Deca-Dence Episode 5 Review

Hey, thanks for dropping by! Once again I enjoyed the lastest episode of Deca-Dence. I’ll recap the events and include some thoughts. Ready, set, RANT!

The battle against the Gadoll begins, as Natsume’s Tanker squad makes its way closer to the location of Gadoll Alpha. It’s a serious fight indeed and everyone is taking heavy casualties. When they arrive in the cave haunted by Gadoll Alpha, the Tankers are shocked and angry to see so many corpses already. It’s because Gadoll Alpha is extremely smart and targets the fighters’ oxyone tanks before killing them. It has a deadly, whip-like, and prehensile tail, can grasp things in its paws, and has very tough skin. It also releases clouds of fog to blind its prey, while it continues to kill by locating heat signatures.

Natsume was told to withdraw, but instead she charged in. Her life was saved by the oldest sister of the Tanker triplets. But in saving Natsume, she sustained a fatal injury. Natsume is shocked and horrified. Soon it becomes clear that everyone will die if this continues. Even so, Natsume charges again, and managed to get a harpoon into the Gadoll’s side. The creature responded by simply removing the harpoon with its grasping paws. Once again, the Tanker girl is in danger, but once again she is saved. Kaburagi arrives in the nick of time.

After some persuading from Natsume, Kaburagi agrees to keep fighting and help the rest of the Tankers retreat. But if he’s going to help, then he’s going to go all the way. Remembering Mikey and his unfortunate end, Kaburagi refuses to let the same happen to Natsume. So he uses his knowledge of the system and exceeds the limits of his avatar. With that strength, he is able to dispatch Gadoll Alpha. But what will happen now that’s changed the story determined by the system ruling Deca-Dence?

The consequence is the emergence of a gigantic Gadoll. It’s as large as Deca-Dence. The creature is able to shoot catastrophically destructive beams of power that could destroy the mobile fortress. While Minato quickly tries to activate Deca-Dance and ignite the canon, Kaburagi notices a weak point in the creation of the giant Gadoll. Proving that these creatures are created by the system for the sake of the game, the Gadoll is “unfinished.” Kaburagi finds it weak spot and attacks, causing its deadly beam to miss the fortress. Deca-Dence’s colossal canon finishes off the monster.

As the sun rises over the mountains, the survivors of the great battle bathe in the light, relieved and triumphant. But their moment of victory is stolen away as an energy field of some kind passes over everything and causes the reset of the Gadolls. Now there are thousands of them roaming the plains once again. The Gears are of course happy that there’s “another stage in the game,” but for the human Tankers, it’s devastating. Natsume falls down on her knees, not wanting to believe it. She remembers how Kaburagi said the fight would never end.

When Natsume turns to ask Kaburagi how he knew this would happen, the man is gone. Kaburagi had quickly fled a little ways off to meet with the representative of the Deca-Dence “game” system. It’s the robot with the long nose and deep voice, but this time he has a humanoid avatar. He asks Kaburagi to repeat “This world must be rid of bugs.” In reply, the admirable man says, “This world needs bugs.” After that, he was shot, presumably killing his avatar. We don’t know what will happen to his true form as the little robot inside Deca-Dence.

To me this was a great line. It’s true not only in the dystopian game world of Deca-Dence, but also in our reality. We need people who can see beyond “the systems” in society– unique people who will challenge the norms and help usher in change where needed. I definitely feel like a bug in the program, like Natsume. It was great to have a reminder that people like me have great value, too. Thanks for reading! Have a good one, and don’t be afraid to be a bug in the system!


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