Granbelm Episode 2 Review / Rant

Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster!! Holy hedgehogs!!! I’m in love with Granbelm. I was almost this excited about episode 1, but kept trying to tone it down. But now, with episode 2 being just as fantastic… I don’t care about being levelheaded. I’m simply and hopelessly enamored of this show. Even if it gets pretty bad down the road, or everyone else dislikes it, I’ll still enjoy the hell out of this show to the very end. My relationship with Granbelm is serious! Lol! So, what made the second episode good enough to verify my suspected ardor and obsession? Let’s rant.

(Shingetsu and Mangetsu, Granbelm episode 2)

First, I love the story. This episode was a combination of world/lore building and character development. After a thrilling and action-packed first episode, this was exactly what was needed. Many of these story elements I’ve seen before, such as battle royales between mages, magic gems, shoujo ai, competitive magical girls, and a secondary main girl who doesn’t want the first main girl to use magic. You know what? I love all those things. And having seen certain story elements before doesn’t put even a dent in my appreciation of Granbelm. (If you like overused shounen tropes like in Demon Slayer, these mahou shoujo tropes shouldn’t be a problem, either.) All that to say, the story handling, pacing, and development of Granbelm is going swimmingly.

granbelm episode 2 review shingetsu
(That flowy black hair reminds me of Homura)

Related to story elements, there are strong hints of shoujo ai already. I love that! My inner yuri fangirl squeals!! And what might Shingetsu have done to Mangetsu while she was so fast asleep? She woke up naked in Shingetsu’s bed, after all. I know, scandalous, right?!

granbelm episode 2 review mangetsu
(Her face tho! Her face!)

Granbelm features voice actresses I like and that I’m coming to like even more! I vaguely recognized one or two of them before, but not enough to put a name on the voice. Now that ANN has some cast listing, though, I know! Atsumi Tanezaki is Shingetsu. I know her best as Futaba from Seishun Buta Yarou. Miyuri Shimabukuro is Mangetsu. I know her from being Carole in Carole and Tuesday. Also, Anna Fudo is voiced by Yoko Hikasa. With regards to audio, voices aren’t the only thing to love. The opening song, “Tsuki wo Ou Mayonaka,” is inspiring, exciting, and addictive! “Negai,” the ED, is gorgeous! In addition, I’m enjoying the instrumental music. Listen to the piece that plays when Mangetsu turns the school courtyard into a field of flowers!

Which brings me to the next item: I love the visuals in Granbelm. The scene with the flowers in the courtyard made my eyes widen and my mouth hang open for a few seconds, and there were several exclamations of “holy shit” and “jesus motherfucking mary.” But the flowers aren’t all. I love everything so far about the visuals. The lighting and shading. The quaint and unpretentious backgrounds. The mechs and magic in episode one. The cute, pretty character designs. And the colors used, both in “normal” scenes and in Magiconatus.

(Am I high? No, just watching a fantastic anime.)

On top of all that, the two main characters are interesting and entertaining. I’m too tired to rant about them in detail. We got to know both of them better in this episode— especially Mangetsu.

granbelm episode 2 review
(Mangetsu, Granbelm episode 2)

The two main girls are enough for me, if it comes down to it. But I also hope that other characters end up reasonably original and well-developed. There’s definitely something up with Miss Bitch (Anna, I think?) and her past. Plus, she must know some juicy secrets about Shingetsu, because she called her by a strange name (Ernesta), and stated that she is a demon.

It’s wonderful to have lead female characters in a mecha or action show. Because of that, and for all the reasons discussed above like story and visuals, I relish the new anime Granbelm. This is Anime Rants, and I thank you sincerely for reading my post! Enjoy your day! 🙂

(Images from: Granbelm. Dir M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.)

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