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Hi there and welcome to Anime Rants, where the MBTI types of Psycho-Pass characters will be discussed. Some of these choices I believe in strongly, while for others I’m simply not sure. I would love some comments and friendly debate, but please don’t be rude. These are fictional characters, and it’s possible for different sides to argue their types with equal value. I will be using a mix of typing by letter and by cognitive function.

Please note that I have so far only seen Psycho-Pass 1 and 2, as well as the movie. For this post, at the current time, I will only deal with characters in the first season. As I re-watch the second season, and then view the third, I will begin to add other characters. With that, let’s get rolling!

Edit Note #1: I made a few changes to the season one section. Some minor supporting characters were added. Shuusei Kagari was changed from ENFP to ESFP, Shion Karanomori from INTP to ENTP, and Jouji Saiga from INTJ to INTP. Gusung Choe was updated from “unknown” to INTP. Toyohisa Senguuji was updated from “unknown” to ESTP.

Edit Note #2: After re-watching Psycho Pass 2, I added a section for characters that appear starting in the second season. Most of these characters are minor, but a few are important.

Main Characters and Season 1 Characters

Akane Tsunemori: INFJ

Akane is introverted, is more of an idea person than a practical one, lives in accordance with her values, and uses wise judgement in planning and being thorough. One thing I’ve noticed about most INFJs is that they are very driven, working tirelessly toward some larger cause that speaks to them. We can also observe this in Akane, with her sense of justice and ethics. INFJs are known as Advocates and Protectors. Their functions are Ni, Fe, Ti, Se. This means that their inner world of thoughts and ideas is their strongest function, followed by great care and concern for other people. While the Thinking trait can be strong in INFJs, most of them are, as the functions suggest, very out of touch with their Sensing sides.

Gu-seong Choe: INTP

Gu-seong is a friend and follower of Makishima in Psycho Pass season one. He seems to admire Makishima and enjoy discussion with him. Due to limited information and screen-time, it’s a little difficult to tell his personality type. However, I think INTP is would be a solid hypothesis. Gu-Seong certainly seems intuitive and thinking, almost on par with Makishima in terms of intellect, knowledge, and logical analysis. But compared to Makishima, Gu-Seong isn’t as much of a leader, preferring to operate in the shadows. He also seems like more of a quiet and introspective person than Makishima, who is fairly extraverted and outwardly focused. In other words, introverted thinking is stronger than extraverted intuition for this man, making him an INTP.

Jouji Saiga: INTP

This usual man is a psychologist and philosopher often visited by Kougami and later Akane. He has incredible intuition about people and what they are thinking. The thoughtful nature of his lectures led some of his students into questioning of the Sybil System. So he was fired. Saiga helps Kogami escape at the end of season one. Due to that action, in season two, Saiga is now a latent criminal. However, he continued to be of great use to Akane during the Kamui case.

Saiga is introverted, and he uses iNtuition more than Sensing. He’s a rational thinker who uses a system of logic. So far it seems this man is INT, but what about the last letter? I used to think he was INTJ, but upon re-watching season 2, I decided INTP is the better fit. The main reason is that he uses the Ti function and not Te. Instead of INTJ, whose top functions are Ni and Te, it makes more sense to pick the INTP, whose top functions are Ti and Ne. In addition, Saiga has a more laidback lifestyle and relative lack of long-term goals compared to the typical INTJ. That puts him firmly in the INTP camp.

Joushuu Kasei: ESTJ

The functions for ESTJ and ENTJ are quite similar, with both having a primary function of Te and a fourth function of Fi. Both are heavy on the Thinking trait, using logic to interact with the world. However, the difference is that an ESTJ like Kasei is in touch with her senses and factual reality, more focused on tasks and follow-through than possibilities and inventive ideas. Kasei is the chief of the police force for most of the series. She is a leader who makes tough calls, and is concerned with guiding others to be effective and practical. We can see an example of this in her interactions with Ginoza, as she tries to lead him away from questioning the system.

Kouichi Ashikaga: INTP?

A very minor supporting character from season one, Kouichi is the latent criminal and artist that Kogami visits during the Rikako Oryou case. This man loves art– especially art of the weird and twisted varieties. He is a great admirer of the in-universe artist Rouichi Oryou, who mostly painted images of rearranged corpses. Additionally, Kouichi is a tattoo artist who opted to cover his entire body with a skeleton tattoo. His cell in the facility is dark and eerie. Those are the only hints we have toward his personality, since he appears only in that one episode. My guess for his personality type is INTP, but that’s only a hunch. It’s based on the fact that INTPs are clever, introverted, and highly individualistic, which also seems to align with Kouichi.

