Granbelm Review for Episode 13

Welcome and I thank you so much for visiting Anime Rants today. As I’ve said in several other episode reviews, I’m in love with Granbelm. The show has come to an end, alas! But my love will continue… or something sappy like that. All in all it was a satisfying ending, though I had hoped for something more of a psychological twist. It was much more feelsy and emotional than shocking or messing with your head. Now I’ll give a quick rundown of the story for episode 13.

Suishou and Shingetsu keep fighting and fighting for over half the episode. The battle stays visually entertaining and somewhat suspenseful even though the eventual outcome is kind of obvious. Magiaconatus keeps giving both contestants more magical power, testing them. After over 15 minutes of fighting, and many raving rants by Suishou saying that no human could ever be the princeps, Shingetsu finally destroys her and wins.

Magiaconatus continues to test Shingetsu a little at the end, but finally she seized the power. She wishes to erase all magic, and her wish is granted. There are various effects and side effects. Anyone who died in the Granbelm battles is, well, still dead, and never remembered for all eternity. To bear the sin of destroying all magic, Shingetsu becomes a ghost-like existence that can’t be observed by others, can’t ever reclaim her existence, and can’t ever die. (She’s doomed to roam, alone, forever.) We get to see Nene, who’s all grown up thanks to there being no magic. Shisui is well and lively, but it’s as if Kuon and Anna never existed.

Shingetsu doesn’t despair because her resolve was so strong and she was prepared for the world to change. But there’s one bittersweet thing she didn’t expect. Though Mangetsu started off as a doll made my Magiaconatus, she gained a will and a soul during her time in Granbelm. Thus she was reborn into the new world as a normal, human girl, and the sister of Kibou. Since Mangetsu exists, I’m sure Shingetsu is happy. But since she can’t ever interact with Mangetsu, it’s also a bitter feeling.

Shingetsu had some very interesting thoughts to share about the meaning of her wish and her beliefs about human nature. There were also hints that magic in Granbelm represents something in our world, such as weapons, drugs, or certain technologies. All of this is material I plan to discuss in my series review of Granbelm, which will be out sometime in late fall or early winter. I think this is overall a fantastic show.

(Appropriately, the flowers at the end are Forget-Me-Nots)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. 🙂

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(Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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