Fruits Basket Episodes 10 and 11 Reviews

So I thought that Fruits Basket episode 10 didn’t air last week, but apparently I had incorrect information, or the delay time changed and I didn’t go back to check on it. Originally, I heard it would be delayed by a week. However, it was only delayed by half a day or so. I waited until this week to review episode 10 because last week was a pretty lazy week for me. So here we go with 10 and 11!

Episode 10: It’s Valentine’s, After all.

It’s the last school day before Valentine’s, and every one is a little crazy with the chocolate-giving spirit. While Yuki is overwhelmed by sweets from all the girls, Kyo is practically assaulted by Kagura who comes to the school to shower her love on him. Kyo is concerned that people thinks he’s friends with Yuki, and for some reason, he wants everybody to think he hates the “damn rat.” Tooru accepts even this about Kyo. The next day, Kagura, Kyo, Yuki, and Tooru go on a double date. They enjoy a movie. Meanwhile, Shigure goes to the main Souma estate for some interesting interactions with Hatori and Akito.

This was interesting episode for the character of Shigure. His discussion with Hatori revealed he has some plan or scheme he’s working on, and it involves “using” Tohru. What exactly he means I don’t know/ can’t remember, but I can make some guesses. For one thing, it’s possible that he’s planning to use Tooru to “soften” all the members of the Souma family, and help them resolve their issues. Tooru might be able to make Yuki and Kyo get along. She might even be able to warm the cold heart of Akito. We still don’t know much about him, and I don’t know if he really has “a thing” with Shigure, or if Shigure is lying about caring about him most. It doesn’t seem like a lie, but who knows?

Nothing particular about the art or sound stood out to me this episode, other than both were good. I never get tired of the ED, even though it’s kinda sappy. Here’s a random thought: Valentine’s Day in anime (and I presume in Japan) has always been interesting to me because the girls give the guys chocolates. In the community /culture I grew up in, girls weren’t supposed to do anything to “pursue” guys, so if there was a candy, chocolate, or flowers, it was given by the boys to the girls. It’s refreshing to see it the other way around.

Other random thoughts: I finally remembered a secret about Kyo from the 2001 version. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it. I don’t quite see how it ties in with his temper this episode, anyway. Shigure’s editor who appears at the end was funny and cute. Shigure reminds me of a big puppy, but also of a very smart dog like a sheepdog or a husky, since he’s crafty enough to be a bit conniving/ scheming.

In this episode, what I enjoyed most were the parts with Shigure. I don’t remember much about how he was in the 2001 version, but I remember liking him. Probably because I like dogs and related canines like wolves and foxes. I appreciate funny, flirty, and smart characters who, at the same time, aren’t all for laughs. There’s more to them than meets the eye. Shigure is also a writer and very self-interesting… sooort of like me. šŸ˜›

Episode 11: This is a Wonderful Inn!

Brief Synopsis

fruits basket episode 11

Tooru spent too much money on ingredients for chocolates, so she’s behind on deposits for school trips. Her grandfather is willing to pay, but Tooru insists she’ll work more hours at her job and cover the cost herself. After working a cleaning shift with Momiji, Tooru recieves a gift from the bunny boy: tickets to a hot spring. She goes there along with Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji, and they all seem to have a pretty good time. At the end, Momiji reveals he and Hatsuharu will be starting high school at Tooru’s school in the spring. The bunny boy is only a year and change younger than Tooru! Now there’s a surprise!

Story thoughts

fruits basket episode 11

With it being a SoL, the story of Fruits Basket is about Tooru’s daily life and the growth and development of the characters surrounding her. In that sense, the plot is moving along smoothly. We learned more about Momiji, reinforced what we know about Tooru’s selfless nature, and saw that Kyo was willing to compromise and stay with Yuki at the hot springs inn. Getting to know the Okami (proprietess) of the inn was amusing.

Characters thoughts

fruits basket episode 11

Tooru continues to be Tooru. I know the whole self-sacrifice and selfless thing is part of why Tooru is so beloved by the Soumas and her friends, but honestly, it’s getting on my nerves. I’ve never been able to understand people like Tooru. There is one with the same type of personality in my life, too. I don’t understand how it’s possible to give that much of yourself, all the time, for other people, and I can’t comprehend working myself to the bone when I have people I can lean on. I’m not saying Tooru’s ENFJ traits are bad qualities; I’m just saying they are beyond my current understanding, and thus a bit irritating.

This episode, we also learned more about Momiji and who he is as a character. For example, he seems to deeply care for Tooru just as much as Kyo and Yuki do. He’s the only one in his class who didn’t laugh at the story of the stupid traveler, because he was picturing the traveler as Tooru. He wouldn’t ever call her stupid.

Art and sound thoughts

fruits basket episode 11

As usual, I think both are good. I’m growing to like Iwami Manaka’s voice (Tooru) more than before, and the same with Uchida Yuuma (Kyo). I don’t know them from anything else, so they took some getting used to. They perform very well.

The Zodiac Member This Week

In this 11th episode, we learned that the Okami of the hot springs has a son who is the monkey of the Zodiac. We didn’t get to meet him, though. Personally, I’d love to meet whoever the Goat/Sheep is, but I don’t even remember if we met one in the older series or not. I don’t recall when we meet them, or if they’re a girl or a boy. For that matter, I don’t remember the monkey guy either. I wonder when we’ll see him. It would also be nice to see Hatsuharu again. Seeing Kagura last episode was fun.

What did you Enjoy most?

fruits basket momiji

It’s realy hard to say! Momoji was so cute! Kyo was hilarious! And Yuki was kawaii but in a different way than Momiji… highschool boy he may be, but also a 2D anime character, and I am allowed to be totally into him! *Nose bleed.* Oh but the ending might have been the funniest part. That moment when 16-year old Tooru realizes she spent the night beside a 15-year-old boy in the futon! Damn, Momiji has his game on.

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