Granbelm Episode 4 Review

Welcome, all readers, to Anime Rants! Today we have a short review of Granbelm episode 4! Are you ready? Let’s Rant!

The first half of the episode is focused on the Granbelm fights in Magiaconatus. Everything is so colorful and fantastical. I love every minute of it! I know a lot of people think the robots look lame, but I think they are so cute! Granted, Suisho’s mech is neither cool nor cute- –just hilarious to look at. Nene and her mech have a very impressive power, almost unlimited long range magical attack beams. The catch is that Nene has to hide and stay in one place to use it, and also, it takes time to power it up. Anyway, the battle ended without a conclusion. Nobody was defeated before the moon set.


We learned at least one new fact. It’s already been said that Granbelm is supposed to happen every about every decade or longer. The individual battles only take place once a month. For some reason, I had assumed that the mecha fights would only last 12 consecutive months and then be over. But apparently, it’s already been that long since the current Granbelm started. It was mentioned that only the pilots who survived the last year are left in the competition at this point. That means it’s not too surprising they come to a draw sometimes, with the high experience level of each girl.

(Holy shit that’s frickin gorgeous!)

Back in the real world, Kuon uses her sharp and kinda creepy intuition to find Mangetsu. She discusses Granbelm with Mangetsu and Shingetsu, debating if they should become allies for the time being. Through her friendship with Kibou, Nene also discovers Mangetsu and the others. At first, she lies and hides her magic. But on the way to school the next day, Nene bravely reveals her identity to Mangetsu and Shingetsu.

Speaking of Nene, let’s talk a little about the characters and start with her. Nene’s backstory seems interesting and complicated. What was up with her mother’s warning that using magic techniques will summon monsters that devour souls? I assume it was just a story to keep mage children in line. Why did Nene’s mother leave, and where did she go? What did she mean about being a witch? Is that different from being a mage?

Mangetsu was a bit disappointing to me in her response to the “what if you have to fight Shingetsu” question. She says she doesn’t know what she’ll do until the time comes, but that she feels certain she won’t actually have to fight Shingetsu. And Shingetsu is adorable and so precious. She wants to get along with Anna. It was really sweet how she cried over it in her sleep and how Mangetsu touched her face and wiped her eyes. I wonder if Mangetsu really is a brand new mage, or if she descends from a mage family but lost her memories?

(See that smile? She’s scary.)

That blue haired Suisho is going to probably kill Anna one of these days. I doubt someone who seems clever like her is going to keep obeying Miss Bitch like a servant. As for Anna, she’s practically losing her mind. But somehow, her furious face expressions are amusing to me. Also, this random, but wow, Anna has quite a rack. xD

(Don’t get mad, it’s a compliment!)

Did I mention I love the visuals in this series? The character designs remind me of Re:Zero girls, and the scenery and colors in Magiaconatus are literally stunning. I sometimes have to pause and recover from how gorgeous it is. There was also beautiful scenery in the real world, too. The shots of the sunset sky and the water made me have a random outburst of joy. It was kind of weird, tbh. What’s this “joy” thing that I’ve starting feeling lol?

(This might be better than drugs)

Jesus H Christ, I just adore the outro song of this anime. The preview for next time looks super interesting. Anyway, I still love Granbelm and all its different aspects (magic, mecha, etc.), but when compared to something like Madoka Magica, my emotional connection to the characters and overall story is ranking low. With that, my rant is done. Thank you so much for reading today! It’s greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day!

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(Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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