Masatake Midou: INFP?

Masatake is a supporting character in the first season of Psycho-Pass, where he works under Makishima to kill and steal the identities of popular internet personalities. As with many minor characters on this list, telling his personality type is difficult due to limited time spent on him in the anime. My gut tells me this troubled young man is an INFP. He’s creative and introverted, spending most of his time alone and having excellent IT skills. Additionally, he doesn’t seem to think ahead much or strategize as much as an INTJ. Since Masatake impersonates others online, he’s extremely clever, observant, and intuitive. His appreciation for philosophy makes me think he is more INFP than INTP, but I could be wrong.

Mitsuru Sasayama: ESTP

Several years before the events of season one, Sasayama was an Enforcer who worked under Inspector Kogami. He was killed during the Specimen Case. According to Kogami, Sasayama was basically a sexist bastard. (Still, his death greatly upset Kogami, who blamed himself.) We are able to see Sasayama in one flashback, wherein he behaved recklessly in his attempts to help capture a criminal. He seemed to enjoy the excitement, fire, and use of the Dominator. Gathering from these clues, Sasayama sounds like a poorly adjusted ESTP with behavior problems. His number one function would be Se, driving him toward action and sensory pleasure. His second function would be Ti, since Fi people generally have more social values and basic sensitivity.

Nobuchika Ginoza: ISTJ

ISTJs are sometimes called the duty-fulfillers. They value tradition, order, and logic. Unlike the ESTJs, they aren’t necessarily driven to lead, and can still work excellently on an independent basis. Ginoza would be a turbulent-type ISTJ, easily stressed, impatient with others, and often failing to understand others’ values and feelings. However, he is also dutiful, loyal, hard-working, and altogether highly effective at his job. The dominant function for ISTJ is Si, and secondary is Te. Sensing and Thinking are the prominent traits, with the Thinking function directing how this type interacts with the world. This is in keeping with Ginoza.

Rikako Ouryou: ESTP

I’m sure I’ll have a few people objecting this choice here, so I’ll explain my reasoning. First, in typing by letter, Rikako is obviously Extroverted, with social grace, confident, and charm. She is Sensing as shown by her excellent practical skill and proficiency and passion for art. Logical thinking takes the place of concern for others and personal values. Rikako is more of spontaneous than a calculated person, needing freedom and room. This would make her Perceiving. The ESTP is a risk-taker who lives for the joy of the moment and usually fails to see the bigger picture. If you ask me, I believe this sounds most like Rikako. However, I could also see an argument for her being ESFP. I’d love to hear feedback.

Rina Takizaki: ISFP or ESFP

Not much is known about Rina, since she only appears as a supporting character in one episode. However, if I had to guess her type, I would definitely go with XSFP. Rina is a singer who fought against the Sybil system by producing music that was unapproved and rebellious. She was fond of Yayoi, who sometimes played guitar with her band in the same venue. The four functions would be Se Fi Ti Ne for ESFP, and Fi Se Ni Te for ISFP. The difference, then, is whether the extroverted sensing is stronger than the introverted feeling or not. I believe it’s not, and Rina would be ISFP. She is more driven by values. However, her ability to have confidence and shine in the spotlight could be indicative of strong extroversion.

Shion Karanomori: INTP or ENTP

Shion is an Enforcer who works behind the scenes to help Division 1. She is quick with computers and always brings up relevant research. This attractive woman is either bisexual or lesbian, and has a sexual relationship with fellow female Enforcer Yayoi Kunizuka.

I’m certain that Shion is an iNtuitive type. In addition, I believe she would have to be a Perceiving type, working better on the fly and rejecting structured lifestyles. Shion does not exhibit the idealism of an INFP. She also doesn’t seem to have the excited visionary and debating traits of an ENTP (but that could be because of limited lines and screen time). Therefore, I believe INTP is the best choice. They are clever, logical, independent thinkers who don’t usually say all that much. They enjoy the fact that they are unique. The stereotypical INTP has trouble with motivation and day-to-day grunt work, but if they’re driven by their interests, they can be amazingly productive. I can still see a strong argument for Shion being ENTP.

