Brief Series Review: Mob Psycho 100 (first season)

Shigeo, nicknamed Mob, is a powerful psychic. Reigen is a self-proclaimed psychic (and really a fraud), as well as Mob’s teacher: the one giving him guidance and advice. As his job after school, Mob helps Reigen exorcise spirits from haunting people and places. Along his emotional and insanely funny journey, Mob will come in contact with other psychics, too. Myanimelist has more details and another synopsis.

(Here is the link to my review for Mob Psycho’s 2nd Season, if you’re interested.)

mob psycho 100 review

Story in Mob Psycho 100: 7/10 Good

The structure and quality of narrative in this series is nothing really amazing, but it’s still good. Story concept is interesting right away. Humor succeeds in making me smile or chuckle. There is a decent amount of action, especially toward the end. There isn’t much world-building to be done; what little there is usually presented in a humorous way. Some interesting themes appear in the show, like how it’s alright to retreat sometimes, and the complex sibling relationship of Shigeo and Ritsu. Climax and conclusion are more than satisfactory. Overall, it’s a solidly good story.

mob psycho 100 review

Art in Mob Psycho 100: 9/10 Magnificent

Faces, bodies, and character designs in general are simply drawn. The shading on them is detailed and improves the way they look. The colors, the shading, and the heavy linework make the art style of Mob Psycho 100 look more like a comic book or graphic novel than a manga. This stylization comes out looking great. Some of the animation techniques are quite humorous, like switching to a character’s face in black-and-white, or with lots of lines on their face, to show them looking shocked, nervous, or serious. Animation is very colorful, dynamic, and fluid during the action sequences, or scenes where Mob exorcises spirits. Visuals are truly impressive.

mob psycho 100 review art

Mob Psycho 100 Audio Components: 7/10 Good

Instrumental music is memorable, though not excellent enough for me to want to buy the OST. The opening song, “99” by Mob Choir, is a lot of fun. Sound effects are generally good. There are some great voice-acting performances, including Ootsuka Akio as Ekubo/Dimple, Sakurai Takahiro as Reigen, Irino Miyu as Ritsu, and of course, Itou Setsuo as Shigeo. I’m not a fan of the English dub, but it could be worse, and if you want to better appreciate the visuals, it may be better to watch the dub version. While not striking me as “excellent,” the audio in this series is certainly entertaining and well above average.

mob psycho 100 review ritsu
(Irino Miyu plays Ritsu)

Mob Psycho 100‘s Characters: 8/10 Great

I wouldn’t be able to forget Reigen Arataka, the self-proclaimed psychic, even if I tried. Mob and Ritsu are also entertaining and endearing characters. The main characters are well-developed, and the various supporting ones had interesting or funny character concepts. The characters are a bit simple and a bit silly maybe, but that’s how they should be in an anime comedy.

mob psycho 100 review reigen

Personal Enjoyment: 8/10 Great

What do I love about Mob Psycho? For one thing, there’s the character of Shigeo and all he goes through as he tries (and succeeds) in being a good person. How he doesn’t want to use his powers or hurt anyone is very understandable. I also love the character of Reigen and the comedy he brings. I mean, is there any fan of Mob Psycho who doesn’t like Reigen? Another reason I enjoyed the show so much was that there are visually exciting, colorful sequences of spirits and characters using psychic powers. Lastly, I enjoyed the themes of sibling rivalry and brotherly love between Ritsu and Shigeo. They have a surprisingly complicated relationship.

mob psycho 100 review

Overall Score: 7.8/10.0 Very Good

I definitely recommend watching Mob Psycho 100, especially if you like silly style humor, ironic humor, explosively vivid visuals, and psychics. It’s only twelve episodes long, so there’s no huge time commitment. This is Anime Rants and I thank you so much for reading. Ja ne!

2 thoughts on “Brief Series Review: Mob Psycho 100 (first season)

  1. Good review. It certainly has a quirky art style to it and the humor looks interesting. Mob Psycho 100 does look like it’s more up my alley than One Punch Man to be honest. One of my friends did a review on the 2nd season and I found out the main villain group is called Claw. I found this hilarious because I thought about the villains of the same name from Inspector Gadget and Kimba the White Lion respectively. Once I found out Claw’s top agents had a subgroup called Scar then I thought the latter would be more hilarious and impossible not to think about a certain evil lion and his Disney rip-off. :3

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