Examples of ISFJ Anime Characters

Hey, good to have you here today! You might already know, but Wednesday’s Rant Rants will continue to focus on MBTI anime characters until the end of the year or until I’ve covered all 16 types. The order is random. I chose to focus on ISFJ today because I’ve known a handful of them very well. ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. People and characters of this type draw energy from being alone, focus on tangible reality and the five senses, make decisions based on personal values and who will be affected, and prefer a structured lifetstyle.

My ISFJ friend described himself and his type as “savage cinnamon-buns.” He was referring to how ISFJs can be very intense and protective, but are so sweet and delicate on the inside. A meme I found once had a funny picture of “The Brain of the ISFJ,” half of which was filled with duty, honor, intensity, protectiveness, and passion, with the other half being things like chocolate, flowers, and puppies. xD Hopefully that gives you an idea about the ISFJ personality. Enjoy!

Chiho (Devil is a Part-Timer)

She dedicated, insistent on doing things right, and usually cheerful and helpful. She has a keen sense of aesthetics, another ISFJ trait, which shows in the way she works.

Haji (Blood+)

Quiet, patient, and extremely loyal— unless you mess with his master, Saya. Then he’ll literally turn into a monster to protect her. Excellent at playing violin and cello.

Hubb (Wolf’s Rain)

Sweet and thoughtful, can never get over his wife who left him, and is very serious about his duty. Interested in a peaceful, secure, and traditional life.

Iggy (Ergo Proxy)

A weakness of ISFJ types is that they internalize or hide their feelings too much, sometimes building up so much stress it affects their health. An ISFJ who has bottled things up for too long is frightening when he “snaps.” This happens with Iggy as he lets out all his frustration on Re-L and Vincent. Prior to that, he was always caring, soft-spoken, and motherly.

Irisveil (Fate/Zero)

Courageous, intent on fulfilling her duties in the Holy Grail War, and being a helpful ally to her husband. Otherwise gentle, sweet, warm, forgiving, and understanding.

Kousei Arima (Your Lie in April)

An ISFJ who is incredibly talented with playing piano. Emotional and physical abuse led him to internalizing his feelings too much and feeling false guilt when his abuser died. These are all parts of why Kousei is depressed and feels like he can’t play piano anymore.

Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

One of the two main characters in the BL classic Junjou Romanitca, he falls in love with an older man and ends up living with him. Misaki complains verbally a lot, but is rarely serious in losing his temper with his lover. Empathetic, loyal, and helpful, Misaki also does all the household chores and cleaning. He enjoys making things look good.

Nagisa (Clannad)

The widely known “best girl” of KyoAni’s classic school romance series, Clannad. Sweet and kind to a fault. Great at making yummy and aesthetically pleasing breads and pastries. She’s probably the sweetest, cutest girl on this list.

Rem (Re:Zero)

The widely accepted “best girl” of the popular 2016 anime Re:Zero. She’s amazingly cute and sweet, and excels at housework and cooking. … Oh, and she’s also a demon, so don’t piss her off. She can be the stuff of nightmares.

Ringo (Penguindrum)

Speaking of nightmares, this girl. Her single-minded love for her adult friend and teacher turned into complete obsession. Ringo becomes a delusional stalker intent on romantically pursuing her teacher. It’s not all that uncommon for an ISFJ to become possessive or manipulative of their lovers or children, but obviously, they usually aren’t lawbreaking, crazy stalkers.

Rue Kuroha (Princess Tutu)

Another case of a girl so in love with someone that she doesn’t mind tramping over their will, or preventing what’s best for them, in order to keep them as her lover. Still, Rue is a sympathetic character, and you can’t help but like her at least a little once you learn her full story.

Ruth (Magus Bride)

Quiet and a bit intimidating, but intensely loyal, sweet, and simplistic in his desire to love and serve his “master,” Chise. He’s dependable and when there’s trouble, he’s fierce. If you think he sounds like a dog, you’re not wrong. He’s a gravekeeping, shapeshifting black dog of Celtic myth who becomes Chise’s familiar.

Ryuuji (Toradora)

He’s quiet with a scary-looking exterior, but Ryuuji is otherwise much like a male Rem. Endlessly understanding, dependable, loyal, protective, and great at houswork. He likes cooking.

Sorata Kanda (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

Another male character who’s no pushover, can be stubborn, and is scary when he’s angry. Ordinarily, though, he’s nothing but helpful and kind to everyone he interacts with. Sorata takes full-time care of Shiina Mashiro, the “pet girl,” since he can’t (or won’t) do much for herself. He’s got great practical caretaking skills.

Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

This is the star of the show in Fruits Basket, a girl brimming with kindness and generosity. She’s modest, clumsy, and sweet to the core. In fact, Tohru is so focused on being good and loving that she has problems with standing up for herself or saying what she really wants. These issues are complicated by her difficult life, having lost both parents. However, Tohru does become a bit stronger as the show progresses.

Vignette (Gabriel Dropout)

Despite being a demon, Vignette is far kinder and more sincere and proper than the angels in Gabriel Dropout! A stickler for doing things “right,” and a sentinal for etiquette and decency, Vignette is right on the border of ISFJ and ISTJ. In the end, she’s more concerned with compassion than logic, so she’s still an F type.

Thank you for reading! Be safe and have a good day!

(All images were found by searching the web, and I don’t own any of them.)

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