Granbelm Episode 12 Review

Surprise! This isn’t the last episode of Granbelm! I don’t know why I always put so much trust in MyAnimeList when they’re often wrong about how many episodes there will be. It seems that episode 13 will the last one (for real this time). Anyway, so what in this episode can we rant about? Let’s see.

The visuals were not like those you’d see in a true masterpiece of animated art, but nevertheless, they were gorgeous. If not 10/10, I’d still give the artwork an 8/10 easily, and a 9/10 for certain individual scenes. The music was powerful and emotional, but only in a way that was fully expected. In that sense, the orchestral OST isn’t that memorable.

As for characters, we got that big reveal about Suishou, which I totally didn’t see coming. She’s a being that’s lived for a thousand years and has won every Granbelm to date. I like the character of Mangetsu and I think she fulfilled her arc extremely well. On the other hand, even though I love Shingetsu’s voice and character design, I feel like her development and character arc have been pretty weak.

And for story, well, obviously this episode gave us some major plot reveals and advances. It also introduced a few fascinating themes and philosophical/ theoretical type questions. I like that. As for what actually happened, it was more or less what I expected, with Mangetsu sacrificing herself for Shingetsu. Now the latter will become the princeps (or “za witch”) so long as she beats Suishou, who seems pretty much done after using all that power on Mangetsu. Hopefully we’ll get a good twist in the end concerning Shingetsu’s wish.

Alright, I know that was super brief, but that’s all the time I have for now. Thank you so much for reading my episode review! It means a lot. Please be well and safe, and pamper yourself just a little to prepare for Monday. Sayonara until next time!

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(Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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