Re: Zero (season 2) Episode 29

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This was a very emotional episode and one that’s extremely important for gaining a better understanding of Subaru. Seeing his interactions with his family and hearing their talks really moved me. I’ve always disliked Subaru. There was a time when I outright hated the character. But I think that this episode finally made something clear to me. Subaru knows all too well that he’s inadequate, selfish, and needy; all his bravado is him overcompensating for it.

This doesn’t mean he didn’t still act absolutely idiotically for most of season one; it just means that there’s a side to his story that I didn’t fully realize. He isn’t oblivious to his own faults. He knows them, but pushes them away as he tries to make up for them with insane amounts of effort. I expect Subaru’s personality will always grate on my nerves a bit, but I don’t completely dislike him now.

Subaru’s parents seemed wonderful to me, and he is lucky to have them. But that makes it all the more painful for him knowing that he can’t get back to his own world. This was the other emotional aspect of the episode: the agony Subaru must have gone through as he relived his past and realized he could never thank his parents or do anything for them.

The witch’s trial that Subaru is going through is obviously a severely challenging on the emotional and mental levels. He’ll need to be tough to pass the rest of this test. But I believe that all the pain and suffering in season one has probably already made Subaru strong enough to come out on the other side. As shown in this episode, he is strengthened by bonds to Emilia and to Rem. Speaking of Emilia, I wonder if she’s going through a similar trial.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Thanks a bunch for reading! Take care!


2 thoughts on “Re: Zero (season 2) Episode 29

  1. This ep was fantastic. I’m one of those weird people who actually likes Subaru as a protagonist, even if he acts childish and dumb sometimes. But you definitely wouldn’t get that kind of emotional depth in any other isekai.


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