Bungo Stray Dogs 3rd Season Episode 7 Review

The focus of this episode rested on Louisa (May Alcott) and Francis (Scott Fitzgerald), the strategist and the boss of the Fellowship of the Guild, respectively. It wasn’t a bad episode at all– I had no trouble paying attention for the whole thing– but it fell a bit short of what I was expecting. I hoped for some action this episode, but there weren’t any real fight scenes. In addition, neither of my favorite characters Kunikida or Mori made an appearance in this episode. Even Dazai, the often comedic yet profound star of the show, had very little time this episode. It’s slightly frustrating that things are moving so slowly with the plot, and that the quality of art is down (compared to the first four episodes anyway).

There’s a brief scene where Edgar (Allen Poe), formerly of the Guild, comes to the armed detective agency to ask Rampo to figure out a case for him. I’m pointing this out because I’m surprised that the Agency helped a member of the Guild so readily. I don’t remember all of season 2 very well, having been pleasantly stoned for half of it, so maybe I’ve got things wrong. It’s just that I thought these organizations were decided enemies. But I guess after Lucy (Maud Montgomery) joined the cafe and became friends with Atsushi, everybody decided to let bygones be bygones. Besides, as long as the Guild isn’t plotting to damage the city, there’s no reason to refuse them.

Back to the main topic, I do like the characters Francis and Louisa. The former is very funny and is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, voice of Reigen from Mob Psycho and many other memorable characters. Louisa is voiced by Ueda Hikaru, who I’ve never heard before, but whose voice is delightful. She did well this episode and I look forward to her continuing performance. I’m sure if Louisa is romantically into Francis, but she is extremely dedicated to him and wants to serve under him. I found her courage and determination admirable. Then there was her ability. Holy shit! It’s amazing. It might be my favorite ability of any of the gifted characters so far, besides Atsushi and Dazai. It boggles my mind what this girl can do!

The plot of the episode was Francis trying to improve his wealth and resources for two goals: to save his wife back in “Amerigo” and to grant Louisa’s wish. To start with, Francis managed to get his hands on the Eyes of God security system and its designer. He saved the designer from being falsely convicted of murder. With clever tactics, Francis bought the business that had belonged to the actual murderer, the corporation owner. Now he owns a company affiliated with the military, plus the greatest facial recognition security system in the world. He’s doing well, to say the least. I predict this course of events will lead to a nasty crash with the Port Mafia down the road. If you need another reason to like Francis, just appreciate all the Great Gatsby references.

In summary, even though it isn’t what I expected, and my opinion of the storytelling and artwork has dropped just a smidgeon, Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season episode 7 was still highly enjoyable. This has been 7mononoke of Anime Rants. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode or this post! And remember people, manage your money wisely!

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