Shinya Kougami: ISTP

ISTPs are known as mechanics, virtuoso, or crafters. They almost always have excellent physical, hands-on skills. For Kogami, this would be his prowess in combat. The ISTP’s internal world is built on the thinking function, and they relate to the world using their senses. This means they are normally very logical, practical, factual, and appropriately skeptical, with good judgement. Kogami followed his sense of logic so far that it led to him leaving the police force and becoming a criminal. The cognitive functions for this are Ti, Se, Ni, and Fe.

Shougo Makishima: ENTP

This is another tough one. My guy tells me that ENTP is more likely for Makishima, but I could also see strong arguments for him being an INTJ. These types are pretty different in terms of cognitive functions, and yet I could see both fitting Makishima. For me, it makes more sense to think that his dominant trait would be extroverted intuition rather than introverted intuition. ENTPs are some of the most mentally quick people, tending to love logical arguments and debates, as well as enjoying the role of underdog. These are independent thinkers, who will pursue their interests with passion, and communicate with a strange charisma. Makishima seeks to set people free from the Sybil System and see what happens, even if that means mass violence and the breakdown of all order. Let me know your thoughts on Makishima’s type.

Shuusei Kagari: ESFP

Kagari was an Enforcer who worked under Akane in season one. He’s either an ENFP or an ESFP. I used to think the former, but now I lean towards the latter. Both of these types are excitable, enthusiastic, friendly, and a bit lacking in life direction. EXFPs are also generally laid-back and flexible. The stereotype would say an EXFP is a bit of an airhead, and that’s usually true; but the ESFP is excellent at taking action, and the ENFP is excellent at thinking of creative ideas.

If we’re typing by letter, ESFP or ENFP are the obvious choices for Kagari. As an extrovert, Kagari likes hanging out with others and having fun. As a Feeler, his personal thoughts and values matter more than logical soundness. As someone with the Perceiving trait, he prefers to play it by ear rather than planning ahead. Although I can see a little bit of insightfulness to Kagari, he now seems to me much more of a Sensing type than an Intuitive one because of his tendency to take action and enjoy sensory experiences.

Tomomi Masaoka: ESFJ

I’ve seen Masaoka typed as an ENFJ before, but I believe ESFJ is more fitting due to this type’s high regard for tradition and the way things “should be.” An ENFJ is more imaginative by comparison. Consuls and Caregivers are some titles often associated with ESFJ. This type is very loving, especially with family members. They want the best for others. Masaoka’s love for Ginoza shows this, as does the way he welcomes Akane so readily, and the way he supports Kogami in his his controversial decision. SF types are often interested in things like art and cooking, and Masaoka enjoys painting in his free time. The cognitive functions for ESFJ are Fe, Si, Ne, and Ti.

Toyohisa Senguuji: ESTP

Senguuji is the part-cyborg man who takes after an old-timey hunter. He’s the one who kills Rikako Oryou with the help of the two cyber-hounds he commands. Intelligent, knowledgeable, and capable of detached reasoning skills, this man is also eloquent and confident. He has a taste for the fine things in life, like wine and guns, and believes in individual freedom. Unfortunately, Senguuji is also a psychopath who enjoys hunting and killing both animals and humans. This man’s dominant function would need to be Se, as indicated by his action-oriented lifestyle that emphasizes the physical senses. His secondary function would be Ti gone wrong, what with his analytical abilities and decision-making being completely detached from social ethics. That leaves us with the ESTP type for Senguuji.

Yayoi Kunizuka: ISTP

Yayoi is almost certainly an ISTP like Kogami. She’s very quiet and difficult to get to know. She is more practical than imaginative. In addition, Yayoi excels with hands-on stuff, such as playing guitar, doing mechanic work, and operating drones. Although sometimes it’s close, logic still matters more than personal beliefs and emotional reasoning to Yayoi. We can see this when she tried to shoot and subdue Rina when they met again after so long. It was difficult for Yayoi to do this, but it was logical next step for an aspiring Enforcer, as well as upholding order. Not really one to plan, Yayoi works best with some flexibility. She seeks action in her life like most SP types. All of this makes it pretty clear she is an ISTP.

Yuki Funahara: Unknown

Yuki is Akane’s friend who ends up being killed by Makishima. There’s limited character information, and the best I can guess is that she’s an NF like Akane– probably INFP or ENFP.

