Dr. Stone Episode 13 Review

Welcome! Here’s a recap of the episode plus some random thoughts.

Using everything they’ve gathered and built so far, Senku and Chrome produce the chemicals needed for the sulfa antibiotic drug. The last thing they need is alcohol. The winner of the village’s Grand Bout will win tons of alcohol, which is another good reason to participate. Senku, Kohaku, Chrome, Kinro, and Ginro have all registered for the Bout beginning the next day.

The first tournament match-up is Magma versus Kinro. This is the worst luck for Senku’s team because most of them had hoped to go out early and tire out Magma. Their main fighting force is Kinro and Kohaku. Speaking of Kohaku, she left the tournament area to go check on Suika. Magma’s weird little servant, Mantle, told an obvious lie that Suika was drowning in the river. Even though she’s knows it’s most likely untrue, Kohaku can’t relax until she’s certain of Suika’s safety.

Kinro is doing a great job fighting with Magma, until the latter puts some distance between them, making things difficult for Kinro to see. Suika escaped being tied to a tree by Mantle, and rushed to Grand Bout. (She must have missed Kohaku on the way back.) As she observes Kinro, Suika realizes he must have poor vision, like her. So she throws her melon rind helmet — the one Senku put glasses in– to Kinro. Now able to see well, and complete with his melon mask, Kinro continues fighting. He gets a direct hit on Magma and knocks him down. To be continued!

Art/Animation Notes

Dr. Stone uses extremely silly, goofy animations for funny moments or humorous reactions. We saw some of this again in episode 13, like when Ginro and Senku were talking to Kinro about rigging the Grand Bout. Sometimes, this throws me off, but I’m quickly over it and I don’t mind it then.

I was a little disappointed by the way the fighting was shown during the grand bout, but that’s really not fair, as it looks fine overall. For just a minute, though, I was hoping for faster, smoother movement and better choreography.

Story Notes

I’m interested in how Ruri knows about last names and who she thinks Senku might be. I’m also genuinely interested and excited about who is going to win the Grand Bout. In addition, it’s nice to know that all we need is some strong alcohol and the sulfa drug can be created.

Character Notes

Let’s have a brief moment of respect for Suika. Based on previous episodes, she doesn’t just like her melon rind; she’s psychologically attached to it. Getting up in front of everybody and throwing the melon helmet toward Kinro must have taken a lot of courage, and she must feel awful not having it on her now.

It was awesome to see Senku so excited about making the chemicals for the sulfa antibiotic, and though I don’t know how much I’ll retain, learning about how those were made was interesting. I felt surprised when Kohaku ran to go check on Suika even though she knew Mantle was lying about her drowning. I didn’t notice before, but now I think Suika is like a little sister to Kohaku, who is protective by nature.

As for Kinro, he’s not really the type of character I get into, since he’s too stiff and traditional. However, I don’t dislike him, either, because it’s important in a story to have all different sorts of personalities represented in the characters. Whether or not I’m fond of him, it was pretty cool to see Kinro fighting so hard and so well.

And that’s more or less all I have to say for now. Thank you for reading! Take care!

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

One thought on “Dr. Stone Episode 13 Review

  1. I loved this episode and seeing Kinro fighting with the melon helmet on was too funny. With all the crazy expressions, I think this series has done a better job of preparing us for them than Demon Slayer where they standout more.

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