Re: Zero (season 2) Episode 30

Welcome! I really enjoyed this episode of Re:Zero! Let me share my thoughts on what happened.

Echidna does indeed look good in the dark blue school uniform. The conversation she had with Subaru was entertaining. usually I get pissy when Subaru acts proud and over confident, but this time I had no issues with the way he kept standing up to Echidna. Maybe it was because he was defending his parents more than himself.

Subaru seems more tolerable to me since watching the previous episode. Even if it ends up being wrong to let Emilia keep repeating the trial, I like that he has such faith in her abilities. As for Emilia, I have a feeling that facing her past has a lot to do with what we learned the Frozen Bond OVA. I’m thinking she was the unwitting cause for all the Elves to freeze. The trial is making her face this, and she can’t bear it, which is why she failed. I’m interested to see more about Emilia, as well as the “loli baba,” Ryuzu.

It was awesome to learn more Roswaal, since I’ve always appreciated that character and wondered about his thoughts and plans. It seems he is as interesting as I had hoped. His devious and risky calculations paid off, but how insane did he have to be to go through with that gamble? It almost made me wonder if he knew something about Subaru’s curse/ability.

On a similar note, I loved seeing a bit more of Ram. I find her more relatable than Rem as a character, though I do think Rem is the best romantic match for Subaru. As usual, Rem is rather dead-pan with passive-aggressive rudeness, but she always shows insight into what is going on. She even offered Subaru a warning that he may not have needed. It think she’s quite fond of “Barasu,” but will probably never show open affection or respect.

Ram also strengthened her “ship” with Roswaal, by defending him and saying she condones all of his actions. It isn’t even a Maid’s place to say that, so Ram had to be speaking as someone who knows and loves her master. In addition, Ram clearly has respect for Frederica, though not necessarily trust. I believe Frederica will prove important to the story to come.

The ending of the episode was done well, and managed to create some suspense, despite it being rather obvious that a death was about to happen. It must be tough to plan and animate the scenes of Subaru dying with the shock value from season one completely gone. As soon as I saw the weapon, I knew the killer was the Bowel Hunter. She smiles down at Subaru and reveals her face at the end. It’s time to start life over again in Re: Zero.

Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me! Stay awesome my friends.


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