The Supervisors: ESTJ Anime Characters

Welcome to Anime Rants! I’m slowly crawling on in my series of posts about MBTI anime characters. This week we have the Executives or the Supervisors, the ESTJ. This stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. People of this type are energized by social interaction, focused on reality and common sense, driven by a logical mind, and prefer an orderly lifestyle. I’m not sure if I’ve met anyone of this type, so I did some asking around on online forums as well as descriptions from MBTI based websites. says the ESTJ is, “Practical, traditional, and organized. Likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. Have clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard-working. Like to be in charge. Exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. ‘Good citizens’ who value security and peaceful living.”

According to 16personalities description, ESTJ strengths include being dedicated, strong-willed, direct, loyal, reliable, and being excellent organizers. Their weaknesses include being inflexible, stubborn, uncomfortable with unconventional ways, judgmental, and being too focused on social status. They also have trouble with being sensitive and expressing emotion and empathy. With all this in mind, let’s look at a few selections I’ve made of ESTJ anime characters. Feel free to give me your thoughts, but please be polite!

Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)

Alexander is strong and driven man determined to kill vampires and serve the Catholic Church. While I’m not as familiar with this character as I should be, it’s still clear to me that he would be either an ISTJ or an ESTJ. He’s upfront, hard-headed, and gets things done, planning ahead where possible to see it through properly.

Asuka Langely (NGE)

There are certainly ways to argue that Asuka could be ENTJ rather than ESTJ, but I’ll stick with this choice. Feel free to discuss it in the comments. Anyway, this temperamental teenager is arrogant, elf-centered, stubborn, and needs everything to be perfect. She’s also very concerned with social status and how others view her. A healthier ESTJ would face these negative qualities and change in the most logical way, but Asuka has severe trauma in her past on top of the fact that she’s a moody teen.

Ayano Sugiura (Yuru Yuri)

Though a little on the shy side for being an extrovert, Ayano’s personality over all still suggests ESTJ. She is productive, dedicated, and strong-willed. She tends to lose her temper spectacularly with people like Kyoko (the ENFP) who live so uninhibited and unproductive. Ayano is on the student council and is quite serious about her duties.

Cornelia (Code Geass)

Cornelia is a Britannian princess who chose to serve as a military general and even engage in combat in the mechas known as KnightMares. What this woman wants, she will get. There will be no mercy in the way she fights and conquers in the name of her country. Cornelia is not a good person, since she gives no thought to the racist agenda dominating the military and government. Still, in her own role, she serves well.

Emi Yusa (Devil is a Part Timer)

Back in her home world, Emi Yusa was a powerful and dignified hero, the child of an angel and a man, and the one destined to slay the demon lord Satan. Unfortunately she gets pulled into our world and not only struggles with the ways of modern life, but also, she must come to terms with the fact that Satan has also been pulled into the same world. Many ESTJ-like personality traits become clear as Emi battles the logical contradictions of coexisting with a bitter enemy.

Esdeath (Akame ga Kill)

My thought on Esdeath can be found in this post.

Eva Heinemann (Monster)

Eva is known among Monster fans as the nastiest bitch in the entire series. This is a turbulent type ESTJ with many of the typical weaknesses (pride, too much concern with social standing, difficulty understanding other’s feelings) but few of the strengths. The problems are made worse by her heavy alcoholism.

Gamagori (Kill la Kill)

Ira Gamagori just screams ESTJ in everything he does. He’s a textbook case. For the most part, he balances out his less desirable character traits (like arrogance) with qualities like strong loyalty and dedication.

Hikari (Nagi no Asu kara)

Hikari is moody and overly bossy, but he’s young, after all. He has some really admirable qualities like sticking to what he believes in, being able to inspire others, and being a good leader.

Jean (Attack on Titan)

Jean is stubborn, outspoken, and sometimes incites fights with his lack of understanding of others and high expectations. Still, there’s no doubt he has the makings of a good leader of titan-fighting soldiers. He’s courageous, resilient, practical, commanding, and can think quickly in a bad situation.

King Bradley (FMA: Bro)

On this list, Bradley is one of the greatest leaders, ruling the entire country of Amestris. He’s dignified, bold, and worked hard to get to where he is. Though his true causes and ideals are not beneficial for humanity, he is loyal to those causes and will die for them.

Kiroumaru (Shin Sekai Yori)

There are mixed opinions about this character, from people who see him as the noble ally to the dwindling humans, to people who see him as the backwards enabler of a longstanding slave dynasty. Either way, Kiroumaru is a monster rat general whose loyalty to the humans never dies. In war or in tight situations, he is practical, unhesitating, and straightforward in his thinking. He’s physically the strongest of the monster rats, and he loves and respects the traditions of monster rat colonies.

Kotae Shimura (Gintama)

It’s been a while since I re-watched Gintama but I remember enjoying the character of Kotae. Thinking back, I believe she has man traits that fit with the description of an ESTJ. Granted, her character is over the top with violence, but that’s because everything in Gintama is wonderfully absurd.

Lyuze (Casshern Sins)

Lyuze is from the obscure and (in my opinion) underrated series Casshern Sins. She is a bit similar to Emi, where she used to be a strong and dignified guard for her sister, but must now live in a world where the perceived enemy (Casshern) doesn’t even remember his sins, let alone admit them. You can see how this would drive an ESTJ insane, even if it weren’t for emotional complications like the death of her sister.

Mary (Kakegurui)

Mary is a good example of an ESTJ who starts out as purely stubborn and insensitive but slowly comes around having better qualities like being a loyal ally, a practical thinker, and someone who wants to improve the corrupt systems at work.

Ruler (Magical Girl Raising Project)

Ruler is another great example of an ESTJ who takes charge and tries to keep order, leading her team towards victory in fierce competition. Besides being the ruler of this faction of magical girls, Ruler’s human self is a busy, successful career woman.

More ESTJs and further insights about them will be added in the future. That’s about all I have for today. Thanks so much for reading! Sayonara!

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