Carole and Tuesday Episode 13 Review

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Carole and Tuesday episode 13 Review

Carole and Tuesday are both in a daze, unsure of how to deal with their newfound fame resulting from their time on Mars Brightest. They appear on a talkshow called Allen. Meanwhile, Angela makes her debut via the “big label” Brightest Records. This record company extends a contract to Carole and Tuesday as well, but Gus refuses. He tells the girls they can sell their music indepedently, and all they need is a good producer.

In a poor and sketchy area of town, Carole and Tuesday perform a song. Gus says it’s to lure out Tobe, a moody but incredibly talented and successful producer. At the end of the performance, a seemingly mentally ill man appears with an axe, yelling and screaming. According to Gus, that’s the man they’re looking for.

The main character that stood out to me the most this episode was my favorite character, Carole. After the Mars Brightest show, a lot of people started claiming to be Carole’s long-lost family. Tuesday asks, but Carole says she won’t meet with any of them because there’s no point in meeting her real parents now, and they abandoned her anyway. She isn’t openly upset over the issue, but she does seem thoughtful.

Also on that note, we met someone who might be Carole’s father or part of her family. When Tuesday is harassed by a small gang of guys at the laundromat, Carole steps in and defends her, looking very angry. The boys looked like they might beat up Carole, but at that moment, an older man who was also at the laundromat stepped between them. He told the guys to back off, and put one in an arm-break-hold with an Aikido move. This impressive man introduces himself as Dann and mentions he is traveling. He looks at Carole closely, and a bit sadly, several times. I think he might be related to her.

(Carole defending Tuesday)

The artwork in this episode was spectacular, as it usually is for Carole and Tuesday. I love the on-point lighting, the detailed backgrounds, the memorable character designs, the various camera angles and shots during music performances, and the way the characters look drawn by hand. There were also some great reaction images and face expressions.

As for sound, again, it was fantastic. The new opening is “Polly Jean,” and the ending is “Not Afraid.” The former is sung and played by Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann, and the latter by Alisa, the singing voice of Angela. These two songs are just as great at the first cour’s OP and ED. Personally, I think I like this second opening a little bit better than the first. The song Carole and Tuesday performed near the end was “Army of Two,” and I loved it. Their voices sounded stronger and better than ever. I should also mention that Angela’s debut song “Breathe Again,” was impressive, but I’m not as much into the style.

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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