Episodes 4 + 5 + 6: Fairy Gone Remains Awesome

(This review will cover episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Fairy Gone. I plan to post the review for episodes 7-9 on Thursday July 4th and the review for episodes 10-12 on Saturday July 6th.)

fairy gone review free x marlya

Synopsis of Episodes

Thanks to Marlya and Ash Clad, Bitter Sweet retreats. The Black Fairy Tome is claimed by Dorothea. But they let their guard down the next day, and mafia member Patricia steals the Tome. Marlya and Free pursue her to an ancient, ruined church. There, Patricia fights Free while her partner Jonathan fights Marlya. Meanwhile, the Duke of Hybranz, Schwarz Diese, meets with Nein Auler, who is there for a fairy-related inspection. Prime Minister Golbarn made five Dukes, but the only two surviving are Schwarz Diese and Ray Dawn. In the church, Marlya is disarmed and stabbed in the side. Before Jon can do anything more, Veronica breaks in through the stained glass window and defends Marlya.

fairy gone review nein auler
(Duke Schwarz Diese and Comander Nein Auler)

Flashbacks are shown establishing the friendship of Veronica and Marlya in Suna. After escaping the slaughter there, Veronica tried to assassinate Ray Dawn, the one who burned Suna. She was imprisoned for it, and it’s unclear if she escaped or was released due to amnesty. Either way, Veronica is bitter and hateful toward Ray Dawn and United Zesskia. Back in the present, Free gets the Black Fairy Tome back from Patricia, who flees. Jon puts up a fight, setting the church on fire, but Marlya and Veronica defeat him together. They only spend a moment reunited before Veronica tells Marlya to forget her, and vanishes. Wolfran is seen talking to Schwarz Diese. They may be working together to plan a rebellion.

fairy gone review episodes 4 5 6
(Veronica and Marlya)

After all the members of Dorothea have a good time eating and drinking at a pub, Marlya and Free witness an artificial Fairy going berserk. They help subdue it, and the Fairy engineers begin working on finding the malfunction. Then Marlya Klara are sent on the next mission. It turns out the Black Fairy Tome that Free acquired was a fake. The real one was bought at a mafia auction by an underground independent agent named Dice. Marlya and Klara get to know each other better, and Klara explains she volunteered for Dorothea after Nein saved her life. The girls fight some mafia, track down Dice, and apprehend him. He won’t say who hired him to buy the Tome. However, information broker Axel says he knows who might be the client.

fairy gone review episodes 4 5 6 Marlya Klara
(Marlya and Klara)

Plot and Narrative Notes

These three episodes were less entertaining than the first three, but only just slightly. A good amount of action happens, which keeps the story rolling. In addition, there was a lot of good character development and world-building. Some think there were too many flashbacks or they were weirdly timed, but I noticed nothing unusual. We learned about artificial fairies and the five dukes, we met Ray Dawn and Schwarz Diese, and we found out more about Veronica and Klara. The bigger, over-arching plot is hard to notice, but it’s actually following Wolfran as he helps Beevee Liscar and Schwarz Diese start their rebellion.

fairy gone review episode 4 5 6 wolfran row
(Wolfran Low)

Thoughts on the Characters

Learning a little more about Klara was nice, and by now we have an idea of her individual personality. Random note: in the flashback where Klara was saved— man, Nein Auler was smoking hot! In the princely kind of way, which I like. I also appreciate her character. She’s poker-faced, polite, but frank with those ranking higher than her, and she laws down the law with those below her. She’s a good, stern leader. Anyway, Klara is quiet, mentally tough, kind, and thoughtful. Dedication and gratitude are things she has, too.

fairy gone episode 6 review klara
(Fairy Gone Klara)

Character development for most characters was really good during these episodes, and scenes like the pub party in episode 5 really help us get to know the members of Dorothea. Veronica’s past was interesting too, and it seems she has a lot in common with Wolfran. As for him, he only gets one scene, in which he says that this way of life– being a violent rebel– is the only path he could choose. Free is a great person, and sometimes quite funny with his reactions. I think he really does like Marlya. My favorite character, by the way, is still Marlya. She was as impressive and bad-ass as usual in these 3 episodes.

fairy gone review marlya wallpaper
(Marlya fighting Jonathan)

Audio and Visual Highlights

In general, I like the art and animation in Fairy Gone, including the awesome-looking Fairies. The action scenes always look great to me. The style seems more realistic and/or less cartoony than most recent anime I’ve watched. More focus is put on fast movements than fancy lighting and effects, but I like that. In these three episodes, the backgrounds, buildings, and landscapes were breathtaking. As for sound, it’s even better than the art. Hearing seiyuu like Tomoaki Maeno and Kana Ichinose is a treat. The music is kick-ass during action scenes. There are a few soft and melancholy tracks that are enjoyable, too.

fairy gone review Marlya x Veronica
(Young Marlya and Veronica)

Enjoyment Notes and Overall

It’s hard to say what I enjoyed most from episodes 4 through 6. Probably the fights. Episode 4 and 5 had my favorite fights, with Free versus Patricia and Veronica versus Jonathan. I marveled at the Fairies, tapped my toes to the music, and developed better understanding of the characters and the world in which their story is set. There was little I didn’t enjoy.

fairy gone review episode 4 5 6
(Fairy Gone Serge)

Adjusting the scores from the last review a bit, here are my numbers. Story: 7/10. Art: 8/10. Sound: 8/10. Characters and Development: 8/10. Enjoyment: 8/10. Overall= 7.8/10 Good. I know it’s not popular, but I am loving every second of this as I rewatch Fairy Gone! Thank you ever so much for reading this. Have a great day. Ja, ne!

4 thoughts on “Episodes 4 + 5 + 6: Fairy Gone Remains Awesome

  1. I’m starting to think this show simply wasn’t for me. I tried watching it and I believe I made it through 6 or 7 episodes, but eventually I dropped it. I just couldn’t connect to the characters or story. But reading the things you like gives me a fresh perspective on some of the elements I may have missed.

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    1. I’ve heard from a lot of others, too, that they couldn’t connect to the characters, or they disliked the animation. I think that’s the general opinion of the show, haha. It’s definitely not for everyone. I might be a bit odd for enjoying the show so much haha. I’m glad my posts help you learn more though. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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      1. I actually didn’t mind the animation too much at all. I thought it was done rather decently, so there is that at least haha. XD

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