Sunday Select: 7 Favorite 2013 Anime

Hi there, dear readers! This is a list of my top 7 anime series from 2013. Continuing or long-running series are not included. Neither are OVAs, specials, or movies. The entries are ranked roughly from least to greatest enjoyment, but some of them I love equally. Let’s begin!

7. The Devil is a Part-timer!

Information: Aired Spring 2013, made by studio White Fox, 13 episodes.

Story: In another world, Satan the Demon Lord conquered many lands and led great armies. The Hero Emilia, child of a human and an angel, was destined to defeat Satan. One day, due to strange magic, Emilia and Satan are transported to our modern world! Here they must learn a whole new way of life.

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

6. Sunday Without God

Information: Aired in Summer 2013, by studio Madhouse, 12 episodes.

Story: Young Ai is a Gravekeeper. In a world that was abandoned by its God, no one can be born and no can die. That is, unless a Gravekeeper is involved. They are able to put people to rest once and for all with a burying ritual. What will Ai’s life be like in this world, and who is the strange man in town claiming to be her father?

Personal enjoyment: 7/10

5. Kyousou Giga

Information: Aired in Fall 2013, by Studio Toei, 10 episodes.

Story: Myoue and his wife Koto were magical beings, and because they caused too much trouble to the world, they fled to another dimension. There they lived and raised their three children. But one day, Myoue and Koto disappeared. To make things weirder, a girl randomly comes down from the sky with a giant hammer, and claims to be Koto.

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10.

4. Dangronpa

Information: Aired Summer 2013, by studio Lerche, 13 episodes.

Story: Naegi and all the members of his class begin school at Hope’s Peak High School. However, things get strange quickly. Before they know it, the kids are all trapped inside the school and held captive by a strange little black-and-white bear. The only way outside, says the strange creature, is to kill a classmate and get away with it. This is a fun survival game anime with some mystery.

Personal enjoyment: 8/10

3. The Eccentric Family

Information: Aired in Summer 2013, by P.A. Works, 13 episodes.

Story: Yasaburo is a shape-shifting tankuki, and just one of many living among humans unnoticed. He’s an unusual one, and his family is strange too. But they’re all easy to love. Yasaburo’s life becomes increasingly interesting as he takes care of his mentor, an old tengu, and meets the beautiful and dangerous woman Benten.

Personal enjoyment: 9/10

2. Kyoukai no Kanata

Information: Aired in Fall 2013, by Kyoto Animation, 12 episodes.

Story: Akihito Kanbara seems like an ordinary, energetic high school boy, but he’s actually half Youmu, which are demon-like creatures that haunt the world. Spirit Warrior Mirai hunts down Youmu as her job and duty, and things get interesting when she closes in to kill Kanbara.

Personal enjoyment: 9/10

1. Attack on Titan

Information: Aired in Spring 2013, by Wit Studio, 25 episodes.

Story (as in everyone doesn’t already know): Enormous, man-eating creatures called Titans have almost destroyed humanity. However, the last of humanity retreated into a city behind layers of huge, strong walls. There had been peace within those walls for a hundred years. Three children (Eren, Armin, and Mikasa) are forced to bear witness to the return of the Titans as they destroy the first layer of wall and wreak havoc inside.

Personal enjoyment level: 10/10

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