The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II: Episodes 10 + 11

Welcome… granted I’m sick, but I having the hardest goddamn time understanding any of this. I thought I had a good idea of what was happening in this series in the previous two episodes, but as of now, I’m kind of confused. I’m probably not qualified at all to give episode reviews. But I can’t stop this late in the game. So anyway, these are episode recaps and my thoughts.

Episode 10 Review: Mystic Eyes of Transience and Awakening Detective

Forced to stop fighting because of the avalanche, Gray and Hephaestion take shelter in a cave. They talk about Masters and Servants and the like. Maybe this was obvious to everyone else, but I didn’t get until this episode that Gray is probably a summoning of the spirit of Arturia Pendragon, AKA King Arthur. This time she’s not a Saber Class, but technically a Lancer, I think. Waver summoned her. I don’t know how he got his hands on King Arthur’s Lance, why he summoned Arturia, or why she has a different personality now as Gray. Also while in the cave, it’s revealed that Hephaestion has Mystic Eyes that make people tell the truth.

(This is Gray’s reflection!)

Speaking of Mystic Eyes, Adashino calls everyone together and accuses Karabo Frampton of using his Mystic Eyes to kill Trisha. I don’t have a very clear idea of things in this scene, but it’s something like this. Karabo’s Eyes let him call forth things from the past and make them real in the present. There’s also a special spell that can be used to make a cut in the air that’s frozen in time, and when something touches it, time unfreezes and that thing will be cut. According to Adashino, Karabo activated his eyes from a distance, and placed a cutting spell from the past over her neck. That’s how Trisha was beheaded.

Trisha foresaw her death, and made her head fall into a pocket of sealed space that kept her head alive until Olga-Marie discovered it. At that time, Trisha said her last word, and then died. Her last word was “Frampton.” Just then, the vice manager of the Rail Zeppelin came and removed the priest’s Mystic Eyes. She appraised them, saying they were Jewel class, and did indeed have the power to project the past onto the present reality. Those eyes are called the Mystic Eyes of Transience. Karabo Frampton is restrained with chains in one of the cars, but Waver doesn’t think he’s the culprit. He seems to have an idea of who is, though. Whoever it is, Waver says they are his enemy, meaning the one who stole the Relic and summoned Hephaestion.

There were couple of other things that might be important to mention, but I don’t understand their meaning. First, there’s the question of what that wooden figure really was (the one depicting sex between two people). Trisha had it when she got on board the train, but her body at the crime scene had no such item on it. Second, Luvia and Shishigou found out about some mage who might be the culprit. I don’t know who they were getting at, but apparently Luvia thinks it might be the sister-in-law of a famous mage who was said to have no heart. The sister-in-law is someone aboard the Rail Zeppelin.

Episode 11 Review: The Residual Image and Auctions

Now the cough and cold medicine is making me totally out of it. And I’m not even trying to get high, lol. Anyway I’ll do the best I can to make a recap of this episode.

Waver goes to Olga-Marie to have her help him. It takes some convincing, but she finally agrees. She shows him a map of leylines and for some reason that makes Waver come to a conclusion. I don’t get it. Anyway, soon after all that, the auction begins. Everybody wants to buy Karabo Frampton’s Mystic Eyes of Transience, and I’m not even sure why. But a lot of bidding and money deals go down, and Waver’s funds are being provided by Melvin. I like him.

Just when Yvette was about to win the auction, Waver called for halt. He explains a bunch of stuff that I’m too sick to remotely understand at the present. And at the end of that spiel he says he knows who the culprit was for the beheadings 7 years ago as well as the murder of Trisha and the theft of Iskandar’s Mantle. The eyes on Trisha’s head, which Caules was holding, light up pink and form magical bonds around Caules. It also looks like Adashino is doing something with her magic at the same time. So the culprit has to be Caules, Adashino, or Trisha.

Now, back in my episode 9 review for this series, I briefly considered who might be the culprit of the events, and stated, “my gut says it might be Caules.” I’d been thinking for a while that it was strange that he even came along. Anyway, I’m zoned out, so to me the ending of this episode seemed very vague. But I interpreted it this way: either Caules or Trisha herself is the perpetrator. (I suggested back in episode 7 that maybe Trisha set up her own death.)

If you’re wondering what I base these predictions on, it’s nothing in any way impressive. I didn’t go to any great pains to think out a logical conclusion. I just went with what my intuition said. It says Caules or Trisha. And it has since episode 7. But I don’t even have any idea why my gut is insisting on those two. Well, that’s about it for this episode recap and thoughts. Look out for a review of the final two episodes in two weeks!

Thank you for reading. I sincerely appreciate it! 🙂

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Images from: Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files Rail Zeppelin Grace Note. Dir. M Katou. TROYCA. 2019.

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