Bem Episode 10 Review

“I will believe in you. I will go along with the contradictions humans create.”
~Bem episode 10

First and foremost, I’m not impressed with Bem’s production at all. That being said, it’s not irredeemably bad. There are good character designs, great music, and some timeless themes like what it is to be human and what it is to be a monster. It’s the poor writing, awkward animation, and awful screenplay that bring down this show. Those are still my thoughts overall. Now let’s see what happened in episode 10.

While the unseen council controls the news to blame everything on the humanoid monsters (youkai ningen), Sonia and Bem are now working together. In the meantime, Daryl speaks with Vera, who is actually a five-hundred-year-old youkai who created Libra city. It’s revealed that Daryl wants power over the city, and that Vera might humor him since she likes his drive to be in control. Harazy, the mysterious little girl from a previous episode, is also working with Vera.

Bem and Sonia put out a video about the truth, that humanoid monsters are not the real problem, nor the cause for the recent deaths. However, before Bem can speak with any other humans and share his story, Felt lures him out by threatening Sonia’s family. Bem quickly disables the Police Chief who had been turned into a youkai by that mad scientist dude. Then Vera brings Harazy to the scene, and the little girl uses her power to subdue Bem. He is captured.

Interesting aspects about this episode included Vera’s backstory, the differing views of humans held by the three youkai, Bem’s positive insights about humanity, and Vera’s negative ones. As Bem said in the motel with Sonia, humans are fragile and full of contradictions. However, he chooses to trust Sonia, and he still wants to be human.

I’ll try to have episode 11’s review out soon! Thanks for Reading! Ja, ne!

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