Inspirers and Champions: ENFP Anime Characters

Welcome to Anime Rants! This is a collection of 15 or so ENFP anime characters. As always, MBTI type can be debated, so feel free to discuss — but please be polite. 🙂

ENFP stands for Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. ENFP are people-oriented, and think in terms of ideas rather than facts. They are driven by personal values, and tend to “wing it” more than organizing firm plans. An ENFP is energetic, friendly, fun-loving, and emotional. Often seeming directionless or all over the place, this type makes up for it with natural charisma, loyalty to friends, confidence, and courage.

Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

Eru is a perfect example of the excitability and passion so common to ENFPs. It’s hard not to fall in love with her eagerness for new ideas, knowledge, adventures, and friendships.

Euphemia (Code Geass)

Euphie is a Britannian Princess who, in contrast to the majority of her family, does not support racism or discrimination. She seeks to make Area 11 a better place for the Japanese. Well-suited for public speech as well as being friendly on a person-to-person basis, Euphie is an extrovert. Her values are of great importance, factoring into all her decisions. Eupie responds to situations spontaneously more often than not.

This Princess is excitable, emotional, and extremely compassionate. She can also be a bit of an airhead, taking risks without thinking it through. The title of “Inspirer” works well for a character like Euphie, who is able to rally support to her side and unintentionally charm those she encounters with her optimism and enthusiasm.

Feris (Steins;Gate)

Next we have Feris, who works at a maid cafe and really gets into her role as a cat-girl. She’s playful, fun-loving, and a good entertainer. Sometimes she enjoys relatively complex games, loving the competition and not at all minding the spotlight. Feris is one of the most clever ENFP characters on this list.

Gon Freeccs (Hunter x Hunter)

I used to think Gon was ESFP, but when you pay more attention to his character, he is definitely an intuitive type.

Kaori (Your Lie In April)

Kaori is a delightful and complex character, such that I can’t do justice to all her good points here. She loves music and can mesmerize crowds with her skillful and stylish way of playing violin. Without ever seeking power, Kaori just naturally exudes charisma and the ability to draw people to her. Adventurous, caring, and sometimes quite stubborn, this girl is a good fit for the ENFP type.

Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi series)

Keiichi fits the title of Champion to a T. He loves spending time with his friends and constantly encourages them. While he’s not exactly the leader of the group, he’s the one who pulls everyone together emotionally, reminding them of their good times together and the bonds they share. Though Keiichi isn’t the brightest or most reliable boy, making rash or foolish decisions, he makes up for that with his fighting spirit. Sometimes, Keiichi reads too much into things, which can end poorly for everyone.

Kyouko Toshino (Yuru Yuri)

Kyouko is the leader as well as the clown of the main girls in Yuru Yuri. She seems directionless, yet pulls everyone together. She’s hilarious and always full of zany, cheerful energy. In addition, Kyouko can be surprisingly creative.

Mako Mankanshouku (Kill la Kill)

Like most ENFP, Mako shows traits such as high energy, openness, value-driven, and a tendency of silliness. ENFP make excellent if emotional companions, and Mako shines in her great loyalty and love toward family and friends.

Matsuda (Death Note)

Matsuda is on the taskforce trying to catch Kira the mass-murderer. He doesn’t quite fit in with the others because of his excitable, cheerful, and goofy personality. He can also be impulsive and lacks the measured reactions and expressions of the rest of the task force.

Momiji (Fruits Basket)

Feel free to argue a case for Momoji being ESFP; I think either type could fit this little guy. Like most on this list, Momiji is positive, agreeable, and energetic. He is actually quite mature in some ways, showing good intuition, a forgiving nature, and an appreciation for odd ducks like Tohru.

Misato (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Misato has a good sense of duty and cares about her work in the military… But you should see her at home. She can be a lot to handle if you’re not used to her lifestyle and personality. Carefree, loud, flirtatious, and liberal with the bottle, Misato is really a lot of fun! She also has some serious issues with emotional and physical neediness.

Riko (Made in Abyss)

Apparently, Riko isn’t the most popular character, for reasons beyond me. I love this girl. She’s full of life, joy, hope, and longing for adventure! She’s young and impulsive, and sometimes a bit dense or tactless. But when it comes to what she loves, Riko is an amazingly bright girl and terrific learner. Importantly, Riko is also mentally very tough, not easily traumatised.

Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica)

Sayaka is one of my top 20 favorite anime characters. I don’t want to spoil her story. Let’s just say that she shows both the assertive (healthy) and turbulent (unhealthy) variants of the ENFP type.

Yui (K-On!)

Compared to Kyouko or Riko, Yui is more gentle and laidback, but she is still a good example of an ENFP. She loves hanging out and doing nothing with her friends after school. Creative and confident, Yui plays the guitar well and made a band with her companions in the Light Music Club. Though her spirit holds everyone together, she isn’t the best at actually getting things done.

Yukari Tanazaki (Azumanga Diaoh)

This teacher is a lot like Misato, but portrayed in a much more humorous and causal light. Yukari can be too competitive and petty about things, a weakness not uncommon for an ENFP.

Yuki Takeya (Gakkougurashi!)

Yuki shows us some interesting character psychology but I don’t want to spoil the anime. Other than that, she’s a pretty normal ENFP.

Yuuko (Nichijou)

Yuuko is a hilarious character and shows the traits of high energy, eagerness, expressiveness, and … well… just not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Thank you for stopping by Anime Rants today! I value your readership. Have a great day!

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