Carole and Tuesday Episode 8 Review

Warning: Within are spoilers for Carole and Tuesday episode 8!

This episode brought plenty of laughs and excitement. Carole and Tuesday appear on Mar’s Brightest, which is basically like American Idol but on Mars. The performances of each of the four singers/singer groups we saw were amazing and hilarious. I was especially fascinated by the Latin rapping or mix of opera and rap sung by GC Bulldog. I took Latin in high school, but it’s been quite a while since then, and I couldn’t catch any of the words. But it genuinely sounded good.

carole and tuesday episode 8

As usual, Carole and Tuesday gave us a visually stunning experience. The best example this episode was Pyotr’s dance. It looked so smooth! The song was catchy too. Speaking of music, we finally got a new song from Carole and Tuesday/ Nai Brixx and Celeina Ann, called “Whispering My Love.” the lyrics were simple but powerful, and I liked hearing the acoustic guitar. I doubt I’ll remember the melody beyond this episode, though, so it wasn’t as good as “The Loneliest Girl,” which I can still remember and sing 7 weeks after it aired.

carole and tuesday episode 8

The story is progressing at a good pace. Tuesday and Carole made it through the first round of the Mar’s Brightest “tournament.” Before going on stage, the two girls met with one of their fans and a fellow contender, Cybelle, who is very cute if you ask me. I was happy for Carole and Tuesday since they got to meet a die-hard fan in person. I also felt my inner yuri fangirl wanting Cybelle to go ahead and kiss Tuesday, but she was stopped by Carole. That was exciting too. “Carole doesn’t want other people hugging and trying to kiss her girlfriend” is what I thought. Though in canon, it still makes perfect sense that Carole doesn’t want people all over her best friend.

carole and tuesday episode 8

At the end of the episode, Angela stops beside Tuesday and Carole briefly. She hasn’t been in a good mood all episode, what with Tao not being there and not doing his job as producer. Angela fiercely tells the two girls that she hated their song. I’m not exactly sure why she went that far when it wasn’t called for, nor professional. Perhaps she’s worried about whether or not she can really beat Carole and Tuesday. Or maybe she was just exceptionally grumpy, taking out her anger at Tao on the girls.

carole and tuesday angela
carole and tuesday episode 8

With good story progression, astounding visuals, nice music, and a few interesting character interactions, episode 8 of Carole and Tuesday was excellent.

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