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Thanks for stopping by Anime Rants. Today I’m taking a look at the MBTI personality types of the characters from Dr. Stone. Some of them I’m sure of or very opinionated about, while others I’m not sure and just put my guess. Feel free to discuss in the comments, but please be polite. Also, for all you MBTI elites out there, I’m typing based on the letters and how they interact, since I don’t personally view the cognitive functions as the best way. Characters are listed in alphabetical order, and some of them contain my notes.

Byakuya: ENFJ

ENFJs are known as givers or protagonists. They are humble yet make good leaders, and they’re kind, forgiving, and loving to a fault. It’s pretty clear to me that Byakuya is an Extrovert and iNtuitive, as well as a Feeling type who wants the best for everyone. Since he seems more organized in his efforts and works with a sense of direction to all his actions, I believe he is a J type rather than P.

Chrome: ENFP

ENFPs are known as champions or campaigners. They are lively, cheerful, emotional, caring, and often impulsive. Though sometimes they seem directionless, ENFPs are always driven by their values and dreams. Chrome defies the stereotype of the ENFP being an airhead, because he’s quite clever and inventive. Some ENFPs excel in this way if they have the focus.

Connie: INTP? INFP?

There isn’t much information or character development with Connie, so typing her is really just a guess. I would go with INTP personally, but since there are so many unknowns, INFP is very possible as well. We’ll discuss both of these types more when we look at Gen and Yuzuriha.

Darya: Unknown

I don’t even have a solid guess about what type Darya would be. It’s obvious that she’s frank, warm, practical, and gets things done. Probably an SJ type.


INTPs are known as logicians and thinkers. They are clever, logical, and creative with the ideas and pastimes they pursue. All told, INTPs are usually rather unmotivated and avoid going through effort unless it’s something that they personally enjoy or find fascinating. Sometimes, like Gen, they can be a little trollish. Gen strikes me as a T type since he’s driven by logic and interest more than emotions and values. He’s also got that occasional zany energy I commonly see pop up in the usually quiet INTP type.

Ginro: ISTJ

“Rules are rules,” is the motto of Ginro, the warrior and guard for Ishigami Village. This just screams ISTJ. Known as logicisticians and duty-fulfillers, this type is quiet, serious, practical, orderly, and sometimes perfectionist. It should be pretty obvious why ISTJ is fitting for Ginro.

Hyouga: ISTP?

As we saw with Connie, there isn’t a lot of information about Hyouga’s personality. So calling him ISTP is only a guess, based on the idea that he’s a Sensing type and fairly quiet. Probably ISXX.

Kaseki: ISTP

ISTPs are called virtuoso or mechanics. They are usually gifted with hands-on work and activities, making excellent craftsmen such as Kaseki. Though they can be unpredictable and spontaneous, they are generally quiet, practical, logical, and brave. Kaseki and most SPs want to have a unique and exciting life, and are risk-takers despite their natural sense of practicality.

Kinro: ENFP

Like Chrome, Kinro is also an ENFP. That’s what I think, anyway, but it’s open for debate. Even within the same type, there are huge differences between people (or characters in this case). Whereas Chrome is more motivated and clever by comparison, Kinro is a bit of a slacker, and often hesitant to make decisions or commit to things. He still shares most of the ENFP traits, though, including being energetic, cheerful, caring, and fun-loving.

Kohaku: ESTJ

ESTJs are known as Executives or Supervisors because they are sensible, strong, dedicated, and like to be in charge. They are helpful, practical, and hard-working. It can be argued that Kohaku is an ESFJ and I’m willing to listen if anyone wants to try convincing me. Kohaku is mildly extroverted and I believe her behaviors, skills, and reactions showing that she’s a Sensing type. Her general driven, dutiful, and prudent behaviors suggest she is a Judger. So the real debate would be whether she is F or T. I can see arguments for both sides.

Lillian: ENFJ? INFJ?

Based on everything we know about Lillian, I think ENFJ or INFJ are the best available choices.

Magma: ESTP

ESTPs are readily interactive with others, more focused on physical reality than ideas, think using logic and not personal feelings, and prefer a flexible lifestyle. The ESTP has been described as The Doer or The Entrepreneur. Despite having a logical mind, this type lives for thrills and enjoys letting loose. In Magma’s case, he would be a turbulent type, or ESTP-T. His anger and resentment often limits his capabilities.

Momo: Unknown

This is another case where we don’t have enough information about the character yet.

Ruri: INFJ

INFJs are known as Advocates and Protectors. Personalitypage.com describes INFJs as: “Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. Tend to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. Well-developed value systems which they strictly adhere to. Well-respected for their perseverance in doing the right thing. Likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following.” This is all in keeping with Ruri’s character.

Senku: ENTP

There are many ways to view and interpret a main character’s personality. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a lot of disagreement about Senku’s type. I argue that he is ENTP, known as Debaters and Visionaries. They are among the most mentally quick and adept of the 16 personalities. Senku is most definitely an iNtuitive and a Thinker, and I don’t think you can argue otherwise. Although he’s good at planning ahead, I think Senku’s ability to “wing it” and think on the go suggests he is a P and not a J. This means he is either INTP or ENTP. However, you could also argue that my assumption of him being a J is wrong, and in that case, ENTJ or INTJ would be likely. I’m sticking to my guns here, though.

Shamil: ISTJ?

This is a rough guess based on Shamil’s insistence to comply with and enforce rules, proper behavior, and practicality. He is so extreme in his thinking that for a long time he believed enjoyment and fun is not necessary to human life. All that matters is getting the job done.

Suika: Unknown

Honestly, if I paid more attention to her throughout the series, I might have a decent guess at Suika’s MBTI type. But as things are, I’m coming up with nothing. Feel free to give me your suggestions about what personality Suika would have.

Taiju: ISFJ? ESFF?

It’s pretty obvious that the caring, thoughtful, and dedicated Taiju would be an SJ type. I believe he’s extroverted due to his high energy and need for company, but that could be off-base. I also believe he is thoroughly a Feeler. So I’d say he’s either an ISFJ or an ESFJ.

Tsukasa: INTJ

This is almost a textbook case of INTJ. They are known as Strategists and Architects. Personalitypage.com notes that the INTJ is, “Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others.” Tsukasa seems to fit very well into the INTJ type.

Yakov: Unknown

The husband of Darya gets even fewer lines and screen-time than his wife. Therefore, It’s impossible to type him with any certainty.

Yuzuriha: INFP? ISFP?

Yuzuriha definitely seems like an Introvert and a Feeler. She is kind, quiet, helpful, and creative. I believe INFP or ISFP would be the contenders for her personality type.

Thank you so much for visiting 7mononoke at Anime Rants for more MBTI anime characters! Come visit again soon, and have a good one! Sayonara.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Stone MBTI

  1. I’m not an expert but your DR. Stone MBTI chart seems really accurate to me! Fictional characters are always tricky to analyse because their personality was ultimately, well, fabricated by a different person, but Dr. Stone characters are very moral-driven, and I think you did a great job!
    Senku is indeed a particularly tricky one but I 100% (or rather 10 billion haha) agree with you. NT is pretty obvious, just like you said, but I see many people making him an INTJ or something which I just… Can’t see at all. To me he is definitely a Perceiver and, while whether he is introverted or extroverted is a bit more ambiguous, I will stand by the fact that he is an ENTP. I feel like we’re always too quick to jump to the ‘book smart guy is introverted’ when this is merely a stereotype…
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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