Fruits Basket Episode 20 Review

Finally! At last! At long, long last!! We got to meet the Souma boy from my year, the goat/ram of the Zodiac! I was thrilled that he was so cute. I felt happy that he was so intelligent. I was delighted to find that we have the same favorite color! However… it wasn’t so great to this kid’s absolutely obnoxious behavior. Then again, I’d be disappointed if a show this good delivered a character that wasn’t believable. Most of the time, “good kids” aren’t that believable. So in a way, it was nice to have a kid character who was a royal pain in the ass. … But seriously, Hiro-kun is so cute, I couldn’t help myself, and took too many screenshots!

So, Hiro told Akito, how much he loved Kisa. Well, I am getting preeeetty fucking sick of hearing about the horrible things Akito has done/ has been allowed to do. According to Hatori, the damn brat responded to Hiro’s courage by taking Kisa and beating her. A highschooler beating up an elementary school girl? And it was allowed? Why? When it comes to Akito, everyone in the Souma family has “Tohru syndrome” — they refuse to crack down on what’s causing them pain. They just endure it and become traumatized. I don’t get it. There’s a lot I don’t get. Like what Kyo is hiding. Or whether Shigure really likes Akito, and what he’s planning.

Anyway, my favorite part of this episode was the scene at the crepe stand when Hiro started to show some maturity, insight, and self-awareness. He feels helpless, and part of it because he’s a child. He knows he’s a child in mind and body, and that’s so frustrating for him, because he genuinely wants to be better. I don’t understand Tohru, but I still like and appreciate her character. I’m so glad she was there to tell Hiro that he’s courageous for admitting to being a child. That he’s courageous in general. That it’s not impossible for him to become a mature, princely adult suitable to love Kisa. In its usual style, Fruits Basket delivered yet another emotionally moving character story.

Thank you so much for reading this short review. It means a lot to me to have people like you reading my work. 🙂 Now, here are some of the screenshots of Hiro captured from the Crunchyroll stream. This is only half of them lol! Please enjoy and feel free to use them!

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(Images From: Fruits Basket. Dir. Y Ibata. TMS Entertainment. 2019.)

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