Season Two Characters

Akira Kitazawa: INFP?

Appearing in the first few episodes of season two, Kitazawa is a bomber who wants revenge on society for not giving him a place, not acknowledging his talents, and designating him as a latent criminal. Akane is able to get his crime coefficient down enough to not need to kill him, but the solution is only temporary. Kitazawa escapes confinement and harms people with one of his bombs. He is then executed by the Dominators. If I must guess based on this information alone, I think Kitazawa is an INFP. However, this is only a guess based on the stereotype of turbulent INFPs losing emotional control.

Aoi Tsunemori: ISFJ?

Aoi is Akane’s grandmother who appears briefly in season two. She is one of several minor characters on this list whose personality type is unknown. There simply isn’t enough content about them to analyze them well. That being said, I will throw out a wild guess for most of these characters. For Aoi, I would go with ISFJ. My only basis for thinking this is that she is supposedly very much like Akane. We know she is kind, gentle, and wise. I feel like she would be more practical and down-to-earth than Akane, making her an ISFJ rather than INFJ.

Kirito Kamui: ENFJ

Kamui is the main criminal antagonist in Psycho Pass season two. He is a special existence made from the body parts of 184 people, and the Sybil System cannot recognize him. It’s difficult to decide Kamui’s type given that he has remnants of seven different personalities. But I’m only talking about one of those personalities– the one who usually seems to be in charge, Kirito. This individual seems calm, gentle, and thoughtful, at least at first glance. However, Kirito will also do horrible things and indirectly kill many people in the pursuit of his goal. His goal is twofold: 1) revenge for the 184 children who were killed off in a conspiracy, and 2) societal revolution to improve the lives of everyone.

Kirito Kamui is one of my favorite characters in the Psycho Pass franchise, so I wish to spend a little longer analyzing him. Someone with goals like Kamui would typically be INTJ or, since he likes to lead others, ENTJ. However, though intelligent and cunning, he is primarily driven by his personal values over a system of logic. He is keenly interested in people, finding them easy to manipulate. This suggests a dominant or secondary function of Fe and a relatively weak Te component. Besides Fe, Kamui’s other main function can only be Ni, making him either INFJ or ENFJ depending on the order. I initially considered him an INFJ. However, given that Kamui’s main goal is to help society, as well as bring justice for his other selves, I now think ENFJ is more appropriate.

Koki Mima: ENTJ?

This man is an antagonist and brutal criminal appearing in two episodes of the second season. He was essentially brainwashed by Kamui so that his psycho-pass remained clear even though he was such a dangerous person. He stripped, beat, and terrorized about a dozen people at a mental care pharmacy, causing all of them to become latent criminals. I believe Mima knew he was being used for Kamui’s bigger plan, but still chose to play his part. As with many supporting characters, guessing this man’s personality type is hard. I would probably go with ENTJ because of Mima’s charisma and higher goals. That is simply a wild guess though.

Mika Shimotsuki: ESTJ

This girl played a minor role in the first season as a friend of Rikako Oryou’s victims at the girls’ private academy. However, her main role isn’t until season two, when she begins working as a new Inspector. Mika is a lot like Ginoza as far as being intense, by-the-book, and uptight. She follows the rules inflexibly, is practical to a fault, and treats others coldly on a good day. She’s actually worse than Ginzo was because at least he wasn’t petty. Still, Mika is a strong girl who survived trauma and manipulation from the Tougane family. Despite nearly losing her mind from stress, she mostly recovered. All of this information strongly suggests she is someone of the ESTJ type. Her unbending, concrete sense of logic is coupled with excellent analytical abilities for a dominant function of Te. The secondary function would have to be Si since she is far more sensing than intuitive.

Misako Tougane: ENTJ

Misako is the mother of Sakuya and a criminally asymptomatic sociopath who is part of Sybil. She controls the body of cyborg Police Chief Kasei for most of the second season. (Several members of the Sybil Collective seem to take turns as Chief Kasei at different points throughout the series.) She used her own son as an experiment, raising him to be evil and trying to figure out how to make people criminally asymptomatic. Though this is only based on stereotypes, I think Misako would be either INTJ or ENTJ. The latter is probably more likely given that she was a strong leader and works well as part of the collective. These things are a bit harder for an individualistic, privately-minded INTJ. At any rate, this sociopath operates predominately with a thinking function, and is most likely highly intuitive. ENTJ is the best fit.

