Random Rant: Just A Few Things I Love in Yuru Yuri

Welcome readers one and all! Yuru Yuri or Lazy Lily is a 2011 series by studio Doga Kobo that was popular enough to have 3 seasons and some great OVA specials. It was based on a manga by Namori. It’s a comedy and shoujo ai series. Today, I just want to rant about some things I love about Yuru Yuri. They’re generally things all the fans love, but still… Let’s rant!


First, let’s talk about Akari. I’m surprised she has enough presence in my mind for me to remember. She was supposed to be the actual main character, but that didn’t happen because of her lack of any remarkable traits and her tendency to fade into the background. Akari’s lack of presence became a running joke in the (unusually self-aware) anime series. She can even make herself disappear except for a dotted outline, lol!

There’s a little more to her than her, well, lack of anything else. She was two buns that don’t really make any physical sense. Her hair is otherworldly, and it’s funny as hell. In addition, Akari at times warms my heart or wins my sympathy. Really, she is such a good girl and a sweetheart. One of the funniest moments in Yuru Yuri involving Akari is when she got aggressively kissed by Chinatsu. It’s a shame, though; I tried to find some cute Akari pics for this post. But I forgot about her while looking at images for the other girls. Blame Akari’s lack of presence.

(Aho is Japanese for idiot)

And then there’s Kyoko. She’s the clown and the mischief-maker of the main group of girls. She is like ADHD personified: forgetful, procrastinating, impulsive, has troubles with schoolwork, hyperactive, can’t focus, says whatever she wants, and makes jokes that annoy everyone. (Except the audience. We love it, because we don’t have to deal with a real-life Kyoko.) There is so much to love about this wacky anime girl. Like how she’s a huge otaku. Or how she’s obsessed with eating rum raisin icecream, and pronounces it more like Lum Laisin. And Yuru Yuri fans one and all love Kyoko as the facilitator of shoujo ai shenanigans and general chaotic comedy.

And next are a few things I love about Yui, the only mature and stable one in the group. She’s independent and capable, living away in a rented room away from home at only age 14. She’s quite smart, and is usually quiet, a bit shy, and polite. However, Yui don’t put up with no bullshit. If Kyoko gets out of hand, Yui always restores order. It should be a crime to be as cute as Yui. It’s also awesome that she rocks at video games.

(Yui don’t put up with no bullshit)

Here’s one opinion that might actually be fairly original. Chinatsu-chan is my favorite character out of all the Yuru Yuri girls. I love and/or am entertained by everything about her. The creative monstrosities Chinatsu makes are hilarious (such as her drawings). Also funny is her monstrous hair, which absorbs things that are thrown at it or get caught in it. Though she often puts on a show of being sweet and polite, Chinatsu is actually a very scary, scheming little loli. I love how Chinatsu is a lesbian without question. And how she’s probably going to end up being a yandere. She’s obsessed with Yui. She’s jealous of anyone else being close to her darling Yui-Senpai.

(This is my favorite expression in the series)

It would be nearly impossible to dislike Chitose and Chizuru, the quiet but surprising twins. I love Chitose’s yuri fantasies and how she’s definitely a lesbian, too. I love how she gets intoxicated by chocolate and goes on a kissing spree, kissing all the girls. And her pickles. The pickles are funny. Also, I am very fond of the super antisocial girl and master of glaring, Chizuru-chan. And the way she drools when she has yuri fantasies. All shoujo ai fans should love Chitose and Chizuru because of the amount of yuri images they generate while they imagine.

(Chitose’s delusions of Kyoko and Ayano)

(Note: I also love the super tsundere Ayano, how pretty she is, and how she always shouts, “Toshino Kyoko!” Himawari and Sakurako are also favorites of mine. I just don’t have time to write about everyone and everything in this post.)

Now for some things I love related to music and sound in Yuru Yuri. All the Japanese seiyuu for the girls are hilarious and brilliantly talented. I can watch the show without subs and understand it 75% of the time, because the dialogue is so simple- — which makes it extremely impressive how the seiyuu can put so much emotion and comedy into their lines. I love each one the same so I don’t have a favorite seiyuu here. All the Yuru Yuri OPs and EDs across 3 seasons are terrific, as long as you’re prepared for some silliness! In some of the songs, like the first season’s ED, you can hear the seiyuus of four main girls sing. On that note, Yui’s singing voice is amazing.

(Random Chinatsu x Yui gif with joke included)

Regarding romance and things like that, ah, even talking about it makes me want to do my yuri fangirl squeal!! I love the abundant shoujo ai themes, jokes, teases, and cute moments. I love my main ship, Yui x Chinatsu. As well as my other ship, Ayano x Kyoko. Despite those being my preferred ships, I of course recognize that Yui and Kyoko are basically a couple, and I think it’s pretty much canon. I love seeing them together, as well. I get so jealous of them, wishing I had such a relationship. xD


The character dynamics in Yuru Yuri are just spectacularly funny and addicting to watch. There’s also the way the show ruins your mind and makes you imagine dirty jokes and lesbian sex in the most innocent of scenes. Gotta love that. xD Of course I love all the comedy, which is mostly character-driven, situational, or sometimes absurd. Occasional dark comedy appears as well, like the whole thing with Akari’s perverted siscon pedophile older sister. The kind of dark humor that makes me laugh though is when there’s blood everywhere- — which happens because of Chitose’s humorous, life-threatening nosebleeds.

The many memes, funny gifs, and great reaction images are also things to love about Yuru Yuri. But I think I’d better stop there for today. I have some episode reviews to write. If you haven’t seen Yuru Yuri and you like comedy and/or yuri, check out the show. All three seasons are streaming on Crunchyroll. Lastly, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read my random rant. It means a lot to me. Now have a great day and be safe.

(All images and gifs were found by searching the web, and I don’t own any of them.)

2 thoughts on “Random Rant: Just A Few Things I Love in Yuru Yuri

    1. Yeah I recommend it! It’s hilarious and cute and heartwarming to watch even if you don’t particularly like yuri. So if you *do* it’s even more entertaining. It’s all very softcore and PG level stuff fyi.

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