Carole and Tuesday Episode 10 Review/ Thoughts

(Warning: Episode spoilers for Carole and Tuesday)

Brief Synopsis

It’s time for the semi-finals for “Mars Brightest,” which is this anime’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” GGK performs well with another mysterious-sounding song, but for some reason loses to Angela’s girly pop song. Meanwhile, Cybelle said “sayonara” to Tuesday, but it seemed like she was up to no good. Potyr performed another pop song with vocals and a message I liked. Just as Potyr is ending his song, Tuesday opens a gift that says “Happy Birthday Tuesday,” only to recoil in pain as some kind fo gas fills the room. I believe it’s dry ice, and it has burned Tuesday’s hands. Cliffhanger!

Carole and Tuesday episode 10
(Tuesday ha kawaii!)

Thoughts on the Story/Plot?

Everything in the plot and narrative is moving along smoothly. Something interesting was going to need happen soon or it would get dull, and having Cybelle set up majot trouble for Carole and Tuesday was a good move. What will happen next? I’m excited. That being said, I’m also disappointed. I liked Cybelle’s character. I didn’t think she qualified as the “creepy stalker,” as everyone online has been calling her. I knew she would be angry and bitter about not being accepted by Tuesday, but I never thought she’d resort to something like this. I’m sad that such a cool and sexy character had to be an unreasonable antagonist.

Carole and Tuesday stalker
(Well, you could be reasonable.)

Thoughts about the characters?

This episode, I was very surprised by the actions of Tao and Angela. Tao ordered Angela to change her song right before the performance, based on his “gut feeling” that they could win this way. It’s highly unusual for him to operate on “gut feelings.” Also, Angela isn’t the most cooperative person in the world. I expected her to object the sudden change of plans and the big inconvenience and source of nervousness it presented. However, she sang and danced well, and if she complained, viewers weren’t shown it. It seems like Tao and Angela are both changing and growing as the series goes on.

Carole and Tuesday angela

It’s heartwarming to see that Carole and Tuesday are both such caring people. I was so touched to see that Carole remembered Tuesday’s birthday, and had a present for her. She still hasn’t had the chance to give it, though. Tuesday is a probably a bit too kind for her own good. She ran after Cybelle and looked all over for her, worried that the erratic and intense girl might hurt herself or do something reckless. She never imagined, and neither did I, that Cybelle would do something as low as hurting Tuesday’s hands to ruin her chance at competing, just because of a rejection.

(Still my favorite character)

Thoughts about the art or audio?

I know virtually nothing about music or judging its quality or sound; all I can say is what I like and don’t like. Unlike last time, I really didn’t care for Angela’s song at all. It was annoying. My favorite song this episode was probably “Gravity Bounce,” by GGK. Potyr’s song was memorable, too, but the lyrics were a little too sappy for me, so it’s not something I’m likely to go back and listen to as much as GGK. As for art/animation, it was great as usual, but maybe a little less fluid than how it was for episodes 8 and 9.

Thoughts about the Song this Episode?

Carole and Tuesday didn’t have a song this episode, but I just want to state that the OP song, “Kiss Me,” has really grown on me. I tend to not like or not remember opening songs compared to ending songs. However, I came to like this one after making myself patiently listen to it a few times. Of course, it’s by “Carole and Tuesday,” or Nai Brixx and Celeina Ann. I also want to note that that although the lyrics are very sappy, I enjoyed Potyr’s song, “Love Yourself.” It carries a message people need to be reminded of.

Carole and Tuesday episode 10

What did you enjoy most?

Hmm, I’d have to say I enjoyed seeing that Carole had a present for Tuesday, and imagining them as a couple, like the yuri fangirl I am. It was also pretty funny how Angela’s mama and Gus kept arguing and using Roddy as an in-between. It was also enjoyable and funny to hear GGK’s story and Ertegard’s reaction to it. That about wraps it up, so thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode review. Ja ne!

Carole and Tuesday GGK
Carole and Tuesday Ertegun

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