Dr. Stone Episodes 17 to 19 Review

Welcome everyone! Here are recaps of Dr. Stone episodes 17 to 19, along with my thoughts on them. Let’s get started.

Episode 17

The story of Byakuya and the other five humans continued in episode 17. Three of them went down trying to land in Japan, but their capsule landed upside down in the water in a location quite away from Japan. The other three humans, led by Byakuya, managed to land on a nearby island. Byakuya rowed an abandoned boat and saved the others. All six humans could now live and reproduce.

Over the course of many years, four children were born and survived, but the adults dwindled. Connie and Shamil died of pneumonia. Darya and Yakov most likely died at sea when they left to try to reach Japan and get antibiotics. Eventually, Lillian passed away as well. Byakuya survived and created the hundred tales to pass down to the children.

That was the end of Ruri’s story, except for one thing. There was also an encouraging personal message left for Senku, from father to son. Ruri took Senku to the village’s graveyard and told him this, and it apparently triggered Senku’s mind to have a spiritual experience. He felt like his father was talking to him, right behind his back. When alone, Senku actually cried a little bit for the first time in the series.

However, Senku recovers quickly and asks Gen for the report on Tsukasa and his Kingdom of Might. The mentalist informs him that some of Tsukasa’s forces were on the way already.

Episode 18

The village was attacked by some of Tsukasa’s strong minions, led by Hyoga, a man almost as powerful as Tsukasa. Kinro was badly wounded by him and his strange spear. Senku worked quickly to create the illusion that the village had firearm technology. This managed to drive away the enemies temporarily. Gen accompanied them.

Before too long, the village is attacked again. But this time, Senku and company are prepared. They spent the intervening days crafting Katana swords for all of the strongest fighters. The results were great. The enemies were driven back. But the battle isn’t over yet.

Hyoga continued to fight the villagers, and almost managed to stab Kohaku. But at that moment, his kudayari spear broke. It turned out that Gen had planned this. He was still on Senku’s side. With a tiny steel blade he weakened the kudayari so that it wouldn’t last much longer. Has Senku won?

Episode 19

It almost seems like complete defeat for Hyoga and his men, until another fighter makes her entrance. The athletic and acrobatic girl, Homura, quietly swam to the village and set it on fire. Then she jumped in to protect Hyoga and make sure he could withdraw safely.

With the village on fire, everyone takes shelter at the area where Senku and Chrome had lived and built their workshop and observatory. But there aren’t enough strong warriors to protect everyone in this chaos. Suika acts as a diversion and lures the enemies away. She ends up leading them right near the lake of poison that had almost killed Senku and others before. The wind picked up and brought toxic gas with it, threatening to kill everyone.

Kohaku saved Suika by forcing a gas mask on her and jumping up into the trees. Hyoga and company also dodged the breeze by climbing into a tree. But they can’t come down. Senku, Kohaku, and Suika got away safely with their gas masks. To test if the poison gas is real, Hyoga throws his own men down into it, and all of them die. Now Hyoga is without a weapon and Homura isn’t equipped to fight everyone all by herself. The enemies retreat, and Ishigami village wins.

It doesn’t take long for the fire to die down. The rebuilding of Ishigami village begins. Meanwhile, Senku declares that they need to attack Tsukasa before he strikes again. They will do so using “a weapon of science,” which is communication technology. The next mission for Senku and his friends is to make cell phones.

My Thoughts

Episode 17 was of interest to me because of Senku’s “spiritual experience.” I wonder if he regards it as something comforting his mind showed him, or if he thinks his father’s spirit is real and truly spoke to him. Either way, I’m sure it was a powerful experience.

In the flashback where Shamil was dying of pneumonia, he admitted that life could be fun and humans need enjoyment to live well. Also he said that the ramen Byakuya offered back in space was truly delicious. This shows the theme that is prominent in Dr. Stone, that even in dire straits, humans need to have fun and have small pleasures. Senku probably learned this mindset from Byakuya, which is why he’s able to find enjoyment in science, and value it when others feel joy.

Episode 18 had some interesting knowledge, such as information about making Katanas, and the introduction of Hyoga’s special spear, the kudayari. Also in episode 18, we got some insight into Tsukasa and his kingdom. It was a little surprising that this intelligent and idealistic young man resorts to brute force as his kingdom’s main strength, but there has always been an element of that in him if you think about it. Besides, he makes it clear in this episode when he says that he will use any means necessary to accomplish his idea of a better world.

For episode 19, it was interesting to meet Homura. I’m definitely curious to learn more about her. Anyway, I’m not a good judge of visual quality, but it seems to me like in these episodes especially, the art and animation was not so good. The key shots always look okay, and the backgrounds and nature scenes are beautiful, but the in between scenes often look cheap. There’s not a lot of movement either, even in action scenes. Besides that I had no complaints.

Thanks a ton for reading my work today at Anime Rants! Have good one. 😀

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