Carole and Tuesday Episode 11 Review

(Warning: spoilers for Carole and Tuesday episode 11)

Offer a Brief Synopsis

Tuesday’s hand was burned by the gas coming from the suspicious package, so she couldn’t play guitar. While the announcer stalled for time, Carole and Tuesday debated what to do, and decided on a song that didn’t require the guitar. Though it wasn’t perfect by any means, the performance of Carole and Tuesday won out over Potyr’s song last episode. As Gus accuses Angela’s mama of setting up the dangerous package, Angela accuses her agent of the same thing, and denies that she’s a true fan. Finally, thanks to Roddy paying close attention to things, Cybelle was discovered as the culprit and taken away by security.

Carole is frustrated that the odds are stacked against them winning the final show against Angela. She says some insensitive things to Tuesday, but before she can even apologize for it, a black car pulls up and two men demand for Tuesday to come with them. One of them forcibly takes her into the car, and strikes Carole when she tries to stop him. As the car takes off with Tuesday, Carole chases after it, and temporarily latches onto it. The driver shakes her off, though, and escapes. Carole doesn’t look too seriously injured, but she starts crying when Gus and Roddy approach, realizing that Tuesday has been kidnapped.

Thoughts on the Story

The story certainly took a sudden and unexpected turn this episode. For those who were getting tired of the Mars Brightest performance episodes, this is a big plus, because it means at least one episode, maybe more, will be focused on recovering Tuesday. I wasn’t especially hoping for a thrilling turn of events, but it’s good to see the show spicing things up. This development happened at the right time, at about the halfway point of the series, near the end of the first cour. It was the right move for the structure of Carole and Tuesday.

Characters Notes

I knew all along it was Cybelle who left that “package” for Tuesday, but still, part of me hoped maybe someone else was responsible because I really liked Cybelle. Turns out, though, she’s volatile, vindictive, and unreasonable. I still don’t hate her, because I suspect Cybelle has Borderline Personality Disorder, and I know how bad it is when you’re still 17-21 and dealing with that craziness. I’m just disappointed is all.

Almost every character was super emotional this time. I was surprised by all of them being so accusatory. Even Carole was in a bad mood, saying things that made Tuesday cry when she already felt bad enough for getting burned and bringing down their performance. Yet, it’s very clear that Carole cares immensely about her music partner. She struggled to keep Tuesday from being dragged away. Even when she was struck in the face and fell down, Carole got back up and caught up with a freakin’ car by just running with a burst of adrenaline. She even managed to hang on to back of the car briefly! Wow. Considering how cautious and practical she usually is, this was a big deal.

Audio and Visual

Everything felt/looked great on the ears and eyes. That’s business as usual for Carole and Tuesday. There’s always interesting songs and gorgeous animation with varied and diverse character designs. A few things stood out to me as far as sound this time.

First, maybe it’s just me, but I thought that “Lost My Way” sounded much better this time than last time they played it at the little club. Second, the performance of the seiyuu who voiced Angela’s agent and fan did a fantastic job with her scenes, especially the one where she so convincingly broke down into tears. It’s annoying because I know I know her voice from somewhere, but I just can’t place it. Carole and Tuesday’s seiyuu, Miyuri Shimabukuro and Kana Ichinose, respectively, continue to impress me. They sound really in-character.

Any Other Random Thoughts?

I wonder who those guys were. At first I thought they might be people sent by Tuesday’s mother to bring her back. But that doesn’t make much sense– Tuesday didn’t know either of the men, and didn’t seem like to recognize the car, either. Plus, why would they force her home at this point? More likely, those men are kidnappers working for someone in the political race coming up, in which Tuesday’s mother is running. Her opponent may be planning to force her back out of the race by using her daughter. Or maybe those guys are thugs who’ll demand a ransome from Tuesday’s family. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

What Did You Enjoy Most?

Lately, on episode reviews, I try to note some things I really enjoyed during the episode. It’s difficult for this time, though, because Carole and Tuesday episode 11 left me teary-eyed and surprisingly upset by all the events– particularly the ending. It was a depressing episode, so it’s hard to say there was much enjoyment. But I will say a good story is supposed to evoke all sorts of emotion, including negative ones when the time is right, so I’m enjoying Carole and Tuesday being an well-made anime with a good, moving story.

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