Granbelm Episode 5 Review

Welcome all my dear she’s, he’s, and them’s to Anime Rants! On the schedule for today is a review of Granbelm episode 5. Enjoy!

Maybe you remember that I’m in love with Granbelm. Love also means commitment! Let’s say your girlfriend has a bad day and acts like a nasty bitch. If you really want to stay together with her, you’ll forgive her and not dwell on it. Likewise, to love an anime means to tolerate and forgive it for having a bad episode! And you know, Granbelm episode 5 wasn’t even “bad,” by my standards. It was “fine / satisfactory,” but not quite “good/ entertaining.” And why is that? It wasn’t structured well, it slowed down the story, and it didn’t have any particularly amazing visuals.

The episode jumped into the next Granbelm battle almost right away. The beginning few scenes and flashbacks felt too rushed. Then, however, the battle was way too long and drawn-out without even being very captivating or exciting (until the end, at least). There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the available magic characters can use or the amount of damage they can take and still stay in the fight. Also, what is the significance of a magic circle as opposed to the regular attack magic of the mechs? It’s not explained. We’re just supposed to be impressed that Anna and Shingetsu made magic circles.

I know I was just being impatient, but for almost the whole episode, I was waiting for some kind of real action, like one or more of the girls being defeated/killed. But nothing happens except continued fighting in a boring pattern with boring lines for the first ~17 minutes of the episodes. At that point, the fighting and the way Nene cornered Mangetsu so well finally got me excited. Actually, I was on the edge of my seat wondering if one of them would really be defeated– and whether the girls can actually be killed in a Granbelm battle.

(I doubt they do actually die, because we saw that one girl in episode 1 getting totally destroyed by Mangetsu, and yet alive in the real world in episode 2. She had lost the ability to do any kind of magic, and was abandoned by the mage community, but she was still alive. I will be pleasantly surprised if any characters die in a Granbelm battle. That sounds really evil, but I can’t help loving survival game anime with lives on the line, character death, and ample violence. It’s only in anime, of course. Anyway, I wonder if Nene is alive?)

The ending was epic not only because of the rising action and one girl being eliminated from the game; Mangetsu’s rage, desperation, and strange new powers also made it awesome. It seems that, under certain conditions, Mangetsu awakens to great power and fights like she’s possessed, with her eyes looking different. It seems like the floating island of gears, the heart of Magiaconatus, had something to do with giving her those powers.

Besdies all sorts of new speculations about who and what really Mangetsu is, there were other interesting pieces of character development. We learned that Nene’s mother left her because, mysteriously, she couldn’t remember her daughter or anything about magic anymore. Also, it looks like Suisho knows about Kuon’s sister being cursed, and how it happened. This episode, despite being a little lacking, definitely gave me enough excitement and new questions to want to keep watching. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!!

Thank you so much for reading my work today. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Until the next anime rant, Sayonara!

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(Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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