Mizue Shisui: ISFP?

Once an Inspector from Division 2, Shisui was captured and manipulated by Kamui. After he cleared her psycho-pass, she became his partner in crime, aiding him in killing several Enforcers. According to the Psycho Pass wiki, Shisui always felt inferior because her crime coefficient was higher than that of most other Inspectors. I’m guessing the Psycho Pass manga provides more character development for her, since her role in the anime is brief and limited. My guess for Shisui’s type is ISFP because she seems like she uses Se and Fi, but is much less extraverted and assertive than an ESFP. There’s no doubt she is a strong user of the introverted feeling function, being subject to intense emotions and putting her personal values and feelings above all else. Unfortunately, her emotional nature left her easy to manipulate.

Risa Aoyanagi: ISTJ

Another Inspector from Division 2, Risa helped with the Kamui Case early in season two before being tragically killed in the mental facility incident. She was a strong, serious, and logical woman, as well as a great friend to Ginoza even after he lost his rank. Let’s go letter-by-letter to determine her type. It appears that Risa was introverted, being assertive but not particularly people-oriented or over-the-top bossy. She was a sensing type, having top-notch practical skills and a solid grounding in good sense. In addition, Risa was a thinker who relied on reason and logic to make decisions. And finally, this woman was a judging type, conscientious and focused in her work. This suggests she is an ISTJ, the same type as Ginoza. The cognitive functions also make sense, with introverted sensing in the dominant position, followed by extraverted thinking.

Sakuya Tougane: INTJ

The secondary antagonist of season two, Tougane at first appears to be a very helpful Enforcer who respects Akane. In reality, he is a psychological deviant who enjoys corrupting the minds of others. Akane is his new target. Tougane is assertive but introverted, staying somewhat aloof and never saying more than necessary. He definitely uses introverted intuition, which is why he’s so good at solving cases and getting into peoples’ heads to manipulate them. It’s pretty obvious Tougane would be an analytical thinker. Lastly, he’s goal-oriented and driven to succeed, making him a judging type. With all that in mind, it seems this man is an INTJ. That makes sense, as INTJs are excellent strategists and will work tirelessly for their personal goals.

Sho Hinakawa: INTP

An Enforcer under Akane’s Division 1, Sho first appears in Psycho Pass season two. He is absolutely precious, but the Sybil System regards him as a latent criminal. Sho’s specialty is working with holograms, but he is also sharp in general. He respects Akane and refers to her as his sister. Right off the the bat, this boy is either INFP or INTP. Being extremely quiet and socially awkward, he’s an introvert. Extraverted intuition is what lets him stay sharp and see important connections. Sho is also a perceiving type, best at working on the fly and sometimes lacking in direction and initiative. The only question is whether he’s a thinker or a feeler. Arguments could be made both ways, but INTP seems like a slightly better fit to me.

Teppei Sugou: ISFJ

Sugou was an Enforcer who worked under Risa Aoyanagi before he unintentionally targeted her with the lethal Dominator and killed her. He worked for a drone factory and the military before being an Enforcer. After accidentally killing his commanding Inspector, Sugou felt immense guilt and his psycho-pass worsened. However, he remained stable enough to keep working as an Enforcer, now under Akane. Sugou is a helpful person who often shields others in battle scenes. There were several other Enforcers that appeared in season two along with Sugou, but he was the only one for whom I felt confident guessing a personality type. He is definite ISFJ, sweet and gentle with undying loyalty and excellent physical skills.

Yohei Masuzaki: ENFJ?

Dr. Masuzaki was one of the surgeons who worked to save Kamui by using the body parts and brain grafts of the 184 dead children. Later on, Kamui “saved” Masuzaki in return by clearing his psycho-pass and helping him get off his addictive medications. Afterward, the doctor became a follower of Kamui’s philosophy and helped in his plans. Masuzaki easily gave himself up when arrested and seemed pleased with the idea of “sharing the gospel of Kamui” with the police. It’s hard to know his type due to the extremely limited time we have seeing this surgeon. However, my guess would be ENFJ. When healthy, they are some of the most selfless people in existence. If they can handle pressure, then they are well-suited for being doctors.

Thank you so much for reading my work today! It means a lot to me. Just to restate, I will add more characters in the weeks to come. Enjoy your day and come back soon!

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