Seiyuu Series: Megumi Ogata

Welcome to the next post in my Seiyuu Series, where I highlight a seiyuu (Japanese Voice Actor) that I recognize and/or really love. Today we have the famous and talented Megumi Ogata. First, here’s some general information about her voice-acting roles. These are certainly not all her roles, but the ones that stuck out most to me.

Roles I know

Angel Beats: Ayato Naoi

Assassination Classroom: Itona Horibe

Dangronpa series: Makoto Naegi

Evangelion franchise: Shinji Ikari

Full Moon wo Sagashite: Izumi Rio

Konohana Kitan: Tsubaki

Magical Girl Raising Project: Cranberry

Yuu yuu Haskusho: Kurama

Roles I don’t know

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Various Voices

Cardcaptor Sakura: Yukito Tskushiro

Magic Knight Rayearth: Emeraude

Slam Dunk: Takenori Akagi

Tokyo Mewmew: Deep Blue, Blue Knight, and Aoyama

UFO Princess Valkyrie franchise: Valkyrie

Yu Gi Oh! — Yuugi Mutou

First Time Hearing

My first time hearing Megumi Ogata was when I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion in 2014. I was stunned by the performance. I remember being especially impressed by the way she can scream and make it sound so desperate and afraid. Shinji’s scream is legendary. I can’t imagine anybody being better at capturing the character of Shinji.

Favorite Role

This is repetitive, but my favorite role of Megumi Ogata is and always will be Shinji Ikari. Since I’ve already mentioned that, I’ll note another role I really enjoyed. I think she did great delivering the menacing yet often humorous character of Naoi in Angel Beats. There is just the right level of maliciousness in him early on when he is an antagonist, and when he comes over the right side, his obsession with the one who saved him is adorable and funny.

Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate it. Please stay safe and have a restful day.

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