that there are a total of nine regional teams of three that must face off. As Mori’s team faces off with another group of three, that orange-haired dude from before is seen laughing, having killed one of the tournament commissioners. That’s where the episode leaves off, and if you ask me, it’s about time. This show is kind of a pain to review. Thanks for reading though! 🙂


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