Carole and Tuesday Episode 12 Review and Screencaps

Tuesday is forced to come home against her will and locked up in her room. Carole misses her, but isn’t sure what to do. Gus gives some good advice, and Carole decides to go with him and Roddy to “kidnap” Tuesday. Meanwhile, thanks to her brother Spencer, Tuesday gets out of her room and out of the house. She’s joyfully reuinted with Carole. The two girls escape while Gus and Roddy are held up by police.

carole and tuesday episode 12

On the train to the TV studio, Carole apologizes for the mean things she said last time, telling Tuesday she only wants to be together. She finally gives her the birthday present. Meanwhile, Angela stuns the audience and the judges on Mars Brightest with her amazing song. Though Carole and Tuesday arrive during the show, they are disqualified because they weren’t there when the program began.

carole and tuesday episode 12

The girls plead to be able to play their song regardless of losing, and are finally allowed. They sing the first song they wrote together, “The Loneliest Girl.” The performance is so impressive that even the harsh judge Catherine has to make a slight exception to the rules. Angela is declared winner of Mars Brightest, but she and Carole and Tuesday are all sponsored for their premier into the world of music.

carole and tuesday episode 12

I was surprised at the outcome because honestly I thought it would be a harsher reality or more realistic. Basically, the judges let Carole & Tuesday and Angela win the reward of the show: a guaranteed premier. I’d have been ok with Carole & Tuesday losing and not getting the premier, but still getting to perform their song on TV. Not to say I’m displeased they got their perfect happy ending for the first cour. I’m glad for it. But it does seem just a little too convenient. Also, the way Tuesday was rescued/escaped from her home was very predictable.

carole and Tuesday episode 12

As usual, the art and sound in this episode were great. Angela’s song was inspiring. “The Loneliest Girl” was heartbreakingly beautiful. The art isn’t always perfectly polished in this series, but I like the way it looks so natural. Now, on to characters. First of all, I was a little disappointed Gus didn’t get more character development yet. He deserves some. On a separate note, Spencer has to be the second best brother of the Spring 2019 anime, right under Tanjirou from Demon Slayer. It’s thanks to Spencer that Tuesday escaped.

Carole and Tuesday Spencer

It was great seeing Carole and Tuesday getting along and saying they need each other. My inner yuri fangirl ships them. I go “squeee” for every shot where they’re hugging. Anyway, a note on Angela. She didn’t sing for her mama this time. She was singing for herself, and maybe also for Tao. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had started liking him, because it’s a predictable development. I think Angela told Tao to look at only her because she wanted to impress him. But I’m not sure if she wanted to impress him a person he could love, or as a worthy artist.

carole and tuesday angela tao episode 12

I really enjoyed this episode, and the way everything came together so nicely. I can’t wait for the second half of the series. I laughed a lot at the scene where Carole talks with her mouth full of hamburger. And I felt very moved by Angela’s song. Again, having Tuesday and Carole back together and performing well is terrific.

carole and tuesday episode 12 carole

Here is a summary of my analysis of Carole and Tuesday so far. Story is 8/10, engaging and with very few problems of pacing or awkward narrative. Comedic parts are funny, and dramatic scenes evoke emotions, so all is well. Art is 9/10, absolutely stunning. It’s hard to ask for better colors, character designs, and smooth animation than what we’re given in this show. Sound is 8/10. I like the songs, but they are forgettable. They strike me as simple, too. There is very little instrumental music aside from wordless versions of the same songs sung. Characters are great, 8/10; I won’t froget them or their personalities any time soon. 8/10 for personal enjoyment, too.

My Overall Score for Carole and Tuesday first core is 8.2 / 10.0 “Excellent.” This is Anime Rants. Thanks a bunch for reading, and take care! Ja ne!

carole and tuesday episode 12 catherine

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