Bem Episode 8 Recap and Thoughts

I’m sorry but this episode is a dumpster fire. Here’s a recap with my disparaging thoughts.

It’s got a single-episode villain like usual, with a stupid M.O. like usual. She’s a human who has been modified into a humanoid youkai who kills young women for their voices. Then she can make her own voice, used for opera, last forever. Ok, that’s dumb. But the episode starts out with a “handsome” new transfer student (Albert) coming to school, and for some reason— it’s almost like they broke her character just for this episode — Bela gets “likes” him and gets all girly about it. Buying fancy clothes. Going to Albert’s party. Yuck.

Of course, Albert introduces Bela to his mother, who is, of course, the voice-stealing youkai. Albert heard Bela’s lame singing at school one day, and he insists that she show her wonderful voice again now. So Bela sings a song without words, and Albert’s mother is like, “Oh, you have such talent!” But… I’m sorry, her singing sucked ass. It was grating on the ears. My singing is goddamn horrible too, but at least I know it.

The useless but tolerable Detective Woods works with Sonia to try to find out who’s been attacking people with sound-waves and tearing out their throats. Sonia acts like she has a stick up her butt as usual. Thanks to some nameless guy showing them footage from security cameras, Sonia and Woods identify the killer as something-or-other Bush, famous opera singer and model, and mother of Albert. Big surprise.

I’ve complained so many times that the villains are all extremely comedic in this series. Well, so is the Bush woman when she changes to youkai form. Look. I’m sorry, but I can’t take a giant pair of cartoon lips seriously. It made me laugh. Not even Sayaka Ohara, who voices the her, could make this youkai lady seem scary. All that to say, the Lip Youkai lured Bela into a big auditorium and there revealed her intention to rip out Bela’s throat. That’s also when she took her youkai form.

Bela only starts to fight when it looks as if the Lip Youkai is going to kill her son, Albert, with her brain-shattering sound-waves. (Albert somehow rushed in, but ended up completely useless and knocked unconscious.) As usual, the fight is boring. It ends comically (I think), as Lip Youkai destroyed the everything above her with sound-waves, causing it all to come crashing down on top of her. She succeeds in crushing Bela, too, but Bela revives in perfect shape, because, surprise! Bela, Belo, and Bem are all immortal! You could have mentioned that sooner. These writers must be tripping on something that makes them stupid.

A Bem episode isn’t complete without a predictable ending “twist”! Albert sees Bela in her youkai form, makes some weird noises that I guess were supposed to be sounds of shock, and runs away screaming. That always happens. The twist is that Bela is also seen by that awkward boy in class who likes her. He’s creepy as fuck and has been following Bela all around. Now he knows she’s a humanoid youkai.

Or wait, is he too dumb to know that the monster is the same being as Bela? I’m not sure. The stupid ending is unclear af. Well, whether or not the boy knows that Bela is the youkai, he’s disturbingly interested in that youkai, calling it beautiful, and blushing and panting while he looks at the picture of it later on. Ok, from now I call this kid Creepy Boy. And if you’re wondering about Sonia and Woods, they don’t do anything. Well, they rush to the scene but as usual they’re too late.

Oh, and the end of the episode, some kind of cyborg youkai wakes up and his eye glows “scarily.” I guess he’s going to be the villain for the next episode. Oh my, I can’t wait. That’s finally the end of this shit post trashing Bem episode 8. But I did give it a decent recap, too. Thanks for reading, and please don’t let my bad attitude infect you. xD

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(Images from: Bem. Dir. Y Odaka. Production I.G. and LandQ Studios. 2019.)

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