Dr. Stone Episode 12 Review /Recap

Welcome. I seem to be able to use the basic programs and websites on my relative’s computer, so ta-da! Here’s a few little thoughts on episode 12 of Dr. Stone! I really enjoyed this episode; it’s one of my favorites so far! There was a great mix of character development, science, and action/suspense.

Also, I noticed a few very insightful lines having to do with the power of humanity. One example was when Senku told Chrome something along the lines of ‘people die but knowledge lives on.’ Another case was when Chrome said that no matter how powerful nature is, it doesn’t have its own will or mind. Humans do. It’s the one thing we have going for us.

With regards to Senku and Chrome, I love the way their friendship is taking off. I was especially impressed with Chrome in this episode. The way he took a stand for himself and for the value of friendship/teamwork, but also stayed very logical and not too sappy. I just really enjoyed the way they debated and talked through things. Also on character notes, there was some about Kohaku and some about Ginro.

Characters like Ginro are often disliked by viewers, but I like human characters who have human issues. This episode focused on the mission to collect sulfuric acid from a spring filled with toxic gas, and Ginro is afraid to go there a second time because he was so terrified by nearly dying the first time. In the end, good old Kaseki talked Ginro through it, and he was able to go after Senku and the others, and save Chrome from falling into the deadly spring water. I’m happy he came through.

I found it interesting that the show used visions of an undead elven woman as a metaphor for the sulfurous gas. But I think there was also a little more to it than that. I believe Ginro actually saw that as his imagination projected a hallucination. Which makes Ginro’s psyche and neural makeup extreeeeemely interesting to me.

As for Kohaku, we get to see how she refused to become the next priestess because if she did, that would mean it would be “okay” for her sister Ruri to die. Kohaku became a “rambunctious” girl on purpose and made her father dislike her on purpose, so that she’d never be seen as suitable for the role of priestess. I think part of it is/was also her personality. She’s a tough, outspoken girl, and that’s not an act.

Senku, Chrome, and Ginro managed to acquire a jar with water and sulfuric acid. That’s what needed for sulfa drugs, after all. An example of interest science facts in this episode is that silver reacts with sulfuric acid and other toxic gases and turns black when it encounters them. I didn’t notice any particularly moving music this time, but the artwork was excellent as usual. This computer is making it very difficult to get screenshots, by the way, so I don’t have any shots of the undead elf spirit thing, or the emerald spring. But here. Have a beautiful shot of forest with birch trees.

And that’s about all I have to say on this episode for now. Thanks so much for reading.

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(Images from: Dr. Stone. Dir. S Iino. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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