Fruits Basket Episode 10 Review

Jesus motherfucking Mary. Fruits Basket just got lit. Shit has hit the fan. The pieces are all coming together to make a portrait of something fearsome and cruel. Let’s go through the events of episode 10 and then discuss the meaning and implications.

Tohru and company plan to do fireworks tomorrow. The peaceful night was rudely interrupted by Akito, who came to see Tohru. He’s mad at her for taking the attention of so many of the Zodiac members, including Shigure. Momiji blocks Akito from entering the house, and argues until Akito punches him in the face. Tohru had just gone outside for a walk and saw what was happening. She immediately stood in to protect him.

Akito grabs Tohru and begins to talk at her. Over the course of this scene, Akito insults Tohru, injures her by scratching up her face with his nails, and tells her the truth about who he is and his plan for the Zodiac Members. The truth is that Akito is not one of the twelve animals, but the “God” who controls them. His plan is to confine Kyo after high school, and make all the Zodiac members live with him in the Souma estate forever.

Once Akito has left, Shigure and Hatori take care of Tohru. Rather than being concerned for hersef, of course, Tohru’s first worry is Momiji. I really like the way these two have bonded. It was really hard seeing Momiji cry so I was so glad Tohru was affectionate and comforting with him. Kyo stormed away saying he’s so pathetic that he wants to puke. It must be terribly hard on him and Yuki to not be able to defy Akito.

Do the characters in Fruits Basket allow themselves to be weighed down by these events? No. Thanks to Tohru, they are all now stronger than that. So, the next day, they all have fun doing fireworks on the beach. Tohru decides that what she truly wants and intends to do is break the Sohma curse. She’s a brave girl.

So… Akito is the God of the Zodiac. I had guessed this might be the case, but having it openly confirmed was more shocking than expected. This changes everything I know about Fruits Basket. After seeing this episode I immediately went back and watched most of season one again. It all makes so much more sense now. They were even clues about this truth as early as episode seven that went right over my head. Fruits Basket did a great job of subtly hiding this fact and then exposing it at the right time. Wow!

I expect that next week, things will kind of settle down in Fruits Basket, but there are still many questions to be answered. What did Akito say to Yuki? What is Shigure scheming? What’s the connection between Kyo and Kyoko? And what the hell is up with Rin? Why is she so angry and what is she trying to do? And moving on from this reveal, how can Tohru break the Sohma curse? I can’t wait to see more.

Thank you for reading my Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 10 review at Anime Rants! Enjoy your day!

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