The Ones Within Episode 10 Review

Welcome! This is a very brief episode recap of The Ones Within (episode 10). I’m working on a long essay that doesn’t have to do with this blog, and I’m pretty obsessed with it right now, so it’s been quite difficult to focus on these episodes. Please bear with me a I try my best.

The 10th installment was great for developing the characters and their relationships. I didn’t notice anything especially noteworthy about the art or music, and the overall story only progressed a little. We did get some new information and hints that were plot-related.

Kai (Onigasaki) and Sakura were almost killed by a giant goldfish-like water monster, but Nanami and Hiro helped them back to safety. When Kai points out that Paka probably knows about the dropouts’ hideout, Nanami says this is quite possible, and that they will put up a good fight it if comes to that. Kai declines the offer to be their companion because hiding isn’t his style.

Meanwhile, Yuzu works so hard on finishing the puzzle that her body gets too stressed, and she throws up and passes out. Paka appeared and secretly left the puzzle piece that was key to solving the puzzle’s algorithm. He says Yuzu owes him one. With the correct password entered, most of the kids go to the white room and meet up with Kai. As per Sakura’s request, Kai doesn’t disclose anything about her or about the dropouts’ underground hideout. (Sakura is happy that her brother is safe and alive, but she doesn’t want to leave Nanami’s side.)

After Yuzu wakes up, she tells Kai that she is the record-keeper for these games, working under Paka. All she does is collect information and pass it on to Paka. Kai says he will settle for a truce with Yuzu instead of doubting her or calling her an enemy. As for my thoughts, I’m getting a bit carried away with my imagined homosexual pairings between characters. I now hardcore ship Yuzu x Karin, and Kai x Zakuro. There were some good moments between them in this episode, especially the former pairing. Karin and Yuzu cuddled and hugged and whatnot quite a bit, and the girls clearly care about each other on some level.

Thank you for reading this brief post. I know it’s not really good quality writing, but at this point I’m just trying to train myself to stick to what I’ve decided to do, even if I feel kinda bored with it. As I continue, hopefully, my voice and the insights I can offer will improve. FYI, I expect tomorrow’s review of Bem episode 7 will be short and sweet like this one. Jya, nee!

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Images from: Nakanohito Genome (Jikkyouchuu). Dir. S Oonuma. Silver Link. 2019.

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